has anyone got a largeish age gap between no1 and 2??

Hi ladies,
does anyone already have kids? And if so what is the age gaps? I have a dd who is 5. I finish my pill on Thursday and will be tcc afterwards. I'm not sure how dd will react to a new baby after 5 years of my attention all to herself . I would love to hear from anyone who has bigger age gaps between any of their children. I keep having random dreams that I have a new baby and dd gets lost as no one was watching her. It is on my mind a lot. If I ask her how she feels about a little brother or sister she says it would be nice as long as they don't steal her toys! lol. If anyone has any advice or experience with age gaps I would appreciate your input xx


  • there are 5 years between my nephews and the older one was over the moon to find out he was going to be a big brother

    i think one of the keys is keeping them involved in everything make then just as excited as you

    im ttc my 2nd Lennon will be 3 in june and weven been asking him what he would like a brother or sister....keeps changing his mind lol

    i have a fear like you tho that he will feel left out and no longer my main boy,i suppose its spending some 'us' time with them also letting know your still very much their mummy also and there for them x
  • My mom always told me to involve the older sibling in the care of the baby as much as possible - there is a 3.5 year age gap between my sis and me and she said the involvment really helped to prevent jealousy... Initially if there is some jealousy, I'm sure it will disappear - my friends dd was awful with the new baby and now they are the best of friends!

    My dd just turned 2 last month so she'll be about 3 at the earliest if we get pregs soon again... I kind of worry about it too but I'm also concerned I'm going to constantly compare the new baby to dd... :cry:

  • Hi,
    G/C from pg but saw this on the front page. I don't have any kids atm but there's 10 years between me and my little sister. When she was born I was really protective of her and got really involved with both my mums pregnancy and my sis as she was growing up. Of course that all changed when I became a teenager lol!
    It was a big adjustment but I did feel much better about it with my parents really getting me involved and telling me what was happening.
    Good luck!

  • MFS!!!!!! Long time no see missus!!

    I just wanted to reply to say a massive HELLO! And welcome to TTC! That's so exciting you are starting after Thursday! I am still here, we are still TTC-no luck as yet. As you know my two are close together-18 months between them and they will be at least 3 years between no2 and potential number 3 and over 4 and a half years between oldest and youngest.
    For what it's worth I think that larger gaps seem nice, your dd is old enough to understand, to get excited and to help you out most importantly!:lol: I know that my ds had no real excitment or understanding when I had dd, on the upside there was no jealousy either so I guess both sorts of gaps have their own advantages. But, now my ds would love me to have a baby, he is always asking if we are going to have one and if he is going to have another brother or sister.

    Good luck hun, so glad you are back

  • My ds is 10 and my dd is 9 months. He loves being a brother. I always worried as not only was he my only child for so long but it was just the 2 of us. I met my OH 3 years ago and then had lo last year. All big changes but he is great with it all. He always wanted a brother or sister and he is a big help to me. He does moan the odd time about her but there would be something wrong if he didnt.
    When she was born we all got him cards for being a big brother. I also make time for just the 2 of us most evenings and especially on a friday night (pizza night) which is when she is in bed.
    You will always have some sort of jealousy no matter what age gap but they will cope. He is going to be so protective of her when she is older.

    Lindsay xx
  • I'm going to have this problem, my son is 10 and i'm pregnant with twins!! I was picturing the scenario of me sat on the sofa with a twin either side of me and my poor little boy feeling left out, but my OH said I need to plonk a twin on his lap and all 3 of us can sit together! It's worrying when you have a big age gap, but my son is so looking forward to being a big brother and I always tell him how he'll always be special because he is my first, and also lucky because he's had me to himself for over 10 years, but the new babies will have to share me!! I agree you should get the older sibling involved with the care of new babies as it makes them feel needed. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your BFP xx
  • hi ya just found out pregnant with number 4 i have a girl age 12 another girl aged 6 and a lil boy aged 2 so first two have big gap but is good as the eldest helps me out alot
  • I am in the same situation as you!!!
    I have a gorgeous 5 year old boy and although he keeps asking me for a little bro or sis i do worry that he would really struggle!!!
    to be honest though i would make him as involved as possible and he is so independant he can do most things for himself anyway!! He loves little babies and think he will be such a loving big bro!!

