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1ww anyone?



  • Hi beetlebug! Try and keep the PMA up, and don't worry about how many times you did or din't BD, iy only takes one little swimmer!

  • fingers crossed that little swimmer swam like he has never swam before :lol:
  • Hi all, can I join please! AF is due next week, not quite sure when, 28 days is Sunday but based on my last few cycles I would expect her to arrive around Tues / Weds. As much as I want to test early I made hubby hide all the pregnancy tests we had in the house last week, otherwise I would be testing every day from now! Was aiming to wait until CD 35 to test but I think I'll be lucky to make it to CD28. In my head I've had lots of symptons, stabbing / aching pains in lower back, slightly sore (.)(.) (I think?!) and a couple of waves of sickness today, but I do think alot of it is just AF signs that I'm paying more attention to.
    Good luck for those holding out testing, can't wait to hear the results next week!
    Claire x
  • Hi Rainbow and Girls.....yep I'm a 1WW-er too! I'm on CD29 but last month AF arrived 2 days after this (she was late as well, evil!) and I didn't OV until CD18 this time so I am not even thinking about POAS until Tuesday which would be CD35...I was too heartbroken last month when I did 2 CBDs and got BFNs!
    Arghhhh...just think by this time next week some of us will have BFPs!!!!! xxx
  • Hi, can I join you? Currently ttc no2, AF is due on Sunday and i've been really tempted to test. Symptoms wise I feel like i've got them all, gassy sicky burps, swollen nips, a high soft cx and creamy cm, on saturday i had some really noticable twinges on my left side for most of the afternoon, I can't be making it all up surely??
    Trying not to get my hopes up too much though because I had sore nips etc about 4months ago but then af came. Never had the gassy burps like this though, never had indigestion ever in my life, not even with my first pregnancy. The tell tale with that one was almost instant painful nips, like 3dpo. Good luck everyone xx
  • Can I join in too? I'm a bit early for the 1WW as I am 5DPO. This is only my first month TTC so not really sure what i'm looking for but all this symptom spotting is driving me mad!! I'm hoping to hold out till 14th to POAS.
    Good luck and baby dust to all x
  • Hi all,

    there's loads of us!

    Well after positing about my symtoms last night, I've now decided that they're all in my head, oh well, I'm just going to have to wait and see!

    Claire831, I think our AF is due on the same day!

    Aww KateLouise, late AF - mine was 3 days late last cycle and I sooo thought we'd done, isn't it the pits when that happens?!

    Doughball, wow you have loads of symtoms!

    Montymini, you're better off not knowing the symtoms as otherwise you make them fir in to yours!!

    Good luck ladies

  • Can I join in too? Am on 11DPO today - have been trying v hard not to bite people's heads off for past week. Keep waking up in night every other hour, feel tearful and/or furious all the time no matter what I'm doing! Had light pinkish spotting yesterday which I thought was implantation bleed but now feel like my AF is coming early (it's due next Tuesday) just to annoy me. Never had it happen before tho so just don't know what to think.

    Have felt hideously tired for past few days and like falling asleep all day and have been in bed asleep by 10pm each night which is most unusual for me.

    Am trying to ignore any 'symptoms' because previous month I had them all, sore boobs, funny taste in mouth, tiredness, etc and AF arrived without warning, just kind of instantly dashing my hopes.

    Did a test today - far too early - but kind of feel like others - I know it will be negative but it kind of prepares me for the real one being negative, sort of. That's my excuse anyway!

    One minute I'm hopeful the next minute I just feel so hopeless :roll:

    Good luck to everyone.
  • girls tmi coming up!!!

    what is creamy cm can someone describe it to me? this is gross but just was in the loo & had this big glub of snot like (yes hint of green!!) cm is this creamy cm?? sorry i know it sounds minging there was loads of it eewww!!

  • KJ, I would describe it as off white, althugh I think it can kida look like snot! HTH

    Bunny, I hope it's your BFP that's casuing you to feel like this, fingers crossed

  • well snot Rainbow is exactly how i'd describe it we shall see. Tested this am knew i wouldnt hold out BFN but still only 9dpo so not out yet image

    thanks hon.

  • ha rainbow- your post made me laugh- I was just the same this morning! after last nights positive thinking, this morning I woke up convinced that all my symptoms were in my head and that I was ridiculous for even thinking I could be preg! am more optimistic now though- reading everyone else's posts makes me feel that there's a chance!! hooray!!

    i'm excited about the flurry of BFP that we'll see next week (PMA!!!)

  • There might be a lot of BFP's now, but wait until this time next week, we'll be adding to them!

  • Rainbow we can be testing buddies! What day you planning on testing?
  • I think I'm going to wait until Thursday, as Wednesday would be the latest day that it's ever been late! When were you thinking of testing?

  • My plan was to wait until the weekend after this so that I would be between 3-6 days late, really don't think I can last that long though.Was thinking about Sunday but I think that may be a little early for me. I could try and wait to Thursday the same as you!
  • Claire831, would you prefer to see BFN then Afg, or just AF on it's won )that's if you're not pg of cours!)

  • I really don't know!! I like being still in with a chance waking up each day hoping shes not arrived, then in my head I can tell myself i'm not out of it yet! I know for some thats the worse bit!
  • I must admit, I'm not holding my breath about waiting until Thursday to test :lol::lol: but I will really try hard image

    I think I'd prefer to have the BFN first, but DH just doesn't get it!!
  • We'll try our best!! If i knew where the tests were hidden I'm sure I would have done one by now.
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