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This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in December 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's quite a few of you due, please do come on over here too) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in December 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around December 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. 



  • Hey everyone im going to stick with my december mummies if thats ok even if i didnt quite make december!

    Hope everyone is well and lovely to see all the baby pictures and news x

    Lottie is three weeks now and gorgeimageous. Having a tough time with reflux and the constant feeding! 

  • Hey tam! Poor Lottie having reflux! That’s miserable for them... my son had it and would throw up after every feed then want more... so he was in pain and hungry and I was so tired from having to double feed him. the only one who gained was the dog as he used to run over and lick up the regurgegated milk! 🤢😂. Is she on meds for it? That’s the only thing that really helped our little guy!

  • image

    2 weeks in with this not so little guy feeling exhausted he was originally going every 3 hours before wanting a feed but now he's going every 2 despite us upping his milk from 4oz to 5oz just seems to be hungry all the time little chunk!! 

  • That’s good he’s got such s good appetite melted! It’s exhausting right now I know But it will get better I promise! Just look ahead to the 4-6 months mark when he’ll be sleeping much better at night.. that’s what kept me going with our first baby!

  • *melrad! (Auto correct! 🤦‍♀️)

  • SW2 I am dreading when my partner goes back to work because I will be on my own for the all the night feeds then and I'm feeling tired just thinking about it luckily my mum is round the corner and has offered to take him for a few hours in the day to allow me to have a nap so I will no doubt be taking her up on that offer to help keep me sane!!!

  • For sure!! That’s great that your mum can help out! Definitely make the most of that!

  • Alli is now a day over 3 weeks. We still struggle a bit with feeding. She seems to try to sleep through some feeds every now and then. In general she is a bit too polite and doesn't start crying other than in extreme occasions (like nappy change). It's good and bad in ways, we really need to pay a close attention to hunger cues because small cues are all we are getting! We have tried like every brand of bottles and teats and best ones so far are some cheapest not brand ones but even those are not brilliant. Breastfeeding works only every now and then and she has never got as far as getting enough milk from just by that, so I'm doing lots of pumping anyway.

    We ended up back to hospital for few days on her seccond week because of fever. They did every kind of test but couldn't find any infection, she was on antibiotics for couple of days. It has taken a bit of time to calm down after that. Hopefully things are now getting more normal as she is also putting on some weight. Birth weight being 2,34kg which when down as far as 2,10 kg before heading back up. Couple of days ago we were at 2,78kg and some of our original clothes are already too small :)

    I'm as well a bit scared of my husband going back to work after new year, things are kind of working now but no idea how to get them run smoothly after that!

  • Hello everyone!

    First time poster (and first time mum!) here 😀

    Congratulations on all December babies born! My little boy was born on 5th December by elective section. Anyone else have a section around this time? How you feeling now?

    The recovery is definitely tougher than I imagined! 

  • Cassiansmum: My girl was born by elective on 4th. My recovery has actually been easier than I thought, but it might have something to do how terrible my pregnancy time was!I was way more poorly after some minor keyhole surgery few years ago.

    That said we went for a first any kind of proper walk today, did easy and level terrain about 45 minutes and I'm absolutely knackered! But I would put it on not being able to walk further than couple of hundred metres for six previous months :D

  • Woohoo...well done Saimi! Thats great you managed such a long walk. It feels good to get out, doesn’t it? 

    We’ve went a couple of short 20 mins walks but I’m not convinced I could do it every day yet (And not sure I’d venture out alone!) I was also very sore after each walk and that was walking very very slowly!

    I had a great pregnancy - no problems at all, not even sickness or anything. Section was very straightforward and pain free but goodness this bit has made up for all that!! 

    Im not in constant pain but still pain in right side/general wound area when moving around. My wound is looking good and healing well (I think!) but I’m still sore and wouldn’t be able to lift car seat or anything. It’s driving me mad not being able to do things for myself! 

    Im still bleeding but it’s getting lighter. I do find I get a sore back, but I think that’s from holding myself in a funny position when walking. My stomach muscles also split a bit more than normal so need to wear a big tubi-grip around my tummy when out and about!

    Are you still taking any pain meds?


  • i had a vaginal birth but managed to injure my coccyx during delivery so am also in lots of pain! I just want to be able to sit down with her but all I can do is stand or lie on my side and it’s been 8 days! Makes feeding tricky as my positions are pretty limited but she seems to be doing okay. My husband has to lift her out her crib etc as I can’t do it, the car is excruciatingly painful and not plucked up the courage to walk anywhere yet as I’m hobbling like an old lady! Very frustrating! She’s worth it though! Even if she is 100% nocturnal! she sleeps like a dream all day and will be put down anywhere or passed to anyone so everyone else thinks she’s an angel 😂 however it comes to night time and she’s the devil haha! Started putting her in her crib at 11pm and she eventually settled at 8am this morning!! I’m shattered! X

  • Olivia1990, this exact same thing happened to a friend of mine when she gave birth - have you thought about seeing an osteopath - they can really help.  

  • Hi Danielle, funnily enough I have just emailed an osteopath this morning as someone else had recommended that too! Thank you for the advice x

  • Cassiansmum: not on a pain meds anymore. I actually only needed some for first 5 days. Hace to had some paracetamol couple of times after that when doing too much. My main problem has been that I forgot to take it easy and pay the price later after for example lifting way too heavy bags and so on. Hoping your recovery speeds up and you get to up and about soon. Would say and 20 minutes walks are rather good anyway, no matter the speed! I wouldn’t have won any competition on my 45 minutes one :D

    Olivia1990: We have one nocturnal being here as well! Would sleep all day anywhere, don’t mind being handled, is only half awake for feeds... but when the clock comes to 10pm all that changes! She’s also very noisy sleeper so even those 20 minutes naps she takes during the night I can’t sleep because she keeps the noice level unbearable! I think I would need white noice generator more than she does 😂

  • Welcome Cassiansmum and congratulations. Sorry to hear your feeling rough and hope your resting and not expecting too much too soon. I know i am guilty of this!

    Im with you ladies...sleeps better in the day. She has reflux so started on different meds yesterday so hoping they sort her out. 

    Has anyone tried the white noise the myhummy?

  • Tam10: We have myhummy. I think it might help a tiny bit for her sleeping, but I suspect it’ll make more of a difference later on. Using it every night though, if nothing else it gives routine for a nights.  And it seriously makes me to fall a sleep more easily when there’s a opportunity!

  • Fab...worth a try eh xx think we would try anything for this newborn stage eh!?

  • We have Ewan the Sheep for the white noise but it doesn’t seem to work at all for us 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Our little guy doesnt take any notice! But good idea to use it every night for routine and maybe will help when he is a wee bit older. 

    I’m lucky that I’m not in major pain but the niggling pain in right side and not being back to my normal is driving me nuts. Not doing too much to soon is exactly what I’m finding difficult!! (Can you tell patience isn’t my strong point?!) 

    Hope your little ones are doing well. My husband isnt back to work until Jan 11th and has been off since day before delivery so Ive yet to attempt anything that resembles handling this on my own!! Big shout out to single parents! 🙌🏽

    I’m 3 weeks 3 days out of section and thought that by now, I’d be doing everything normal with a only a little bit of pain...totally naive! 

    Thanks for welcoming me to group girls 😘

  • Happy new year everyone! How was it for you? 

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