  • Hey MFS I remember you from PAB hun, welcome back, how was the house move?

  • hi i have a 5 year old son and ttc my 2nd. i think it will be a nice age gap to have because now he knows more and he can help out and get involved too and play big brother. he does ask for a brother or sister because everyone at school has one lol! im looking forward to xmas times having someone else to share it with.

    their is 5 years btween me and my bro and 7 yrs btw me and my sis and we have a really good relationship, ppl used to make comments and say " you cant leave too big an age gap they wont be close" which really annoys me. x
  • I remember you from planning! Glad you are TTC at last. I think it depends on how you are with them. Quite a few children in my class this year have got older or younger siblings (large gaps) and they seem to get on fine with them.

    Good luck with TTC and hopefully see you across in pregnancy very soon!
  • MFS!!! Lovely to see you back and ttc again...good luck lovely :\) Hope to see you in preg v v soon x x x


  • Hello Mrs!!! Are you all settled in the new house now then?! Yey for finishing your pill - hope the ttc journey is a short one for you!!

    Erm, to update you - Mrs Scotty had her little girl, Becciboo a boy, Minieggs and BlueGecko (MrsA) due May, Mrs Raf, Jellytots, Nessie and Hodgey's Doris all due June, Lemon Cupcake, Michhopefulmummy and Gracie19 due July, myself and NicolaH due August and Sparkly Fairy due October!! Have i missed anyone?!

    Good to have you back hun xx
  • Nope, think you got everyone!

    MFS, welcome back! Hope your stay in TTC isnt long! I'm sure your DD will love being a big sister!
  • Hello MFS, so good to have you back on BE at last image Hope to see you over in pregnancy very, very soon

    Wishing you lots of sticky baby dust
    N x

  • Hey MFS! I remember you from PAB too (although i was only there breifly before moving to TTC then i got caught first month so swiftly headed to Due in June where i now reside! Bet u can't wait to take that last pill!! I really hope you ttc days are short and you are pregnant with your bean soon.

    In terms of the gap-me and my elder siblings are all close in age 13-18 months tops between each, but there is a 7 year gap with me and my little brother. To be honest i think there were jealousy issues at first but i think like most children you just adapt in the end. I'm sure your daughter will be fine. I do like the suggestions of keeping her involved etc as i can see that this would help. All the best with TTC. xx
  • Hey MFS great to see you back good luck TTC hope married life is treating you well and lots of baby dust!!

  • Hey, we are trying for a baby atm and I have a 7 year old daughter soon to be 8. The gap is large and I'm feeling a bit anxious as to how she will adapt but it's something you have to work through when it happens.

    Good luck and baby dust!!! xxx
  • Hi,

    I don't have kids of my own yet but there's a five year age gap between my younger sister and I. It's not as large as some of the gaps mentioned here but big enough, and we have always got along brilliantly (certainly better than most of my friends who had siblings closer in age).

    I'm sure it's becuase ther competitive element wasn't there as we were always at different life stages. We still played together all the time though and had a lot of fun. Now we're older the age difference is barely noticeable and we still get along just great.

    I can't remember feeling any jealousy towards her at all when she was born so as long as you are careful to make sure your eldest always feels included I'm sure you will be fine. xx
  • Lol. I saw this post and just had to answer.

    I have 2 children from my previous marriage. My daughter will be 12 in july and my son will be 10 in August.
    Our baby is due in October so there will be a 12 year and 10 year age gap between my children.

    Ready made helpers lol.

    Fingers crossed to you all and a damn good sprinkling of baby dust

    bm xx
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