Hello i am new to this!I have been ttc for almost 5 months now  and no baby yet, very depressing but not giving up! Any other methods? 



  • Hi Penfaith

    What have you tried so far? 


  • Ovulation kit , tracked basal & temp

  • have the methods you've tried confirmed ovulation? 

    Do you have a regular cycle? 

    I use an app called ovia some use an app called fertility friend for helpful reminders and tips of your cycle

    sex should be every other day during and around fertile period

    other than that get your body in tip top condition,  most who are ttc take a daily pre conception multivitamin.  

    Some also swear by herbal supplements such as Cassanovum

  • Also some other things people try are fertility friendly lubricants 

  • Thank you and yes I the ovulation kit did confirm ovulation this is my first month using it , and I take my daily prenatal vitamins , i will look into that app

  • Hi i have a doubt i started my period on oct2 and ended oct9 and i peed on my ovulation kit yesterday and it showed up two lines but the control line darker the the other and today peed on another stick and both line came back dark and i had sex yesterday once i got the 2 lines and having sex tonight as well can i be pregnant already or how long do i have to wait i need reponses please i need tp get out of this doubt.

  • so your cycle length so far this cycle is 25 days.  how long is it usually? If this is the first time you have 2 dark lines confirming ovulation is just happening you won't be pregnant yet and still have your two week wait ahead, implantation doesn't happen instantly.  It is possible to have positive ovulation tests in early pregnancy aswell. 

  • Its weird tho cause like i said my periods was on the 2 of october and ended on the 9 and its been 2 weeks almost 3 weeks that i had my period and i been peein on my ovulation stick for awhile now and yesterday and today i been having the 2 lines so thats what i am concerned about

  • You always have Lh in your system so you will generally always see 2 lines.

    i always get a postibe stick just before ny AF... it's quite common, but it can also be a sign of early pregnancy. It depends on the person. 

    good luck 

  • do you have very long times between periods usually (a long cycle)?

    if so you could be ovulating now and not due your period for another 2 weeks

    ovulation tests aren't hugely reliable, I struggle with them and the Doctor at my women's health unit said they can be a waste of money.  When you get 2 lines as dark as each other is supposed to be peak and what you are looking for.  

  • I woke up this morning and as i peed i wipe and pinkish brownish was on the toilet paper idk what it could be after being ovulating for the 4 past days what could it be and took a pregnancy test and came back negative am i testing to early.

  • implantation happens from between 6-12dpo, after implantation happens it takes about 4 days for hcg to show, that's why some ladies start testing early at 10dpo. 

  • Are you sure you were ovulating and not about to have your period? If your last period was the 2nd then this will be CD29.... like I said before I get strong OPKs before my period. Are your cycles usually long? 

  • Can someone respond to me please

  • I had my period on the second of october and ended on the 9 october and i just started ovulating 4 days ago and today as i peed and wiped it was pinkish and just know i wiped and its pinkisj as well

  • I have twice 👆🏻

  • How long are your cycles though? 

  • Oh and also i feel super nauseated i dont know why i feel like that i feel tired all the time

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