Massive Bargain!

hey ladies - just came across this: A free photobook of your LO from Boots. Just go to the link and use the code babyboots. Worth 29.99 you just have to pay P&P xx


  • Am i being daft but how do you upload the photos? and thank you for sharing this image x
  • Anyone know when this offer expires?
  • This is so amazing!!! Thank you hun!
  • Maybe I did the wrong book but I put all the pics together (about 50) in a 'A4 Classic Photobook' and typed the offer in and it said the offer had been added to my basket but still wants to charge me ??33.97 or something like that including postage. Where am I going wrong??
  • Ooh thanks for that. Have added it to my favourites and will have a look at it later on. x
  • Gemmie I forgot to put the code in to start with! It works in capitals or small letters.

    When I pressed update, it told me I couldn't use the code due to a reference number.

    All that work for nothing! :\( xx
  • I didnt realise you could put it in at the beginning! I got a message with a ref number saying that it was all done and to add the item to the basket but I already had and it wouldnt take it off!
  • Why am I not eligible to use the offer?? xx
  • Do you already have a photobox account? It wouldn't let me do anything so i created a new account with a different email address and i can see the offer now. Hopefully it will let me order! x
  • I managed to get it to work!!! Such a cool deal! Cant wait for it to be delivered! I had ordered the wrong book by changing the 'style' by accident.
  • Gemmie- what style are you supposed to order? I don't want to start it and have to change lol xx
  • Thanks so much for this. I've forwarded the link to hubby, and he's going to compile a book with pics of lo for MIL's birthday in November. xx
  • When you get to the first page there is a list down the side. I changed it to 'Pastel' but you need to keep it as it is and not change it (cant remember what its on to start with though! lol) Takes a good 30mins so make sure you have the time, but I cant wait to get mine now!
  • Thanks for this, it looks fab. Can't wait to make an album. Just wondering, can you change the layout of the pages and the background colours without it adding to the cost? I don't want to start fannying around with it and have then wasted my time!!!

  • no worries - thought it would be great for Christmas bargains. Gonna get hubby to order one too x
  • oh my god, i couldnt quite believe that this was free but iv just done it!yay!x
  • Thank you so much for this. You have made me very very happy!!!

    I have just been able to order a photo book for Niamh's christening on Sunday to go next to the guest book and as the book was free I have been able to get the super delivery where it is guarrentted in 72 hours so should hopefully be here on Friday!!!

    I am so excited now xx
  • Honey Boo - you can change things. I have just done it and changed lots of the pages xx
  • Honey Boo - you can change things. I have just done it and changed lots of the pages xx
  • Just done mine too!!

    And you can share it with friends and family, they can register, put in the promo code and get it for free too. So they don't have to go through the creation progress and get the same book as you. I've just sent to the grandparents
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