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anyone had baby on nutramigen?

it appears chloe who is 6 wks almost may have intolerance to cow's milk protein and has just been released from hosp, following a 3rd stay in her short life, with this milk.

can i ask anyone who has or does use this for their experience with it so far? any tips/advice?

so did not expect this and until now have been using ready made formula so having to get used to this, the smell of instant mash (is it just me or does it smell of that?!) and making up the feeds.


lara xx


  • hi my lo is on nutramign and yes it stinks !lol cant really give you any tips other than it can make poo look green and they also need more water whilst on this milk but my lo has got on gr8 with it he is a different little boy he is now on stage 2 just to let you know babys on nutramigen tend to have slower weight gain so dont worry if your lo weight slows down , any other questions just ask x
  • Hi My lo is on Nutramigen aswell.
    We have had no probelms with it and luckily her weight gain has been good.
    When we first put her on it, it was like a miracle cure.
    Yes it does stink and is really nasty when you try to use it in cooking later on for weaning (we gave in and used soya milk for cooking).
    I have always made my feeds up in advance for the day as I found this easiest. Not sure what it says on your tin but mine actually said was ok to do this and hv said although they do not advise it is fine.
    She has pooed well on it but i agree it is quite often green.
    Hope it works for your lo.
  • Hi ladies, sorry taken so long to reply - things move so fast on here!!

    can i just ask when you say about the poos - they are now green and come out like a wet cow pat (sorry tmi but best way to describe it) and smelling of egg - they are seriously gross and fill the nappy completely - it's all or nothing - is this normal from your experience??!!

    It does seem to have worked tho. weight gain is still good, last week gained a lb, this week 13oz. she's now in proportion exactly with her head circ, length and weight so all good.

    i am making up feeding in advance as she is just too impatient to wait for a fresh feed - thank god she isn't fussed about temp! just wish the tins were bigger cos it's just going to get worse when she takes more!

    thanks again!

    Lara xx
  • yeah that sounds normal to me just ask your hv but fin was like that he is weaned now and now has solid green poo lol glad she is doing well now x
  • Maddie was the same with the green cow pats, have changed now due to solids and vary depending on what she eats (fascinating isn't it lol).
    The tin sizes are a real pain and the doctor prescribs me 8 at a time but they don't last for long.
  • i dont know if they do this in your area but may be worth asking.... my doctors do the perscription, pharmasist collect it and then deliver it to my door they do 12 tins at a time x
  • oh that sounds good. i've managed to get 8 at time on prescription as i figured out i am getting through 2 a week at the mo but doctor did say that when she starts taking more it could be reviewed. i don't always have a car as we only have the one, doctors is a long way away and the tins are quite heavy when all together so having to really plan when i get the prescription done!

    glad cow pats sound normal tho! I'll mention it to hv today when she comes round to try to sort out the sleep issues we have now!

    thanks again!

    lara xx
  • Hi Lara,
    I'm so pleased that little Chloe is getting on well with her new milk.
    My HV referred me to a dietician about Ruby's lactose intolerance. I got a call yesterday saying they can't see her till August! I'm Furious!!!!!!
    I tried her back on the Aptamil yesterday just to make sure it wasn't a funny few weeks she was having and sure enough, the screamig fits came back and awful diarreah.
    So i'm going to have to keep her on the SMA LF. Its so annoying though as its so expensive and I could have it on prescription. Any ideas on how I would get it on prescription without any help from the dieticians? If I spoke to a doctor would they be able to help? xx

    Thank you xx
  • Hi Hun!

    i'm sorry to hear that - not what you need at all! i would start by speaking to you hv as they may have some way of helping to get something sorted sooner, if not try your docs - no harm in asking and the worst they can say is no and you're no worse off!

    my gp gave me the prescription even before they had the info from the hospital so not sure if that helps at all - they took my word for it!

    spoke to hv this morning - cow pats are normal!!

