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1ww anyone?



  • I tested early and got BFN on CD30, 12DPO with a Superdug so am just waiting for AF to arrive...

  • Aww... we're not having much luck in this thread.
  • Hi all, sorry for all the BFN on this post, surely one of us must have some luck!
    I gave in and tested this morning, was a BFN, felt really disappointed and now just waiting for AF to show her ugly head. Trying to be positive as I don't really know what day i'm due on - Weds if i follow last months 31 days but the month before was 40 days! Pretty sure I'm out going by the AF type cramps I've had today, and it was an 'early' PT which detects 15 HCG - oh well roll on next month! x
  • Claire831, we're exactly the same! I spoke to doc today and told her about my cycles, she told me to take last months cycle of 31 days as a one off, which means I am 1 day late, but still BFN, aaarrrggghhh!

  • Hi rainbow, good to know I'm not the only one with erratic cycles! Going from May (when i came off the pill) my cycles have been 29, 37, 25, 40 and last month 31. Ahhh what am I meant to do, take the average, take the longest.... Told myself I wouldn't test again until Friday if AF hasn't arrived. Will try my best to hold out - heres to us both having very shy beans! Oh and any symptoms I thought I had last week have now disappeared!
  • Hi Rainbow, im with you, AF due Yesterday but when i tested with a superdrug got a BFN, so now in limbo land. No symptoms of either happening soon, AF usually brings me a face full of spots and a day of being moody and snappy but not got either, cx is now really high and still soft, cm remains unchanged, has been cloudy and sticky/tacky since ov. I'm not testing again until weds as that hubbys birthday so im hoping for a shy bean wanting to surprise its daddy, no doubt wishful thinking ! Good luck to all xxxxx
  • Doughball I think I will also be testing again on Wednesday, fingers crossed for us all! x
  • I'm glad it's not just me (meant in the nicest possible way!)

    I think I'll wait until Friday before testing again, unless she arrives of course, good luck ladies

  • Hi
    AF is due next monday so I am in the 1 ww now too. Hope you ladies that are still waiting for your af get your bfps.
    I have sore bb's, feel tired and waves of nausea every now and again, had lots of cm yesterday but not quite as much today boo!
    Hope we get our bfp's soon, I won't be early testing because the bfn always totally deflates me. I have a cb test left but won't be using it til af is late (if that ever happens :'(
    Good luck everyone!
  • Hi ladies,

    Meem, hope she stays away for you.

    WEll I'm on CD32 of a usualy 28 day cycle, exacpt last month I went to 31days. I had really bad period pains last night, so much so that they woke me up, I really don't know whats going on to be honest...

  • AF now 3 days late, i caved and did another superdrug test yesterday morn - BFN, I've only got a CBD left now so im def holiding off to do that one, maybe wait til the weekend if AF not arrived. I've had some lower backache and the acne has arrived so its not looking great - Good luck everyone xx
  • Hope you have a shy bean doughball xxx
  • I think I might have done it this month but not holding my breath yet - af due today!
  • Fingers crossed for you all. My AF was due today but hasn't arrived yet, gonna get another test today or tomorrow.

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  • Hope af stays away from all you ladies.
    Doughball I had really bad back pain when I was pg with my ds so you never know! Pma!
    Hope you all get your bfp's!
    And I get mine too, af is due monday so I'm going to hide so she can't find me!
  • Hey, isn't is funny that a lot of our Af's havn't arrived when they were supposed to....
  • Hi can I join you all?

    AF due on Wednesday - at least if my cycle stays at 31 - but who knows!
    I think I ov'd on the 4th - so next Wed (18th) would be 14DPO?
    I've had really sore boobs all week and lots of creamy CM today so PMA is up.

    My Mum is coming over on Saturday evening so thinking of testing in the morning if no AF before then. But thats a week and 2 days away.....

    Baby dust all round...
  • chocolateteabag-im in the exact same position as u! try not to poas! xx

  • Thanks tiannastar
    I can't poas until at least Monday - no access to HPT's unless I brave a shop here in Manila. And while the filipinas are such lovely people - I'd really die asking for one.

    (I've already looked on shelves of the drug store in the mall this evening lol)
  • oh bless u! i think im gonna wait for late af, (i say that now but wednesday it is lol) x

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