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Talkback: How long does implantation bleeding last?



  • Wait until the bleeding completely stops before testing and then a few more days , blood changes the results and hcg has to have time to build up .Clots arent usually a good sign of pregnancy but I have read of very few woman passing a few with implantation.
  • Hi ladies

    Me and the hubby are trying to have our last baby. I stop my BCP in July, I had my A/F on 8/26-8/30 on 9/11 I started spotting, at first it was it was creamy brownish the light pink then redish brown (sorry if it's to much info) well it lasted for five days. Now my A/F is a 32day cycle and I'm on day 23. I am suppose to get my period on the 27th. What do you ladies think. Now I do know it can take sometime for your body to get back to normal. My doctor told me after I get one normal cycle I should be able to conceive. I've never had a problem before. I just pray I won't now. Anybody ever went threw the same thing.

    Thanks for listing.
  • Sorry these are my symptoms headache, cramps, major back pain very tired, always hungry and craving sweets. Boobs are a little sore oh and my face is breaking out so bad when only the week before my A/F I get maybe one to two bumps on my face. I do t know what's going on but I pray it pregnancy.
  • Hey everyone im new at this so dont really know what im doing iv never asked for advice befor so im abit scared I'm 21 me and my partner have been TTC for 3 years about 6 months ago we gave up. Im very reguler 27/28/29 day cycle but this months is really wiered period come as normal i come off about a week ago then out of the blue yesterday i went toilet and its pink when i whip this normally only happens the day befor im due on but it happened again today but i also have belly cramps dose anyone know what this is should i just see what happens or should i go to the doc please help
  • Hey everyone my period was due on 06/11/2014 but only came today in the morning my cycle is 24 days and never late now the other thing is that I noticed that its not normal like always its colour is brownish it kinda has mucus, me and my hubby have been trying to conceive for almost three years now I'm 24 and I've been experiencing cramps and I feel gassy my breasts are pain full and have slight headache could this be implantation or my periods are just late?

  • Hi You Guys , I Had My Period October 27-31 And The Discharge From The Period As Usual ! On Nov 2 I Had Sex, On The Night of The 4th I Started To Wipe Pink Discharge. On The 6th Brown & Pink , On The 7-8 It Stopped. Today(9th Nov) The Light Pink Is Back Again , Stilll Haven't Stopped But Today The Color Is A Dark Brownish Color CAN SOMEONE PLEASEEEEEEEEE HELP IM FREAKING OUT ????????
  • Hi. Im new here..!!

    I'm hope some mums can help me on this one. I am 2 days period late. I was suppose to start my period on Monday 6th July 2015 (it's Wednesday now 8th July 2015)but I started early on Saturday 4th July 2015 until Sunday night. Which never happens, I usually last 4/5 days..!! I had a heavy bleed with strong cramps at first then calmed down to a medium bleed with no cramps and feeling like nothing happened. I did a pregnancy test today on my 2 day missed period it was negative. When should I test again.?? Oh and by the way, at an very early 4po I had a very faint pinky/ red/ brown stain on my underwear (sorry TMI) I pregnant ?? Or weird irregular periods..?? No pregy or period symptoms, maybe slight dizziness now & then.. Thanks.. :)
  • Hello Farah82, welcome to MadeForMums. We're just letting you know that you've posted on quite an old Talkback thread, where no one's posted for quite some time. You may find you get more replies if you start a new thread – just click on New thread and select Pregnancy & Birth/Pregnancy – it should be really simple and quick.

  • I'm having the same problem
  • Ive been having unusually light bleeding for 3days now, I'm irregular but since having my first child I always have heavy flow regardless if it comes every month or every other month, as a matter of fact if I skip a month it tends to be heavier, and I had the same thing with my first pregnancy, I found out February 2014 I was 2 and a half months along but my last cycle before I found out was November 2013, at that time I started to feel that my pants were getting tighter and I assumed I had just gained weight, mind you I have SLE which is a form of lupus so I felt swelled up most of the time, and I feel that way again, my pants feel tighter, I'm nervous and scared only because any pregnancy I have is high rush and my son was born preterm (33 weeks) he stayed in the hospital for a month and a half so if I am pregnant again I want to do whatever I can to avoid another preterm labor, HELP anyone!? TIA..
  • Hi all me and my partner have been ttc since jan 2015 nothing so far. I normally have very heavy painful periods to the point where I am woken up at night in agony. This period started a day early and has been very light, I'm on day 4 and have had no pain at all! I have had painful periods for 7 years after I had an ectopic pregnancy and no pain for the first time in years! What do you think ? I'm not sure if it could be a sign of pregnancy.
  • Hi there all I've had the same thing happen to as well last nitei went on the loo and when I wiped there was red blood now all day today my pashas been clean it only cums when I wipe and its a light pinky color nev had itbefor
  • We have been ttc for 3 months and I am due my period on the 8th of every month, I came in spotting on the 2nd November till 5th I don't know whether I should take a test or whether I am just over thinking it? I also keep getting tender breast and my appetite has increased! X
  • Hi I don't now what to think 2 days before my period I had spotted which was a pink color then I had nothing until today witch is 3 days past my period which is very light and only when I wipe I now tmi sorry and had brown bits in it I'm usually spot on with my periods and never late but am really quite heavy and very pain full . I have a lot off signs to make me think I am pregnant . I do not no what to think about this bleed can any one plz tell me if it is normal or is there any chance I could be pregnant . X
  • I had my period on the 1st December I have a 21 day cycle. The day before my period I had discharge with light pink I thought it was af but one wipe and 3 days late on af I've had nothing after. Negative tests could I be testing early or am I going crazy
  • im on the depo shot but just a couple of weeks ago i had a very light period, it was just a lot of pink spotting and my breast have been kind of sore and ive been feeling very nauseous and getting bad headaches and a lot of soreness in my back and also i get really hungry right after ive had a full meal and im not sure if its symptoms of the shot or if the shot failed and i might be pregnant, please help, im kinda scared because i have no kids and im only 19
  • Hi guys. I need ur help

    I have irregular periods. But been having period signs for the past 4 days. Back and belly pain. Breast tenderness . But I am spotting each time I pass my urine. Which i am also doing more often.

    Any advice please
  • I have all the pregnancy symptoms like sore breast, frequently urinationbut now I had Slight bleeding with lower abdomen it implantation bleeding so confused plz reply me
  • I need help mothers. I am experiencing bleeding. I did not get any cramps at all and it started out light and it's getting a little more but it's not period blood because it's not as thick and heavy. Do you think I might be pregnant? I mean I'm feeling a lil nauseated and sick sometimes. I really need advice and help since this was not a planned pregnancy and I'm not married
  • I missed my period for 10days and suddenly I see blood coming out, I've had most of the pregnancy symptoms but my result shows negative, could I be pregnant?
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