Is this a faint positive?



This is my first time ever posting on any kind of site. I’m a pro at reading sites but I never create my own posts. Today I took a pregnancy test FRER and within a minute I started seeing a very faint second line. As time ticked it grew a little bit darker but it’s still a squinter. I was able to take a picture without editing the photo at all but would love a second opinion. I showed it to my husband and he sees the line as he twists it but is concerned about how light it is. I plan to go into town and purchase more tests to take. 

I’m 28 and I have never been pregnant before. We have been trying to conceive for a year. I have PCOS. My last period was December 15th-22nd. 

First pic is at like five mins 

second pic is at like two mins 

Thank you !! 



  • I don't really see anything at all I'm afraid hun when r u due on? Xx

  • I don’t see a line here but if you’re late try again in morning. Fingets crossed!

  • image

    Thank you for taking the time to look I truly appreciate it. There may not be or it could just be a faulty test. I took a more up close picture and put arrows for where I see it at. I’ve been tracking my periods and my period tracker app says I was due on the 25th. But some times my period come a week later so idk if I trust the app being completely accurate. This is the first time I’ve skipped in six months. 

  • Thank you for responding too! I am really praying for a positive in the morning!!! 

  • The frer have white lines where test lines are and i think that's what can be seen x it may just be that u are testing early. Try again in morning with first pee xx

  • I do see a fantastic line.... Congratulations 

    But I would definitely see your doc.. for blood test asap to confirm 

  • Hello, 

    I just thought I’d do an update just in case there is some body else that is experiencing the same thing as me, has experienced the same thing, or just wants to comment :) 

    I took another FRER with fmu the next day and it immediately showed a white line after the pink dye ran through. Waiting another min, it finally faded and I could see another faint line but more faint than the faint line of the other test I posted. So really I take it as a negative. I showed dh who says if anything is there, then its probly the test strip. After a hour I went to the rest room to pee then shower and I hadent even noticed that their was very faint old blood in my underwear, there was a few spots of dark blood. Almost not noticeable, I peed again and wiped, there was dark brown blood that had a little bit of a dark dark red color on the tissue paper. The rest of the day that discharge spotting turned into a  light spotting with a few tiny and a little bit bigger clots. The color remained dark brown and a dark rusty red. Only enough flow for pads. I wouldn’t even consider is a flow since it’s not constant. A few times I thought maybe it was done but would continue wearing a pad just in case. Today is day four and it’s still the same. I tried to wear a tampon for the gym but the flow is to light and it was hard to remove due to being mostly dry. I have NEVER had a light period and it’s never been this color. I have long periods that reach to 7 to 8 days, and they are so heavy that I have to go through multiple tampons and keep a pad on just in case. I don’t think my period will even last to tomorrow. I don’t know what’s going but I’m still nauseous and certain smells make me feel sick. I’ve had mood swings and light low back pain. I’ve accepted that what I saw was negatives but I’m really thrown off by this cycle. I’ll try to stay updated, I hate when people don’t update their results when I’m looking for comparison results so I’ll try to put mine on here for anybody else who may be looking to see an answer to their potential problem.

    thank you for reading I know it’s long ! :) 

  • Not sure if anybody is even reading any of this but here’s where I’m at today. The “light period” lasted only five days. I only spotted maybe twice but I’m counting it as five since there was blood. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a light short period. The color remained a brownish red or like a faint off red color. The blood wasent bright red like I’ve always seen in the past. It was only enough for pads and it wasent a flow just more of spotting. Sometimes I thought it was over cause I wouldn’t have anything for a few hours. I’m still having light cramps and light back cramps even though it ended yesterday.   Because it’s so different than anything I’ve ever had I question implantation bleeding or decidual bleeding. It could be nothing but I’m pretty sure I can’t rake a test for a few days :(

    i started vitex and raspberry leaf tea a month ago along with a stricter diet and working out at the gym. I wonder if this plays a role in anything. Would love feedback or if anybody needs my advice on anything too. 

