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why wont he go 2 bed



  • lol might give it a go but by the time we get round to it his oldest will probley have kids so he will be a grandad lol!!!!! but im very gratefull for what i have after 2 misscariges i feel very lucky to have what i have.
    anyway hows it going with your little monster is he sleeping any better?
  • He not as bad last night oh had to go visit father in hospital so he was firmly told to be a good boy did the trick only went up 6 times lol!!! thats a very good night. I know he doesnt need his nap in day anymore but i cant stop him he only has bout 20 mins but after that hes like the durace bunny. IF u keep him awake all day then nip 4 a wee by the time u go back hes asleep nightmare i even set kitchen timer so doesnt hav any longer.Anyway hows your lo? has she got over the allergy test xx
  • we had another nigt of night mares but she has not mentioned it during the day!!! we have just had an afternoon nap, it was bliss she hardly sleeps during the day now which with me being preg is a killer as i feel like a walking zombie!!!god knows how im going to cope over next few weeks!!!!
  • OH bless her hopefully tonight she will of forgotten all about it,.You must try to rest get her to lay down with u on sofa tell her its a girlie afternoon and put the telly on or will she see straight through that 1xx
  • we do that every morning lol she wakes up and gets into bed with me watches tv whilst i sleep lol!
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