Metallic taste in mouth

I have got a hidous metallic taste in my mouth, didnt think it was preg related until I googled it and this is what it said:

A metallic taste in the mouth is called dysgeusia. It is an early sign of pregnancy. It can even occur before you have a positive pregnancy test. The cause of the taste is thought to be hormonal, particularly the increased estrogen associated with pregnancy. You can try mints and/or brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth. Fortunately, this problem usually improves greatly or ends entirely after the first trimester.



  • oooohh yes i knew it was a symptom but didnt realise it was an ealry one, another to add to the list for spotting! fingers crossed i hope you get your BFP! x
  • When are you testing?
  • Woo, exciting! How many DPO are you again?
  • ahhhhh hahahahahaha cookiemonster - im sure we are making eachother worse.............everytime I write something totally irrational like 'I am 8 hours past ovulation can I feel early signs' lo and behold my trusty buddy cookiemonster is there thinking the same


    Cant wait til 8DPO, we need to pee in unison - have a virtual urination

  • Hi there!

    I don't want to get your hopes up but I had this a few days before I got my BFP. It almost tastes like blood. I thought I was imagining it at first but then I did a poas 2 days after af was due and it was positive! I'm now 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant!

    Lots of BabyDust to you and hope you get your BFP!!

    Love BabyChicken26
  • I had that this morning and didn't think anything of it till i just read your thread trying not to get my hopes up incase i get a bfn. I've got my fingers crossed for you hun lotst of sticky babydust coming your way x x x
  • I also found that I got a funny taste but way, way before I got my BFP. When I checked, sometimes taking folic acid and or/multi vitamins and iron can cause it.

    But let's hope for you its a symptom!
  • I hope so. Funny thing is my boxer dog is having a phantom pregnancy at the min and when OH got in tonight I told him I had horrid taste in mouth and could be early preg symptom and he says im just sympathising with the dog

  • Lol that's men for you hope it is just a sign for you bfp
  • ooooh never thought of it like that maybe she is having a sympathy one with me lol
  • lol you never no they say animals can tell things befor us
  • I am 4 days late and getting a metal taste in my mouth, i thought i could taste blood 2 days ago. I think im about to come on my period but all it is white discharge, i smoke and that doesn't taste nice at all. My breasts feel bigger but no soreness. Me and partner have been trying for ages bit nothink ever come of it image. Is my mind playing tricks or is early signs of pregancy. please help ? x
  • Can any1 help ive had cramps for a week before af my thighs ache, I had a metal taste in mouth but its gone now I felt sick peeing more & tired im 11dpo my friend said it sounds like im pregnant but I dont think I am ive done a hpt and it came bk negative so im not pregnant so any1 knows whats up with me.  I also know these are to do with af signs aswel. 

  • Hi

    I definitely got the metallic taste. It then progressed to severe tiredness and morning sickness. 


    But equally i have gotten it when my hormones have gone screwy after gynae surgeries and when trying different pills. Not as strong though. 


    Disney - I would say if you tested before af was due then try again after you are due. 

    Good luck x

  • Ive got this right now! Along with a few other symptoms started feeling nausea today too im 8dpo heres hoping everyone gets some good news! Fx

  • Ok, my story is a CRAZY one! lol so in March I started around the 2nd (wasnt keeping up with it to much but i know it was that weekend!), then in April, I was THREE weeks late...took LOTS of HPT and all were neg. Then I had a VERY light "period" for about 4 days (I had IB with my youngest and this was the SAME thing-as far as length and volume), then I wanted to wait a few weeks to take a test...I waited two weeks and took a HPT and got a neg. (With my youngest I got a faint pos about 3.5 wks after IB) Now for the last 4 mornings, I have had a metal taste in my mouth when I wake up in the mornings, nipples have been sore for a few weeks, & discharge has picked up (sorry if TMI). Its been a week since I took a test, but wanted to know how soon after the whole metal taste thing did yall get a pos test? Im SO confused lol we werent trying but also not doing much NOT to get prego either (using pull out method), but since I was late, we have had sex twice where he didn't pull out...first time being the sat after my spotting was over. Just not sure when to test again. I have an app on my phone where i put my period info in...and since i was 3 weeks late, it has me on a 50 day cycle (which is FAR from being normal for me) so Im not sure when Im suppose to start now! Any advice??

  • I'm not trying for a baby I'm on the pill, but I'm on fluoxatine (Prozac) which I think messes with the pill, last month I had a misscarrige real early on doctors couldn't say how old it was image, I had no idea I was pregnant, however this month I had my period it was light lasted 3/4 days and now I'm getting a real strong metallic taste at the back of my throat feeling nausea and got achy bones, I'm also getting like period pains and pains in the bottom of my back just slightly

    Please help
  • Hi all, I've got very bad metalic taste I mouth, feel so exhausted, bigger breasts and major headaches, but tests all negative, feel pregnant but not sure what to do???? Help
  • I had metallic taste about 8dpo then got barely there positive at 10dpo. 

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