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Can anyone else see this?

Hello fellow TTCers! 
Can anyone else see this VVFL? 
It’s so faint I had to put it in invert!
Little bit of back story...
I came off the pill back in August, didn’t get a period until the 5th December, have nooo idea how long my cycles are atm and I didn’t track ov as we weren’t “trying“ this month... 
I had a lottt of ewcm on the 27.12 so I’m guessing I’m around 12DPO? 
Please let me know what you think of my test? It’s an FRER, I took it apart! 🤣


  • I can see the start of something vv faint tho maybe the test in a few days lv xx 
  • Thank you for the response @Wellcome1 !!! I thought I was imagining it 🤦🏻‍♀️
    It wasn’t FMU either it was at about 3pm so I might try FMU tomorrow! 🤞🏼☺️
  • Aww definitely try with FMU lv good luck keep us posted x x
  • This is a pic of the First response I took Monday.This is a picture of the First Response I took today.  

    I have been so nauseous and dizzy.  Do you guys think this is a real positive or a vape line?  The picture was taken within 5min from my taking the test.  As the test has sat, the second line has gotten even more faint so I don’t know what to think.  My cycles are not regular but I think I’m around 12 DPO, I had several positive ovulation test off and on for a week so I’m unsure the exact date of ovulation.  I’m having cramps, sore breast/nipples but no period.

    Thank you in advance for any help in figuring this out.
  • I do see a line that is darker than the one you took on monday!
    Maybe take a digital one?
    Baby dust your way :smile:
  • Thank you  :)   I will test again in a day or 2, saying prayers and crossing fingers! Does it matter which brand of digital?
  • I honestly only know clearblue!
    If you took both picturs within the right amount of minutes and if you, like me, don't have any patience to see if it gets darker, I would probably get a digital + another early test :-)

    A month ago I had positives but only on 1 brand of cheapies. All others were negative even though they were more sensitive.  :smile:
  • Were you pregnant? I definitely need to get a digital and another early test. 
  • My urine test was negative on thursday and then positive on friday and then got lighter on saturday, sunday and monday. On tuesday my urine and blood test came back negative.

    I don't even know if it could have been a chemical pregnancy. I feel like the HCG levels would have been elevated on tuesday, don't you think? So never really got an answer to that.

    Concerning your tests: I agree! Please give an update as soon as you know :)
  • I would have thought your levels would have been elevated on Tuesday too.  Hormones and testing can be so confusing! Some test show positive, some show negative.  Thanks for your messages, I will definitely update when I know for sure.
  • Looks positive to me I would wait to do a digital they need more HCG hormone and may only confuse you more, personally I would wait anther 48 hours and re test using the same hpt and if that is darker then try a digital 😊
  • BFN today! I think 🙄 
    No sign of AF on her way either Feeling so deflated! 
  • @elexox i had a BFN this morning's awful.
    I felt nausea, tingling nipples, bloated etc but nothing.
    AF is 3 days late for me as well, so i think I'm out (again - TTC 14mths) but just feeling awful about it.

    Do you have any symptoms, is AF late for you yet - maybe it's too early to test?
    How long have u been trying?
  • Hey @_Abby_
    Sorry it’s BFN for you too 🙁
    Your symptoms sound quite similar to mine. Although nothing much has been a full on “sign” for me! 
    I have 2 children already, 9yo boy & almost 3yo girl! OH & I recently discussed baby no.3 so we decided I come off the pill and we see what happens! So technically this is our “first month”. It took me 14 weeks to get a period after stopping the pill so I literally have no idea how long my cycle is! I didn’t track ov either so I’m just randomly taking pg tests every few days, which is driving me nuts now really! 
    Are you TTC your first? Sorry you’re having a rough time! X
  • Forgot to add, I’m on CD36 today! X
  • Hi both of you!
    Sorry for the BFN. Mine is negative too :( Took an urine test that is sensitive (10 mIU).
    Might take another blood test later.
    It has been 9 weeks since I came of the pill. I have had cramps on moday and again today, but still no spotting.

    I don't have any kids and am not necessarily trying. We are just not preventing it and would me incredibly happy.
    I guess we'll see :) Good luck!
  • Thanks ladies.
    I have a 4yo daughter already,but she was a happy accident, so I foolishly thought trying for number 2 would be easy! :(
    I'm on cycle day 31 at the moment.

    I just want AF to arrive if it's going to be bad news again! 

    Hoping next cycle is the time for all of us to get some good news! Xxx
  • I really want to start trying again but I’m still breast feeding my baby so no period yet! Xx 
  • Hi ladies sorry for the late response! How are you doing today? 

    Still no AF for me, I’m on CD38 now 🙄 I’ve got some FRER & one step ICs being delivered any minute so I’ll try one of those tomorrow! 
    Agree with you Abby! I wish the witch would just turn up if she’s going to! 😣

    Nathalie, it took me 14 weeks to get AF back! I was convinced I was pregnant during the time before she arrived. It’s so hard for me to distinguish between PMS & PG symptoms now! 🧐 I haven’t had enough cycles to know what’s what for me 🤷🏻‍♀️
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