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Hi I'm new to this. I'm at my wits end and need help. My ds was born a wk early and weighed 6lb 6oz. She's now 6 mths and only 11 and half pounds. She never seemed to be interested in milk. Formula fed. So slow gaining weight. She was put on a prescription milk (infatrini ) at 3 and half mths. She took it ok fr few weeks but now will only take 3/4 oz when sleeping. She's not very interested either in solids. She's under dietician and paeds dr. They seem to be dragging their feet. She just never seems to be hungry. She also has hip dispasia and in a spica cast. This is not a problem as she was like this before she had cast put on. Any advice appreciated. I'm so worried a bout her. Every feed is a constant n battle. This is my first baby. 


  • If LO isn't eating/feeding what is she doing? Is she alert & playful or is she sleeping?  I ask because this in turn can relate to an underlying medical condition which could in turn affect the amount LO eats/drinks.

    My advice would be to make an appointment with your Dr/Paediatrician & keep a diary of events until then.  Note down everything about LO however small it seems - When LO eats, what she eats, how much...when you change LO, whether wet/poo, if poo what it looks like...when LO sleeps/naps, how long is she asleep...when LO is awake what is she doing, is she sitting up, is she exploring/interested in toys, is she responding to noises around them....Take this diary of your observations with you to your appointment & discuss with Dr/Paediatrician.  It will be a long hard frustrating process but you need to be persistant, you are the one with LO 24/7 & you know her best.  Keep pushing & you will get your answers.

  • She is alert, playing, smiling, giggling. One of the happiest babies I've seen. She sleeps the whole night. No problems what so ever only on the feeding. 

  • Hi Cary2,

    Sorry you are having such a difficult time, some good advice from KazzieM. Keeping a dairy helps you to remember events and look for trends, patterns in behaviour. You said that you are under a peads team which is reassuring and if they were worried or concerned they wouldn't be ‘dragging their feet’ It’s always reassuring if doctors are taking their time as it means they are not worried.. So some advice on actually feeding and weaning:

    Try new flavours, if she isn't interested in milk (or milk dishes like porridge) try starting with a sweet potato (or carrot) puree, it has a completely different texture and taste from milk so a whole new wonderful experience. Don’t worry if she only takes a little, but let her taste it, play with the spoon, rub it on her hand/face, just let her explore it in any way she sees fit. Try this for a few days, only once a day to start with until she is happy to eat a small portion size. I use the same bowl and spoon for Annabel so that she recognises when it is ‘food time’, she now starts smiling and wriggling her legs when she sees me get it out as she knows food is coming.

    It’s difficult but try not be tense when you are giving her food, give her lots of encouragement and make it fun and playful, sing to her to or talk her through each mouthful. It will be a slow process, some babies are just not that interested to begin with.

    You take it slowly, do simple foods and stay calm and relaxed at feeding time, I’m sure she will be gulping it down in no time.

    Please, please let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Cary2,

    Just wondered how you were getting on and if your LO was feeding any better. Let us know. x

  • Does she drink enough milk? All babies take to weaning at a different pace so please dont get too worried or stressed. Its good advice to keep a diary and like nicola said introduce new flavours and im sure you will find something she likes. Have you tried babyled weaning? She might enjoy the experience of experimenting with food herself even if she doesnt eat much to start with. Goodluck and I hope it all goes well for you both

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