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Can anyone else see this?



  • Same for me ;-) AF still not here. Tested negative yesterday. Didn't test today :)
    We'll see tomorrow I guess :)
  • CD39! 16PDPO (guesstimate) Still no AF still testing BFN 😣 Pretty sure I’m out for this cycle, I don’t mind not being pregnant. I just wish AF wouldn’t mess me around! 

    Are any of you ladies on any other ttc boards? I like being a part of them, helps when stuff like this happens! Xx 
  • DPO*
  • CD68 - Still BFN. AF nowhere in sight ;-)

    Unfortuantely I don't really know any TTC Boards, sorry!

    Still sending you baby dust:)
  • Hi all, AF looks to be starting,some spotting today CD34 (i think) 

    BUT I may know why she's late...can have an tooth abscess delay her potentially?  Who knows!?

    Essentially found out i have an abscess on my front middle tooth meaning root canal and a crown are apparantly needed.

    The good news is, that if this is AF, I don't feel guilty taking all the pain meds and antibiotics thinking my BFN may have been wrong the other day, so I guess thats a plus.

    Sending you all baby dust and hoping AF arrives quickly so she can get gone for us all to get some positive news in this agonising wait!!
  • Oh my Nathalie! That it so so hard to cope with, it’s happened to me before a few times too. I had a MC back in nov 2016 and I didn’t get a period until feb 2017 and then nothing again until May 2017! Do you normally have regular cycles? Are you tracking O?
    I’ve found another board, everyone is so lovely! 😊 

    Ahh Abby, sorry to hear the witch is showing! Tbh I’m not sure, I’ve driven myself up the wall trying to figure out why my AF is delayed sometimes! If it is her I hope she gets on with it so you can try again! 🥰
    I hope the tooth situation clears up soon too, abscesses are so painful! 😣

    Ok so I wasn’t going to test this morning but I just had a gut feeling that I should...
    I took an IC and a VVVFL came up, so I took another and another and the same line came up on the other two! I went to get a FRER and I’ve just got my BFP! 

  • @elexox Massive Congratulations hun!!! 😘 what made u feel like u needed to test...or no actual symptoms particularly just a feeling?

    I hope you can share some of your baby dust with the rest of us for next month.  The witch has arrived for this month finally!

    @Nathalie1994 have u had irregular periods before? 
  • Thanks so much Abby! I literally only have thick white discharge (sorry tmi), I feel quite hot all the time, not much appetite until dinner time and slightlyyy sore boobs! I will do the other FR with FMU tmoz and if my line is stronger I’ll do a CBD as well! 

    Baby dust to you allll!!! 👶💓✨
  • Congrats! I somehow missed it all, sorry! 
    Did you test again? ☺️
    I tested today and I saw a line within the frame. Do you see it too???
    (the one on the far left... very very faint..)
  • Inverted 
  • CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 👼🏻 How many DPO are you?  

  • @04Mum
    Hi :smile:
    Is this a response to elexox or do you sees a line on my test? (Only the one on the far left. The others are ovulation tests).
  • Hi hun! 
    I see it I see it!!! 
    Congratulations 🥰
    How many DPO are you? Feel free to join me over at “Due in September 2021” when you’re ready if that’s the correct month!
  • Wait, wait.. really? 
    I don’t have a clue how many dpo I am.  CD74. 
    So I don’t even know if it would be September. I somehow don’t think I actually AM pregnant. I’ll test again tomorrow I guess.. that would be so freaking amazing! 
    I only tested today because my ovulation tests are way darker than they usually are... 
    The cheapie is at 10 mIU. Most others I have, are 15 or 20.
  • Oh btw: 
    CD74, but it also is my first cycle after bc 
  • I can see good lines on the other tests?! Ohhh hold on they’re LH strips! Sorry I got confused... I can see something on the HCG strip tho? But very very faint, test again with FMU! Fingers are crossed for you x 
  • I’ll try tomorrow! I’ll keep you updated:)
  • Fingers crossed for you!!  I see a faint line too🤞🏼👼🏻
  • @Nathalie1994 did you test again this morning? X
  • Thank you both!
    i did, yes. I still see something. Don’t know if it is a vvvfp or what it is
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