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Let’s make some Christmas babies! The December tester thread 🎄

I’m CD3 and my next AF is due on Christmas Day 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ 
So I’ll either be stupidly drunk and crying all day or stupidly sober and crying all day 🤣🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ 

Good luck this month ladies!! The BFPs have been quiet lately, let’s hope this is the month we turn it around 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️


  • I had a miscarriage in October hence I know I wont be testing in November. My AF still hasn't shown up since the miscarriage and I am late for 5 days now. We bd'ed a few times but I can't remember when and wasn't looking at FLo as I wont be sure when I ovulated. After the miscarriage, we went back to the doctors (after two weeks) we can see follicle but doc say he don't think I can be pregnant since the endometrium is very thin. Not sure what is happening. Is it possible to get pregnant straight after miscarriage before the first normal flow of period?
  • @milecyoj sending love ❤️ I had a MC at the end of September too 😞 
    everyone’s body is different and they get pretty messed up by MC so it’s hard to know where you are. 
    I was lucky and had my first AF after 6 weeks and then went straight back into my previous cycle.
    it is totally possible to get pregnant before your first period so it’s worth testing for sure. But it can also take a long time to get back to normal so it’s possible that your cycles haven’t regulated yet. 
    Did you test your HCG levels back down to normal after the MC? Your body can’t trigger ovulation until the HCG from the pregnancy has gone 
  • @KelB79 I just checked back to my last miscarriage in 2018. It took two months for my first period. It was a longer pregnancy compared to this one. I was 9 weeks at that time and baby stop growing at 7/8 weeks. It took us a year before conceiving again in 2019. 

    I am currently trying for baby no 2. My baby was measuring 5 weeks when I was suppose to be 8 weeks when we know the pregnancy was not viable. My HCG level was below 1,000 when I tested and we didn't retest again after the MC. Just wondering could our body trigger the follicle if our body still in the pregnancy mode?

    Sending lots of love to you too. I hope this Christmas you will get the gift that you have been hoping for 

  • hey everyone. This is cycle 17/18/19 of TTC baby # for me. I've lost track of the dates. Currently CD8/9 and set to ovulate next week on the same day as my fertility appointment. Wishing all of us luck for this cycle and hopefully some BFP.
  • Hello lovelies.  AF due on Wednesday this coming week. Havent tested yet because I'm not even certain I ovulated this past month. I've been stressed almost to the point of depression with a bunch of other things I've had to deal with, just BD'd without tracking really. Been feeling nauseous and sore/achy breast though. Not very optimistic and just waiting on AF so I can start over, afresh and prepared.
    Just here to sprinkle some baby dust your way, and if I dont get my BFP, hoping one of you cycle mates will get one. Xx
  • Hello fertile window!! 😵‍💫
    This one’s a tricky month….. OH is trying to give up drinking and smoking. He suffers really bad with insomnia and has been using drink to help him get to sleep at a vaguely reasonable time (by that I mean 3/4am ffs!!) but he’d always come to bed “in the mood” so BD’ing was never an issue! 🤣 
    I obviously want him to quit drinking and smoking but now, without it (he’s doing great!!) he stays up all night, then ends up sleeping all day and is never in the mood!!! 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️ 
    Bloody nightmare!!!! 
    TTC is hard enough with them adding to it!!! 😫😵‍💫🤦🏼‍♀️

    CD9 - predicted to OV on Friday but I’m testing from today…. This cycle put my AF as due on Christmas day 🙈 praying for best Christmas present ever!!!

    how are you all doing?? x
  • Good luck for this month everyone 🤞🎄
  • Hey sorry to jump in this thread, ttc too,I have really irregular cycle ( sometimes 64 day)   last period was 26th of October, so i took an opk and hpt and both have two lines not sure what ot means , this morning 
  • @Kayciee The LH strip can pick up HCG though the HCG strip does not pick up LH. As long as you didnt put the two strips directly next to each other during development, and you see a line on the HCG Strip then you might be pregnant. I would try testing with a FRER to be sure.
  • Thank you so much for the response, really appreciate it 🙏, after doing loads of research i found out that you actually release snall amounts of hcg during ov and can be picked up by pregnancy tests during ovulation. Definitely gonna try a frer as soon as i can, so strange my cervix is high and constantly changing but is still so closed.
  • Sorry i meant LH not hcg levels but yea pregnancy test can pick up ovulation supposedly x
  • sorry to jump on, and for the long post! I’m trying to get my head around all the jargon etc, me and my partner decided to stop using contraception about a year ago, and left it to chance, I wasn’t checking dates etc. We have no children yet, and I worry about my age, I turned 34 last week and my partner is 27.  For the last 3 months we have been ‘trying’ first month I followed my period app with no luck, second month I used ovulation strips for the week my app predicted all negative, I ended up being 3 days late but then AF arrived 😔 

    This month I used clear blue ovulation tests and ignored the app which told me my ovulation date was 6/12 (and the days either side) and tested earlier, so my last period start date was 17/11, I tested on the 29/12 & 30/12 and got negative tests, then positive on 1/12 and 2/12. We tried on 1/12, couldn’t on 2/12 (that’s another issue!) and tested negative on 3/12 (so I presume the 1st & 2nd was my 48hr window). I’m doing my usual and reading into all the little signs, very sore boobs atm I stupidly did a test yday which was negative, but I’m presuming it’s way too early. I’m struggling to understand how my app can be so out with my predicted ovulation date?! It says I average a 33 day cycle, but I’ve always been  one of those that can be a couple of days before and after. When is the earliest I could test? Any advice welcomed! Ty
  • Hey so you can ovulate later or earlier than to be expected so you can try track ovulation other ways such as cm or temp or even cervix positions maybe?
    You can also get loads of really cheap opk strips from amazon and test the full month looking for your LH surge .

    Sending loads of baby dust to you 🤞you have it this month ❤❤
  • Ah thank you so much for your reply, I bought the cheap ovulation strips from Amazon and just assumed they weren’t great as didn’t get a single positive or even close, but I only tested over a 7 day period as predicted by the app, when clearly I ovulate earlier! I’m getting tiny cramps now aswell as the sore boobs but I honestly think your mind can just play tricks on you when you want something bad enough! Good Luck to you, and if it’s not this month for me I will track everyday 😅 x
  • I would personally test everyday after a period till the next with cheap opks  nust until you figure it out.
    Nothing worse when trying to symptom spot you just seem to alert to the smallest changes in your body in those tww.

    Heard alot about opks testing positive before pregnancy tests can aswell, suppose to be more sensitive. really hope this is your month  when can you test? How many dpo you at now ?
  • Hey everyone I think I see a faint line, af was due today what do you all think 
  • Yes i definitely see it! Congratulations mama 💗💗💗
  • This was mine still so faint not sure so i have a frer coming tomorrow 
  • Thank you 😊 I see your line too :) im in shock if im honest this was the month I was most relaxed and not worried about it. It was with evening urine too . 
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