    lara xx
  • Sorry to gate crash but I've just self-diagnosed my 6-week old as having an intollerance to cow's milk. Have been breast & bottle feeding, and have gradually been giving more formula over past 2 weeks or so. Finally twigged that the screaming and gurgly windy belly, and finally diarrhoea (this is what really made me think) was caused by the formula. Have switched back to exclusive bf but have read that dairy in my diet can get through in my milk. His symptoms have drastically improved since stopping formula 2 days ago so am hoping he's not sensitive to dairy in my diet - has anyone found this the case with their babies? Also, were these similar symptoms you were experiencing? My clinic have been refusing all week to let me see a doctor and have insisted I see a nurse on 2 occasions - I wasn't taken seriously and was dismissed as a hysterical first time mum, the idea I be referred to a specialist was dismissed and I've had to go this alone. Wanted some advice from them as to non-dairy formula alternatives in case I can't always be there to bf, but was told all formulas contain cow's milk??!
  • hi davina2 you could always do what my friend did when the doctor would not listen to her she waited till out of hours and went to A&E where they instantly sorted her out and he baby improved within 24 hours .
    my lo symptoms started when i was breast feeding and introducing bottles of formula he had green bile poo constantly up to 10 nappys a day was very sickly and i mean 50 bibs a day sick tummy cramps and bad exzemahe was slightly better when he was breast fed but still reacted slightly the same x
  • february baby try speaking to your hv /doc and ask if they would perscribe it finley has his perscribed we are waiting to see the pead and cant see him till september 21st finley is already 9 months old!!!!
  • Hi everyone, well I finally stood up for my poor little girl!
    I went down to the clinic and told my HV what the dietician said and that i'm really not happy that they can't see her till August. HV was a complete waste of time and just said it always has to go through the dieticians. Typical!!
    So I managed to get an appointment with a Dr for this afternoon and explained everything and that I have tried putting her back onto normal formula and the symptoms came back after the first bottle. Then finally..... she put the SMA LF on prescription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so pleased and still can't believe it! I'm normally so pathetic when it comes to any problems with me but now its my baby I finally grew some balls! They said to keep the appointment for August though as they will be able to advise what to do about weaning etc if she is still lactose intolerant! xxx
  • Oh Davina 2...
    SMA do a milk called SMA Wysoy. There is alot of info on there website, but basically its soya formula milk. This is also on prescription but you can also but it in Boots.

    Try this link hun...

  • Well done!!
    It's amazing how you change when it comes to your lo, I am lucky that my hv was helpful and I have seen the dietician twice now (Maddie is 9 months).
    I find it a worry that so many people are working out their children are lactose intollerant without the help of the gp or hv, we only found out by trawling the internet.
    Hope the dieticians appt goes well.
  • i had to search the internet to find out i then made a docs appointment and she said if he was alergic to milk he would be covered head to toe in hives so very pissed off i walked out and called my hv she instantly said yep its a milk allergie and went into the doctors and sorted it all out for me happy to say since then i have moved docs!!!!!
  • well done amy - well chuffed for you hun!!! like i said the worse they could say was no so worth an ask! you'll save a bundle thats for sure - you can spend it on some lovely dresses instead lol!! the tins of the formula we get would cost us nearly ??9 for 400gms and we get through two a week! obviously the health benefit is far more important.

    i'm chasing chloe's consultant appointment as a follow up to the hospital stuff - was meant to be reviewed 4 weeks after - well we are about to start week 3 and no sign of a date!!

    take care hun

    lara xx
  • my son had to change from nutramigen to sma wysoy as he refused to drink it, i get it on prescription
  • I have just (tonight) started my 4 month old baby on nutramigen after being prescribed it for a possible cows milk intolerence. So far my baby hates it and would only take 2oz after lots of persuasion!! This is a nightmare for us as part of the reason she is now on this milk is because she does not take her feeds well normally, usually aprox 4-6oz at a time. She has the screaming fits & upset tummy others have described on this forum!
    Has anyone else had problems getting their lo to adjust to the nutramigen and if so what did you do?
  • hi yes my son was the same but just stuck to it took around 2 weeks, now he loves it god knows why it does taste vile!!! best thing to do is stay calm and dont get yourself upset if your lo doesnt take much as they pick up on your feelings
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