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Hi girls

Just a quick note to warn you of a bad experience I had with Access Diagnostics today. I have used them for ages to order vits and other products like pre-seed etc. They are always really quick to deliver, and with the discount codes they are competitively priced. I work full time, and getting parcels delivered home is a nuisance, so I get parcels delivered to work. I have ordered AD stuff so many times before I know they arrive in an unmarked box. Perfect.

Or so I thought. Over the weekend I ordered some more fertility vitamins. This morning, a parcel arrived for me at work and sat in the communal area waiting for me to pick it up - clearly showing my name and a big label saying:

CONTENTS: First response pregnancy test (x1) Ovulation tests (x6)

I was mortified. I have been TTC for 2 years now, and I have been ultra careful about keeping this fact to myself. I'm a senior manager, and I know it shouldn't make any difference, but office rumours that I may be planning to go off on maternity leave will have done me no favours whatsoever. I wouldn't mind so much if I actually was PG, but I'm not - I MC'd last year and I've just started IVF (my fifth round of fertility treatment), so it's possible I may never have children. The very last thing I want is my colleagues gossiping about (or worse, pitying) me.

I complained to Access Diagnostics and their response was "sorry, but we can't do anything about it now". The label was nothing to do with my order at all - it was left over from a previous delivery and should never have been on my parcel. It might well have been a one off and I have been unlucky - but I will think long and hard before using Access Dignostics again, and I'll certainly never have anything delivered to my office!!


  • Oh hun, thats awful! x
  • that's awful! x
  • that is awful, you expect when you buy these things that it is kept
  • oh you poor thing. That is so bad, id hate that. I hope they get back to you with a much better reply.

    x x x x

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  • Sorry to g/c but I would be LIVID. I used them when trying to conceive and also had them deliver to work based on their assurances that packaging is discreet. They state on their website:

    "We respect your confidentiality. All orders are discretely packaged in plain outer packaging (brown or white padded envelopes or boxes) with no company advertising or logos.There is a discrete return address on the front of the parcel under your address."

    I would quote this if you correspond with them further. Majes me shudder when I think of my last order - zestica lubricant ... Can you imagine the gossip that would start!!!!
  • thats bloody awful. if i were you i would be looking to take it further. especially if their website states that evrything is unmarked etc. if you phone back ask to speak to whoever is the top dog quoting their website.
  • That is disgusting. I would certainly not settle for a frankly crap apology and poor attitude! Like babybarberella says, they clearly state on their website their discreet packaging so why was this not the case?
  • disgraceful - and what a shoddy reply from them too. I'd go back and quote about their website about the confidential packaging.

  • that is so bad!!ring them up again and lodge a formal complaint as they should have a complaints dept, hope you get a good resut xx
  • Thats awful. I use them for my fertility products and also have it delivered to my office - I will definitely be thinking about that in the future. State what their website says and give them what for - thats a disgusting attitude to have!!! xx
  • Hi ladies

    One of the directors of AD has been in touch via email to offer a fuller, and more sincere apology. She tells me they have introduced a change to the packing process to ensure this can't happen again. As a gesture of goodwill, they also refunded the cost of the order (around ??50).

    I feel they have made a good effort to make up for their error, although obviously I wish it hadn't happened in the first place.

    On the plus side, no one seems to be treating me any differently at work, so I'm hoping I have dodged a bit of a bullet there.

    Thanks for all your support, and indignation/anger/fury on my behalf - it was really reassuring to know I wasn't overreacting!

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