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***Weight Loss 2014***

Who's with me?!!

I'm not being ambitious & aiming to do any of the shred videos that I've done previously. I'm just trying to eat healthier, eat 5 fruit & veg a day, drink 2 litres of water daily & walk for at least 30 mins 3 times a week. Not too much to ask!! Ideally I need to lose 3 stone but am gonna start with 1 on my ticker & work my way up to it!

Name Target weight loss Weight loss in May
Total weight loss to date
Blackkat 14 lbs 7lbs
Sapphire 12lbs 8lbs
Amelia-Jane 28 lbs
DumbleSpud 15lbs 5.4lbs
Saffron 21lbs 3lb
Peanut 19lb 6lb
Veecee 26lb
Mrs 50's 3.5 stone (49lb) 6lb 21lb


  • I lost 1lb!! It may only be a little but I'm still chuffed!

  • I'll join in! I'm already on mfp. Trying to get rid of some of my baby weight, Christmas has not helped in any way though, so my first goal is to get rid of those 5lb (!) I put on with all the festive food and drinks!

  • How are we all doing this week? 

    I'm feeling pretty good, I'm back recording my food properly and even managed my first bit of proper exercise (that's not just walking!) since having M. My ideal weight would be to lose 3st. But I always work with smaller target. I'm going to set myself quite a tough one this time in the hope that the Christmas excess weight will just 'drop off' so my goal is to lose 12lb by Valentine's Day. So that'd be 2lb a week, that would also be fab as that was what I weighed pre-pregnancy. I weigh in on a Friday officially so I will see how that goes! So to sum it up: 

     Target loss   Current loss   Still to lose 
    12lb 0lb 12lb
  • I'll set up a table, anyone who wants to go on it please let me know. It's slow going but I've managed to lose 2 lbs this week but I guess that's not too bad a start. The trouble is I'm still trying to sway for a boy so have to eat meat & potatoes & salty food but I'm trying to cut down my portion sizes & eat lots of healthy fruit & veg & drink more water. Good luck with your weigh in Sapphire on Friday, looks like we've both got the same long term goal x

  • Nice work with the 2lb BK! Any loss is good - if the numbers that you weigh are getting smaller then you're heading in the right direction. Ooo - I hadn't heard about foods having an effect on boy/girl, will be interesting to see if it works. It does look like we have similar weight loss goal... so I'll race you! x

  • I accept the race Sapphire!! & this morning I have another 2lb weight loss! Although I probably shouldn't weigh myself everyday as tomorrow I may have put another lb on but for now I'm happy! Yes, the whole boy/girl sway thing is a bit weird but as far as I'm concerned it's worth a try & we'll have to see what happens!

  • First weigh in done and I've lost.... 3lb! *happy dance* No harm in trying to sway things naturally?!

  • Hello, please can I join. Im not really doing a diet just going to try and eat healthier and exercise more.

  • Oh ideally id like to lose 2 stone but at the moment anything will do!

  • Amelia-Jane - of course, join in with us! I'm not really doing a diet as such, just keeping track of my calories by recording them as that way I tend to not snack as much. H is also trying to lose 12lb by valentines day which is an added incentive to beat him. Although this week we're both doing the same so no one racing ahead yet.

  • Sapphire, 3 lbs is great. It's nice that you're doing it together. My hubby wants to lose weight too but I think he's more keen to use his gym at work to do it rather than through diet but I think he's yet to start!

    Amelia-Jane: Of course you're welcome to join us here. I too am not following a diet plan or even tracking calories. I'm just trying to eat healthily, drink more water & walk for half an hour at least 3 times a week. It's working for me so far so fingers crossed it'll work for you too. How much would you like me to add you on the table at the top for with your weight lose? My aim is 3 stone but taking it a stone at a time otherwise it seems ridiculously daunting but obviously I hope we all get pregnant before we reach our goals!! Have a good week ladies x

  • I'm in! I've been using My Fitness Pal since last Monday (6th) and my initial target is to lose 15lbs to get me to 12st. I've lost 5.4lbs of that so far so it's going well!

  • That's a great start DS! I've lost another 2lb this week. :) How's everyone else been doing?

  • Can I be added please? My target weight loss is 21lbs, and I'll weigh in every Thursday (SW weigh-in day), as of next week. I'm trying to lose 2lbs a week for ten weeks as I'm off on holiday soon!

  • Hi ladies, sorry I haven't been on for a bit had a bad food week but back on it again & have managed (somehow) to lose another 1lb. Every little bit. Well done Ds & Sapphire. Will update the table now x x

  • Well done BK! Saffron - a holiday sounds a great incentive for losing weight. :)

  • OK - I've had a shocking week by the look of things, worse than I realised. I have put on 2lbs :( I'm thinking positive though it's a new week, I know I wasn't drinking enough last week so trying to focus on that and I'm back on track.
  • I did the week before, it's not the end of the world, hopefully those 2lbs will come off quickly x x

  • I've managed to lose another 1lb (not quite sure how). Hope everyone else is doing well x

  • Sorry for the delay, forgot about the thread...3lbs off for me!

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