when should i test? if at all??? ***UPDATE***

Hi ladies,

Right, here goes, sorry if this is boring, I'm on CD24 and I think, possibly, maybe, I'm DPO12??? I have no idea how long my cycles r, last one since coming off the pill was 63 days!!!!!

So when should I test, not sure I can handle the possibility of a bfn!
Thank-you x x

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  • im in the exact same boat! im 12dpo too. i ordered my first lot of ebay cheapies yesterday so will be here tomorrow. might do a test tomorrow when they get here or maybe sunday morning!
  • Yeah I'm tempted, will just be devestated to see a bfn! And I'm never the lucky one! I have had cramps all day and I thought I had come on as I felt a bit'wet' (sorry tmi) but it was loads of discharge! (Sorry double tmi)!!!! X x
  • Hey Princess,

    I think you would prob get a line at 12dpo but it depends on your views on early testing. Obviously if you can wait until 14dpo you probably should but I know what it's like testing early! Hope you get your BFP whenever you test! And glad to see this cycle is nowhere near as long as your last one!

  • Well I hope its not too, I would be devestated to get a bfn! Will wait till monday I think, but still don't want to get my hopes up! As the pill could still be messing me about couldn't it! X
  • Hi PrincessA. Well I am 12dpo today and I was naughty and tested.... BFP! x x
  • Just replied to ur thread betty! So happy for u! Hope I'm joing u in dij! X
  • WHAT A SILLY COW! BFN! image what a stupid thing to do, should know better than to think something would go my way! x
  • Oh Hun, there is still time to get your bfp x x x babydust x x x did you use fmu?
  • Hun, if you're testing early then you generally need to use FMU. Try to wait til Monday and then test with FMU. Good luck, it's not over til AF arrives :\)
  • No I didn't just tested when I got in from work, just had a feeling, have been so thirsity all day, loads of cramps and cm! Begining to wonder if I have even ov'd yet or if I'm in for another long cycle! X
  • you're not silly!! Just impatient as we all are! It's not over yet, don't lose hope x x
  • i just tested an hour ago and it was a BFN for me too, hoping i just tested too early im 13 dpo too might do another in the morn with my first pee if not wait till mon! been getting alot of cm last few days, quite thick stuff today tmi sorry! xx
  • Yeah we can test on mon! I'm the same natalie, 13dpo and loads of cm, thick stuff, also very thirsty! X
  • I hope you've just tested too early PrincessA and you get your BFP in a few days! I've tested a couple of times this week and got 2 BFNs...it's more frustrating that anything because I certainly have symptoms! I feel that I SOULD be pregnant and that the test is simply wrong :P xxx
  • I do hope so too, the uncertainty about my cycles doesn't help as I have no idea when I actually ov'd other than ewcm and shooting pains in my right side! Hope u get ur bfp this week too! I just had a real feeling I would have a january baby! X x x
  • hopefully you all just have shy beans? good luck xxxxx
  • My pma is now in the minus figures, I know we haven't been trying long, but it seems to happen so easy for everyone I know! A close friend was diagnosed with polysystic ovaries at 18, she got PG by accident last year and is now expecting another! Obviously I'm happy for her, but just feel a bit like I have been handed the shit stick! X
  • Hey

    Massive congrats betty!!

    princess, just before I got my BFP I was very thirsty with a really dry throat and had loads of very white cm - is yours white?

    It's still looking good and remember lots of people don't get a BFP until after af is due and have to use fmu so please try and keep up the pma!!!
  • some days its white and some days its watery, almost like i have wet myself! keep thinking its af! im so thirsty its untrue! x i think im going to hold off testing till wed morning at least, i cant stand another bfn! i really dont feel like af is coming thou, so im scared stiff its going to be another really really long cycle, not sure i could cope with that again x
  • why dont we both wait and test on Wednesday with fmu? its not over till af arrives hun, like kernow said some people dont get bfp's till after their af is actually late! x
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