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The January TTC Thread - Let’s see some New Years BFPs! ➕🥳👣

Hi everyone, thought I’d start this thread for anyone who’s out for December. I’m cd1 today of 3rd cycle ttc. Should be due to ov around 27th Dec and af due around 11th Jan if my cycle stays at 32 days. Last month was 37 so I’m gradually starting to settle after coming off the pill. Good luck everyone xxx


  • Hey!

    think i may be a crossover between dec and jan! Haha. AF finished today so ov for me is due around 21 Dec and next af technically due 5th Jan... all dependant on how my body reacts to coming off the pill for the 3rd time!  :#

  • Good luck! I fell first month with my first and 2nd month with my 2nd. I’m hoping this is 3rd time lucky! Feel like it’s been a bit of a struggle this time but I am 34 now and did have a bad time with my youngest as had to have a section and it made me really poorly for a long time after. So I’m hoping thats not going to affect my fertility x
  • Hi Everyone

    Im new to this chat i have been reading the last couple of months ttc and i thought i would join and hopefully get some positive vibes from it. I have a daughter who turns 7 Saturday and i am trying for my 2nd. I am now on the 4th month of ttc properly in using ovulation sticks and dtd on the peak days. The thing is what is worrying me i have not used any contraception since having my 1st but with my 1st i got pregnant 1st month of trying. Bit of too much info but i did do the whole legs up in air thing n boom it worked. But this time around im struggling. Just fingers crossed for this month 🤞. I am on CD 4 so AF would be due just after the NYE. Wishing everyone a positive month and hopefully 2021 greats us with a BFP xx
  • Welcome @Abbyp and good luck! Mines taking longer this time too, I don’t think we should be concerned just yet though! X
  • @Lh8609Thankyou 💕
    Fingers crossed for us all 🤞xx
  • I made my way over to this thread now :) 
  • Welcome! Hoping to get the new year started off with a bang! I think we all deserve a good start to the new year, can’t be any worse than this year surely! 🤣 x
  • Hi ladies the dreaded af arrived for me today as well so CD1 😢 on to cycle 6 for me ttc my first. I turn 35 this month hoping that my age isn’t hindering my chances.

    Welcome to the new ladies it’s great to have you on board. Wishing you all lots of luck and hoping January sees lots of bfp’s for everyone x
  • Hey @Rose85 be nice to have a cycle buddy! How long are your cycles usually? I’ve just ordered opks and I’m gona start using them as soon as af stops what with my cycles being all over the place atm I feel like I could o at any time x
  • Rose85Rose85 Regular
    edited Dec 10, 2020 9:41PM
    @Lh8609 they’re usually 28 days five or take a day or two. The one before this though was 33 days. I put that down to the pregnacare I was taking so I stopped. I’m just taking folic acid now and they seem to have gone back to normal. Great that your starting your OPK’s I’d recommend doing you bbt as well if you can. I got a little confused with OPK’s at the begging and taking my temperature showed me that I definitely ovulated. Which OPK’s have you gone for? I love that I have a cycle buddy!! Hopefully your cycle keeps returning to normal x
  • Just the cheapy strips off eBay. I brought 2 clear blues and 2 frers aswell, I am armed and ready for this cycle 🤣🤣 x
  • 😂😂 you sound super ready!! I use the cheap strips of eBay. I found them hard to read at first but when I saw a positive I knew it was positive the test line was much darker. I used the pink clear blue to check when I thought I had a positive and it worked I got a positive on that as well. After that cycle I stuck to the cheapies as I knew how to read them and it’s much cheaper than buying the CB ones. Which CB one have you bought? I didn’t get on with the purple advanced ones x
  • Oh I’ve just got the cheapie ov sticks I brought 2 clear blue pregnancy tests x
  • @Lh8609 Ah that’s cool you’ll be fine with those. I just use the cheapies, once you see a positive there is no mistaking it. I much prefer them to the clear blue OPK’s 😊 I also use the cheapie pregnancy tests as well and will use a clear blue if I ever think I see a positive on the cheapie. I have to use the cheapies I’m a poas addict 😂 x
  • 😂😂 how u feeling today? I feel awful, proper period this is x
  • Pretty much the same as you hun and cramps are horrendous 😢 I’ve got some wine and chocolate chilling in the fridge. Hopefully the cramps will be better tomorrow they normally are. Hopefully af won’t be too long for you and you can start your OPK’s soon x
  • Fabulous! I’m laying in bed with a cup of tea but I’m having a few drinks tomorrow. Oh is gona give me a massage before we go to sleep 😊 I did some exercise yesterday so I’m feeling it now 🤣 Can’t wait to get stuck in to this cycle 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 X
  • That sounds lovely hun. I’m feeling much more positive now. I always feel awful when af arrives, but back to the positive attitude now. I’m due to ovulate on or just before Christmas Day. Keeping my fingers crossed for us both x
  • Flo says 27th for me so we’re about bang on the same time 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 X
  • Good luck to us hun I really hope this is our month. We can support each other along the way. I’m sure the time will fly already on CD3 tomorrow and it’ll be Christmas before we know where we are x
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