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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in October 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's quite a few of you due, please do come on over here too) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in October 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around October 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. 


Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier!



  • Jesse is 3 weeks and 5 days today and weighing 9lb 4. 😊  


  • image

    Caleb is 3 weeks 2 days today (or minus 3 days adjusted). Weight at birth 5lbs exactly. Weight today 6lbs3 - just had the health visitor. :)

  • Oh Mummy246, Jesse is so lovely! That's a really good weight too. Are you getting much sleep? 

  • Sylvia14, so lovely to hear from you and see Caleb 💙.
    How are you managing? 

  • Surviving Danielle. :)

    Tricky being alone 24/7 with him esp when he is so hard to settle. I think he has reflux - HV seemed to agree but said to just monitor it for now and see how things go. 

    At 3am last night, I ended up fetching a dummy. My partner hadn't wanted him to have one but he isn't here listening to the screams and getting no sleep lol. It really seemed to help and I got three hours last night (in two chunks) which is amazing for us. I have to stay awake most of the time as he'll only sleep on me so last night was a win. :D

  • He’s going 2/3 hours even over night , definitely a hungry baby, considering he was only due to be born week ago he’s definitely a good weight! 

    We have had a few problems with jaundice been back in hospital under the blue lights for 2 night and back to the consulany twice they thinkmoys breastfeeding jaundice bit did some more blood test today todau to be sure, it’s awful having to watch them have blood taken 😢 x

  • I can sympathise. 

    Whilst in hospital, my baby had four blood tests from his hands and nine from his feet. He looked like a pin cushion! We were at the hospital on Monday for a follow up blood test so I'm hoping that will be the last of them.

    I hope your little one overcomes the jaundice. We had a day/ night on and under the lamp but it took about 8 days after that for his colour to come right down.

  • This no sleep business is very tough! I just fed Matthew (who has become a very hungry baby the last couple of days and feeds every 1-2 hours!! - very sore nipples) and came u0 to bed and put him in moses basket and of course he woke crying straight away. Husband was coming to bed too but now he's taken him downstairs to keep him until he wants a feed so I can get some sleep!😁

    He is an amazing sleeper during the daytime!! My sister caught this pic today of him smiling (I know they're not real smile yet but it melted my heart!)


  • Wow Jesse is doing really well I'd love to have a squeeze such a chunk 😍 bless him. Sorry to hear about the jaundice Mummy


    Sylvia .Caleb is such a doll looks so peaceful too bless he's also coming on well 😍 hope your doing ok and the problems with your scar have been sorted 😘💝

  • Laurelli

    Matthew is just gorgeous. That PIC is lovely 😍 

    Hopefully things Will improve soon regards sleep 


  • Bubz, he seems to be doing his cluster feeding in the few hours coming up to bedtime now instead of in the middle.of the night so we've actually gotten a few hours sleep the last 2 nights!

    How is everyone else doing?

  • What a relief laurelli  glad to hear you've got some sleep 


  • Hi all. 

    Baby is still not settling at night and keeps ending up in bed with me - not something I want but when he is screaming blue murder unless he is being held,  I reach a point in the middle of the night when we both just need sleep and it happens by accident. Scares me a lot but I've tried everything with his moses basket (putting my top in as a sheet,  warning it before he goes in with a hot water bottle,  playing white noise, singing to him, rocking the crib, keeping my hand on his chest,  swaddling him,  shushing him, propping up the legs slightly because he doesn't like being flat etc). Even if he seems sound asleep in my arms,  he wakes as soon as he is put down...

    On the plus side, we went to the weigh clinic today. He is now 6lbs14! He is really piling I  the pounds!

    Oh, and I've had a tooth extracted today which has been stopping me eating and even speaking without reducing me to tears for the last ten days. I'm hoping the I'm in the mend now... 

  • Hi Sylvia, my boy is the same,he’s sleeps with me so I can actually get some sleep mysel, he clings onto my top and knows as soon as I put him down. 

    Ho you tooth extraction in is easing that won’t help with a crying unsettled baby xx

  • Baby Evelyn who is anti sleeping at night 


  • Congratulations Sheffield, Evelyn is beautiful, I ready you birth story in the other group, sounds like you had a tough time, hope you both recovering well now though xx 

  • Thanks Mummy, Jesse is beautiful too (as is Caleb and Matthew).

    It's been hard and I'm both sad and happy I can't remember a lot of it to be honest. My boyfriend has been great at picking up and doing a lot of stuff but I'm dreading him going back to work on Tuesday, having no family around and friends all work the same hours as him means I'll be trying to cope by myself so hoping I don't drop anything.

    Mind you it's half term next week so my Mum is coming up for a few hours one day so that's going to help a lot.

  • imageWe welcomed  jack William Metcalfe to the family yesterday 5 days early at 39 weeks and 2 days! Weighing 7lbs 3oz- a gas and air labour over 6 hours ❤️ 

  • congratulations zoz, he’s beautiful xx

  • All these new babies make Jesse is look.    massive, 5 weeks today           xx image

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