  • Hi hun 

    Some herbal remedies can affect the flow it may just be that it's helping it flow. U say u normally have heavy periods lasting a week. That a pretty heavy. A lighter 5 day period is what I would expect to be a healthy period an about the norm so it would say yes it was your period as u had a bleed around the time your period was due. I wouldn't expect implantation to last 5 days or for u to be in need of pads so my best guess is it was your period xxx hope this helps x

  • That meant to say helping your flow not it flow lol 

  • It does help thank you for such a quick response. Yes my periods with PCOS are terrible. It took a while to get diagnosed because I have no symptoms on the outside that show I have it. I’m only 110 pounds at 5ft with clear skin but once they ran blood tests they saw that I have a hormone imbalance :/ progesterone is low and high testosterone. My periods have been so bad I literally wear a Icey hot patch on my back and low stomach while working. This time it was nothing like that. I think that’s good too tho if this is a normal period. maybe I’ll actually ovulate right. It’s hard waiting to see a positive. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever see one or what it would be like to see one. I cried over that test I posted the other day. Happy tears as soon as I saw it but it wasent a positive test just a dud :( 

  • Hun it will happen and if these remedies help naturally balance out ur hormones and ease the pain of the PCOS then keep on doing it. Get the cheap ovulation strips and test twice a day over a 2 week period. First test mid day second at night time . Often people think they don't ovulate but sometimes the surge window is so tight it can be missed. I tested once at 2pm negative. At 5pm strong positive. Next day negative again x  I have a friend she has PCOS and she's more fertile than anyone I know. She only has to think about sex and she falls pregnant so it won't stop u but the hormone imbalance here is probably what the issue is so see if taking these remedies helps. Also evening of primrose oil capsules is great for regulating period cycles. I'm with u on the dodgy test. Had a super drug one myself the other day!!! Line disappeared ffs xxx

  • Thank you for you message I appreciate it. I will look into trying ovulation tests. And I wish my PCOS was like your friends, that would be amazing. My mom and grandmother had no problem getting pregnant. They were very fertile and both of them got pregnant easily the first time they tried so they are surprised that I’m having so many problems even with just ovulating alone. I haven’t been tracking anything since my last period. I’ve had a bad cold and been busy at work. I figure I’ll just take it easy this month and maybe try again next month. Wishing you lots of luck tho in getting your a BFP. I hate the indent lines so it sucks that we both had to go through that. If it’s negative I’d rather it just be negative so there is no false hope. 

  • Hi I need help I was on the implant and got it taken out 1/18/2019.. I had unprotected sex that night twice and then again a week later I haven’t gotten a cycle yet and I’ve been feeling  nauseated  But haven’t  throwen up and  lately I have been going to the bathroom ALOT!!! I have taken 5 first respond and all have faint line so I took a clear blue 2weeks ago and it also have a faint line help please!! image

  • Have you taken anymore test and if so has the lines gotten any darker? I’d say it’s probably just a evap line or indent just because it’s one sided and very thin but it does have some color to it and if your getting them on every test then maybe you are Pregnan. I know it’s hard but you could either wait a few more days to see if the lines get darker, depending on when your last period was due you could always take a digital, they take a little longer to show up cause their not as sensitive but it could rule out the question of the line, or just schedule a doctor appointment and show them yours tests, take another test there, and get a blood work test done to see your hcg levels.

  • I wanted to take one today but just getting  discourage  because we want a baby and my doc appointment has been set for March 14... and yes I have 7now with faint lines ill just try back next week

  • Don’t be discouraged, if your getting faint positives then there is a big chance that you are! That’s more than what some people can say they are getting, so I’d take it has a good chance that you are. Until your appointment, just focus on eating healthy and keeping a positive mind set. Treat your self like you are pregnant. You can always take a test closer to your appointment to check to see if the line is darkening. Worst case scenario, if you find out your not, your body will be ready to concieve the next month because you were preparing this month. But my fingers are crossed for you that you are pregnant especially with so many faint positive tests :) I think that’s wonderful that you keep seeing the lines on each one. 

  • Awww thanks so much this site has giving me so much hope thanks and I’ll keep your updated 

  • No problem!!! I look forward to hearing your updates! :) 

  • imageSo what would u say bout this 

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