Evap or positive? I'm unsure!

So, evap or positive? I'll post a photo of the test before peeing on it, at 3 mins and at 10 mins...

image Before

image At 3 minutes

image At 10 minutes 

I'm so confused lol! 😂

Brand is First Vue... 

thank you ladies 😊



  • Did you get your BFP? 🤞🏼

  • I haven't taken another one since hun, I decided to try to wait until Wednesday lol!!

    This is hard work, I don't think I am pregnant because I swear my boobs would be killing me by now if I was lol!! But the waiting game is by far the most difficult thing ever!

    I will update on Wednesday! :) xxx

  • Waiting is definitely difficult, but just try to stay positive. 

    Do you use ovulation kits at all? 

  • I will do my best 😊 Thank you sweety! No I don't because the last time I did my body tried ovulating twice in a month and it confused me 😂 Lol! Xx

  • This happened to me a few days ago...confusing 🤔 but today all ive had is heart burn and been feeling a bit sick for the past couple days...ive been trying with my partner for nearly 2 years and havent fell pregnant due to irregular periods...i dont wanna think i could be pregnant if im not n be disappointed again..xx

  • Aww bless you hun!! Try some ginger biscuits or a piece of ginger to calm the nausea :) that's exactly what I've had to resort to recently, can't be doing with sickness 24/7! :( I actually puked the Saturday before last because I felt so sick!! I took a FR and 2 10mIu cheapies this morning and the line isn't any darker but hasn't faded on these ones, I'll upload the pics once I've had a proper look on my computer, I can see a tiddly ultra, ultra faint line on each test in person and I didn't use fmu this timeI've backed myself up with 3 coffees too :S But I bought 50 10mIu tests :P So I'm all good for my addiction until next month lmao!!
    I've been trying for 2 years too and there's absolutely zilch wrong with me :'(
    Yeah same with me hun :( It's a long winding road isn't it :(

    I've been getting weird menstrual like cramps in the centre and both sides of my tummy (alternately) on and off for the last 2 days, sometimes my belly feels like it's 'fuzzing' inside along my bikini line and I have pinching below my belly button slightly underneath :S and I swear my boobs are starting to pinch and feel itchy and heavy today. and my hips are cramping and so is my lower back, I feel sooooo bloated and queasy, I just want it to stop if I'm not pregnant fgs :(
    I don't know though :'( I'm getting real impatient here! I would share my story but it's sooooo long lol!
    Baby dust my lovelies <3 xx

  • image


    Really don't know what's going on lol! I couldn't get a good photo this morning! x

  • Those photos are dreadful. image

  • image

    Heres another from this afternoon...

    I can't cope with this lol 😂 

  • I know how your feeling ive been in bed for the past 2 hour's falling asleep been exhausted for some reason...i done a test yesterday evening and it was negative but i realised its too early to test if i was fertile on the right day🤔just wish i was regular then i could get pregnant a lot easier...i literally give up if im not pregnant soon nearly 2 years ive been trying and nothing...😴xxxx hope your feeling okay

  • Aww bless you hun :( Oh no! How long before you'll be at a good time to test? I hope not long! Yeah me too, it's too depressing.
    I had fertile cm yesterday (Strange!?) so I told my partner and he did nothing about it, it's like he's avoiding it now :'( regardless of whether I'm in pregnant or not limbo he should've at least done something.
    I've been crying all morning and it's our 3rd anniversary today, what a perfect time to conceive and yet hes avoiding it like the plague :'(

    I have a test from smu today - my pee was clear so not sure if it was even slightly concentrated but here's the photo... I'm going to keep updating lol :P

    image Top is 10mIu and bottom is 25 (Did the 10 first then the 25)... this photo is at 3 minutes for the 10 and 2 minutes for the 25 x

    Lots of baby dust to you Stevie! xxx

  • I can't see any second line at all I'd say negative  hun xx

  • Susiegirlygirl, I've decided to keep testing daily until I either get a positive or get AF just to keep a tab :)
    I can see they're negative for now, the top one was just a dodgy brand I reckon and I would avoid using first vue :)
    Still doesn't rule out my 'symptoms' however, and my dr has told me to keep testing before they do other checks on me for my symptoms :) but thank you sweety I really appreciate you commenting :D xx

  • 2 pics of todays one....


