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full fat vs semi skimmed ???

hi ladies ,i have just read in may's prima baby mag that after the age of 2 u are not supposed to give lo full fat milk only semi skimmed as it increases the risk of heart desiese(sp)when there adults image ...oh gosh jack is 3 in june and ive still been giving him full fat to drink morning and evening .....i feel awful now for not knowing but y the hell didnt my h/v say ....grrr

random post but just letting u mummy's know xxxxxxxxx

(also in baby) xxxxxxxxxx


  • Thanks for letting me know - I would have merrily carried on giving Daniel full fat milk until he was in school or something, happy in the view that I was 'building him up'! It will make it easier when he drinks s/s milk though, as that is what OH and I drink. Too often, OH and I have a sneaky hot chocolate made with Daniel's f/f milk, which is doing my weight loss attempts no good at all image
  • I never knew that! Thanks for the info!

  • The food standards agencys advise is that you may start giving your child semi-skimmed from 2 as long as they are eating a good balanced diet, its not saying you shouldn't give them full fat! so don't worry. I suppose if kids have a bad diet and having full fat then heart disease risk is increased.

    but you musn't give skimmed milk til at least 5 years
  • Well that is bloody crackers as the Free school milk that primary kids get is FULL FAT!!!!! image
  • maybe i read it wrong but the article in prima baby says that u should be giving them semi skimmed from the age of 2 .......crafticharli u r right i didnt think about that .......i get the feeling the goverment like making parents feel bad were always giving our children something that is 1 week fine the next not :roll: xxxxxxx
  • Hi
    I was just going to post the same thing !!!!
    Eve will be 2 at the end of June and I am thinking should I change her to semi-skimmed.My son had full fat until he was 5 tbh I never really thought about it as I think milk is just full of goodness but maybe not now.
    All these change 4 life adverts are starting to scare me.!!!
  • it's the food standard agency's suggested advice it's not the law so don't panic. It's all about obesity and getting children into good habbits. I doubt I'll change until Paul is older though. My sisters and I had full fat until we were in our teens and we are all healthy ans so on. Paul is quite skinny too and although he has a well balanced diet, I think he will still benefit from the full fat after he is 2
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