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chickenpox vacination

I know this subject caused quite a stir before. But thought I'd just mention that Chickenpox is around the Chelmsford area at the moment.


  • i'm afraid i have to agree with wenders here which may make me unpopular i have 3 children who had chicken pox last year and although 2 were fine my middle boy Robert got so ill with it he was delirious and nearly died of septecemia because the doctors kept telling me 'it's only chicken pox ' and assuming i was a panicking mother, when he was delirious his temperture had gone over 106 and they were still trying to fob me off, this is not a disabled child or one with a weak immune system he very rarely gets ill and after seeing my little boy in that situation i would gladly back any form of immunisation against it because you never know whether it will be your child who gets a severe case.
  • new strains of the virus can be deadly to the very young and elderly. Death is quite rare, and only 1 in 1 million healthy test subjects suffered death, but it is not impossible. This is much more common in the most vulnerable: the young, the elderly, and those recovering from surgery. In these cases, 1 in 50,000 test subjects died.

    Do we want to vaccinate against this too?
  • it may only be the few but for any mum who has seen their child that ill they would do anything to prevent it happening again to another child and how long before these new strains become more common as does happen illnesses evolve and become more deadly. it may only be chicken pox but not so many years ago people were saying it's only measles but look at the awareness now. i never would have thought it would be possible to lose my little boy to something as common as chicken pox (luckily i found a doctor in time who wasn't incompetant and realised how sick he was) but for me now it is as serious as any of the other childhood illnesses and i am damn sure that the baby i am carrying now will be immunised as soon as possible.
  • I also have to say i do agree with wendy, i also think she was only trying to educate ppl & pheonix was rude to her & so started the heated debate, i was very sick when i was younger due to having c/p & it affected my eyesight in my left eye. I am not blind in that eye but have blurred vision sometimes.
  • That quote on my last post actually referred to the common cold. I'm not saying that as parents we don't need to do all we can to protect our kids, and of course we will be influenced by our own experiences. But you cant vaccinate against everything, there has to be a line drawn somewhere and I think chickenpox is getting into a grey area. Some people will draw the line before it and some after. I think the reason this debate got so heated is the worst thing in the world is being told u r not doing the best for your kid. I think whatever people choose to do is the right decision for them and their kids. You cant beat yourself up over the decisions you make and we sure as hell shouldn't be doing it to each other.
  • Well said, every parent will do what they think is best & we are all entitled to r opinions. However i feel some ppl should project their opinions in a controlled manner.
  • Jesus who needs Simon Cowell when you lot have got your claws out - I'm scared.
  • I agree. very bitchy on here*
  • I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions, personally, i will have all the vaccinations that are available for my baby, as i know chicken pox is usually not dangerous but its still unpleasant for children and it can get serious and i dont want to take that risk with my childs health, ill do everything i can to protect him from these things. I wont ever encourage medication and tablets at the slightest sniffle etc . . but where there is the SLIGHTEST chance my child could get seriously ill from chicken pox i will have the vaccination as id never forgive myself if he did get ill and i could have prevented the seriousness of the illness. Dont anybody shout at me now for having my opinion!
    Sophia x x x
  • After some consideration, as I mentioned before I will get my baby vacinated against CP but unfortunatlely have to wait another 3 months after mumps *due next month) so I hope she doesnt get it before then. I will also get her vacinated against TB this has been stopped in our area, so will have to go private again! I get really annoyed when you read in the papers that TB is on the increase in the UK but lots of areas have stopped giving the jabs on the NHS. I would also like to know how come the mmr jab can be 'safe' (its a live vaccine) but when you have the jabs seperate (also live) you are advised to wait 3 months in between??????? does anyone know the answer???
  • not being funny and i don't want to cause another arguement here but they don't know for sure it is because of the trigger for autism link i know i'm proberly going to be told that it wasn't proven that there is a link but it also wasn't proven that there isn't and i run a parent support group for parents of autistic children and too many times have i heard that this child was fine until s/he had mmr which is why i am dubious about it maybe these kids would have started showing symptoms of asd anyway but with so many enviromental triggers i wouldn't want to risk that either, my eldest child is asd and he only started showing symptoms after mmr and my doctor, who has an autistic child arranged for his other children to have them seperately so obviously some people think it is a problem but again it's the parents choice.
  • Oh i have heard that, that is why my mum wont allow any of her grandchildren to have it. She pays for my niece & nethews to have it separately.
  • yeah i go on another website called ASDfriendly and one of the topics is about where did your asd come from and apart from one flippant reply saying ebay nearly all were saying either genetic or poss mmr trigger but like i said nothing has been proved either way so it may be wrong but i'm not taking the chance with my other kids.
  • Yeah its not worth the risk, even if its a small chance*
  • how much does it cost?
  • I've been told its ??90.00 for chicken pox the same as measles and rubella the mumps is ??140.00.
    dont know yet about TB
  • ooops sorry carli lol
  • gosh wenders your a real ray of sunshine, how can you be so rude to people with their own opinions??my daughter has chicken pox at mo, and i new nothing abut no vaccine till i read this 5 mins go. my whole family have had chicken pox, and then i had shingles, i didnt have any vaccines as a child and my blood tests say im immune to rubbella etc(thankfully) also, 2 of my m8s kids had mmr jabs and now autistic where they were normal b4, so its a debate of personal choice CHOICE fo everyone,my dads friend had a cut on his leg, jumped in canal to stop someone drownding and got paralised, should no one go in lakes etc? personal sorry fo your bad experience, but feel there was absoutely no need for your rudeness.

  • if you actually read the thread you'd see that I am fully aware that it is a personal choice & I don't need someone to drag up old threads to have a go at me.

    Most of the people haven't got a clue about the POSSIBLE (yes I'm very aware it's in the minority) effects of chicken pox & also the fact that there is actually a vaccine for it. You can only have a choice if as a parent you are aware of the facts...

    Like you said you knew nothing about the vaccine before reading my comments....

    My comments were justified my other people's comments to me... People can be so dismissive when they haven't got a clue about what their talking about...

  • Hi wenders, i actually do not think you was rude. I PERSONALLY think the other lady was rude too you as you was just trying to educate ppl.

    Dont worry about bitchy comments, there is no need for it, especially when the thread was posted such a long time ago & the discussion is finished*
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