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I exercise around 10hrs a week, have lost loads of weight since having sonny & try to cook healthy & nutritional meals for me & lo so why oh why have I just eaten a whole giant cadbury caramel slab??? 100 g = 480 cals & I did the whole 280g in one go!!!!! WHY do I do it to myself??? lol image


  • OMG 10 hours of exercise a week.Well done you.What sorts of things do you do?.I have started swimming once a measly week and been trying to walk more but I am still so unfit?
    How do I fit in more exercise to my week?
    BTW you have made me want to go and eat a bigger bar of choccie yum yum :lol:
  • Must be the day for it.... I am so so so healthy usually, and am hard to temp.... but at lunch I had burger and chips!!! WHY!! I can see my sadlebags are bigger already!!! xxx
  • MLM, I do : 1hr at gym, then ab crunch class for 30mins & 1hr of balance class (pilates, yoga\& taichi) one after the other every Tuesday, weds is spent recovering image

    Thursday I do pump class for an hour plus 1hr of gym, Saturday I do 1 hr of balance again & 1hr of conditioning (aerobics with weights) then Sunday I do an hour or so of just gym, mostly cross trainer & machines.
    Plus doing ab crunches at home in between ( I have horrible baby belly) so maybe not quite 10 hrs but close.

    I always go once lo is in bed during the week, I literally put him down, walk down stairs & out the door, if I don''t I would never get out the house, the pull of the sofa is too much. I go sat & sun mornings whilst oh looks after lo. I love having the time to myself & getting out of an evening away from oh & lo is nice too but I seem to sabotage myself whenever I get bored, I just eat & eat. I can't stop. image

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  • I'm worn out just reading that BeeBee. :lol:

    I really have to get of my arse me thinks. :lol:
  • lol, i just made a resolve one day cause my nights were spent in front of telly eating crisps & I was stagnatingimage but i really enjoy it & like doing something just for me.
  • Yes I know what you mean about stagnating.!!!
    Its really good to go and do something just for YOU
  • i'm eating cream crackers with about an inch of butter on them now...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!
  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Cream Crackers
  • With all that exercise you're allowed a treat. Doesn't matter that it's a big bar of choccie!!
    And cream crackers are low in fat...........
  • LOL, I like your justification there babycakes but I think it will take at least half my weekly excerise quota to work that little lot off. Oh did I forget to mention the 2 scones with clotted cream I had in leiw of dinner last night image. I'm telling you, I have a mental disorder, I know they are not good for me & I know I should be eatng somethign better but I just can't help it. Oh, did I also foget to mention that I am diabetic so my foot will probably fall off in 10 years cause of that choccie bar image (Not a joking matter but still )
  • Stop it BeeBee you are making me hungry again.Even the thought of your foot falling off isn't putting me off the French Fancies that are calling me from the cupboard.
    My lo is asleep the kettle is on .......................................... :lol:
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