    Still nothing yet! Definitely never using first vue ever again lol!! :P xx

  • I done a clear blue test today it came up with a cross straight away then once it had fully worked it was negative so i dont know😣i give up😔xxxx

  • Awww Hun please don't give up just yet! It's never over until the witch returns! Even then... some people do have some kind of bleeding in early pregnancy, just keep your chin up sweety! 😊

    A long story short... with me, my last period was very strange, hence the test I took, my period was on 9th Jan and lasted 8 days but it didn't look like a period and was pretty strange, unlike anything I've seen before.

    4 days ago (the day before my 3rd anniversary 😆) I had ewcm for the first time in 2 years, my last period must have been something in the way of my ovaries! - it's the only explanation I have! So 3 days ago (our anniversary) we went for it like rabbits 😂 Hehe! I'm classing today as 3dpo as the last time I had ewcm was 3 days ago! I've had on and off cramping since and lower back pain which I am ATM putting down to the fact my body must have ovulated properly for the first time in 2 years, but I actually feel like I may have done it... but again I don't want to raise my hopes up as I did that before and suffered a mental breakdown 😞 I'm still on my antidepressants but they're safe to use and im on the dose of a "90 year old lady" as my doctor said haha! 😂 

    So, I'm just having a real long month this time 😢 

    I hope you're okay sweet, please don't let it get to you like I did, it messes you up for a while xx

  • Update for today and the weekend...
    Soooo, I'm 5dpo now and all weekend (from 3 dpo) I've suffered with lower back pain (Like a stretching kind of pain) and stomach/lower quad cramps and even some pinchy/tugging/pulling feelings beneath my belly button and in my lower sides near my hip and groin area alternately, I've had some weird feelings behind my pubic bone and today had the weirdest feeling after checking my cervix - It felt as though someone had put a fan in my uterus that was blowing cold air!!!! What is that!? I'm genuinely worried!! image
    I've still got no boob pain! WOOOP! Usually 14/15 days before my period they start to hurt! I've only got 10 days until my period is due! I'm so glad they aren't hurting - dodged a bullet for now! haha!

    My CF is now creamy, on 1dpo and 2dpo I was practically dry CF. From 3dpo I've had creamy/wet CF and it's actually been on my underwear! - Very rare for me after mid-cycle! But it has happened before when I've had BV so I'm going to keep an eye out for any other abnormalities in that region.
    My cervix hasn't been much different to the norm, but my vaginal walls have been extremely swollen since 4dpo (Yesterday morning) and is showing no signs of letting up! Although I will say my cervix seems to have changed position today pointing slightly to my right and back - I've never noticed this before... My tummy feels full and tender all across the bottom half and the right hand side of my spine keeps *prickling* - not too sure what that's about but it sends a shooting pain down my right butt cheek lol! image
    I keep getting a dodgy tummy on and off since 3dpo yet I've not eaten anything that anyone else in my family haven't ate with me.
    Yesterday I had cramps when I was in the bath but none beforehand.
    I also experienced a dizziness I am all too familiar with (I found out I was pregnant with my son in 2009 because I collapsed due to this) But I had almost like a 'vibrating' brain and dizziness that only affected my head, I had to get my partner to stop talking because I couldn't make sense of him - when I was pregnant with my son I got it whenever I was under fluorescent lighting so I asked my partner if he knew what the lighting was - it was fluorescent! But I'm not getting my hopes up!
    We went shopping yesterday pm and I was walking funny because I had a massive rush of CF, when I got home my pantyliner was filled with white cm, but I haven't had it since!

    Sooo, there's my symptoms!
    I've taken some tests but they're negative although I'm sure I saw a shadow in person today but I'm not counting it as anything as I couldn't capture it on my phone camera lol!! image

    GL ladies and baby dust <3 xx

  • Im getting most of the same symptoms as you i havent come on my period but im not sure if im regular yet ive got a pinching pain at the right of my belly button right now idk whats going on hope u get your bfp soon hun😁xxxxx

  • But i done a clear blue test the day before i was due on my period (if i.was regular ) n it was negative😕xxxx

  • Eeeeeek!! I hope we both do <3 Make sure to update me :D xx

    Here's my smu test today... sure I may have caught the tidgey little line... People on Coundown to pregnancy just love clicking negative, but If I saw a test like this (Maybe I just have awesome eyesight and an evap lol!) then I would click unsure!...


    I know it's still too early but maybe I'm catching a little raised hcg or I'm later than 5dpo! These are 10 miu lol! xx

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