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1ww anyone?



  • I think we have one still, but I'm not quite sure TBH! It would definetly be too early for me to test at the minute anyhow, it would need to be at least Sunday, but I'll try my very best!

  • I'm losing my PMA ...
    Although my cx and cm are still favourable, my nips are no longer sore, my gassy burps have gone and I caved and did one of those cheap tests this morning thats supposed to show as low as 10mlu and it was negative, Surely something would show up by now at 12dpo?
    I did have a bit of a spooky occurrance last night though, and i don't know what to make of it so im going to make a post about it, im gonna sound really stupid now, but on the night i ov'd i had a really vivid dream about my grandad who died when i was a baby, so last night before i went to bed i took a min to mentally ask him to give us a bit of help with getting that bfp, also said that some sort of sign he's around would be good. 2 mins after i got into bed there was a big crash and my mirror was on the floor ( it literally must have jumped off the dressing table) it wasn't broken.

    I don't know what to think about that?

  • Well it looks like I'm out as got AF last night 4 days early. :\(

    Full on ghastly AF too just to be super annoying. Even more annoying cos I thought I had all my dates sussed by now and this will put them all over the place for next month. Insert swear words here.......

    Good luck to everyone still waiting. ;\)
  • Oooh doughball, you never know! Kepp up your PMA, it ain't over to the witch arrives!

    Bunny, sorry about your AF, silly witch. Good luck for next cycle

  • Hi,

    Can I join please. I've just posted my 'ultra-long' story in another post called 'LADIES Help - Advice needed', so won't bore you all with anything. I think I ovulated between the 29th and 31st (my OPK showed positive on 29th). So am only on DPO 6 so really early yet (although it didn't stop me doing a 10mlu test this morning - neg of course!). I've had a couple of possible symptoms, but think they're in my head. I'm due on Wednesday/Thursday next week, and will test if AF doesn't arrive by Friday.

    In the meantime I'm going to try not to think about it!

    Fingers crossed for everyone
  • How you getting on not testing rainbow? how many dpo will you be on Sunday? x
  • Thanks Rainbow - yes she is a witch with a capital 'B' :lol:

    And fancy coming 4 days early - what a wind up..... still it's 4 less days til next month I guess.......
  • Well ladies, I've still not tested, and am not getting the urge to......yet!

    I'm 9DPO today so nothing's going to show until at least Sunday/Monday I think? I'm not sure what to do TBH. Wednesday, I thought I had loads of symptoms, yesturday hardley anything, but today my tummy deels weird right at the bottom, not quite sure how to describe it though. MY (.)(.) feel heavy, but I've not been dressed for a week so haven't worn a bra so that might have something to do with it!

    Oh well, we'll see

  • hi guys - i think i might be heading towards a BFN. I measure my temps and while they were raised for the first week after ov, the last two days they have dropped down, which, sadly makes me think that there is no little bean this time. i'm trying not to be too down since there is not af yet but don't want to have any false hope. i think the most frustrating thing is that my cycles are so long and irregular that i can't use opk or cbfm so its nearly impossible to predict ov and its just down to complete luck if we manage to bd at the right time, plus i have to wait so long until our next chance!

    but i'm still very excited for everyone else and am looking forward to some bfps!
  • AF also due on Wednesday, no sore (.)(.) but I didn't have that when I was pregnant before, just a little bit heartburn and achy legs.
  • littleb, it ain't over til that witch arrives! good luck

    romy, we're due the same day! I'm thinking of buying some tests tomorrow when I go shopping...
  • *rainbow* - I've got one in the drawer next to me... can't decide when to use it... image
  • Hi all - can I join your chat here - I am 8 DPO and AF is due next weekend. I have very sore boobs and yesterday was having waves of queasyness and waves of hunger. I am desperate to test. When do you think is the best time to do a test??
  • ah rubbish - I'm out! AF arrived this morning. not unexpected since BBT had dropped right down.I'm a little concerned about my sanity since I convinced myself I was preg. I guess I'm just going to have to hope my next cycle isn't too long (and bd like crazy to hope i catch ov when it happens!!). good luck everyone. I've got my fingers crossed for you all xx
  • sorry to hear that little b, best of luck for next cycle image
  • Aww no, I'm sorry littleb, babahunny there's still a chance.

    Hi Bronze1010, some ladies on here have had their BFP's from 11/12DPO, but the longer you wait the stronger the line will be!

    Well I've also had AF typr cramps, so who knows....

  • Looks like I'm out too-14DPO today, pink spotting, and BFN on 9,10,12 and 13DPO(!!!)

    Especially gutted today as my sister told me she's pg today, having just come off the pill a few wks ago!

    Onto month 26 :cry:

    Good luck to all those left x
  • Well I got a BFN today at 11 DPO, I couldn't hold out any longer! Just have to wait and see what Wednesday brings...
  • You naughty early testers romy and luckystar! Must admit it took all my might not to test this morning, I even held in my FMU for half an hour whilst deciding what to do, - not an easy task I can tell ya!


    Luckystar, there's still hope yet, hold on to some PMA, you never know...
  • Good luck littlewolf!

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