when to stop washing new clothes?

As it's snowing I've decided to finally sort out all of Charlotte's 12-18 month clothes she had bought for her at Xmas & birthday - did not realise how many I had got!!!!

Anyway I'm just washing them on a quick 30c wash to freshen them up. Do you still do that or when will/have you stopped?

At least i have a little helper! Although Charlotte keeps crawling off with an item of clothing and I'm finding items stuffed into corners etc & in her toybox!


  • I must admit I've never done it...well, yes with 2nd hand clothes, but not with new clothes. I sometimes have washed new vests and sleepsuits but not clothes...as they arent even touching much of their skin really! xxx
  • Yeah I think I'm just making a rod for my own back really! Maybe this will be the last time I do it.
  • I dont wash new stuff, i just did his newborn stuff.
  • i did it when i was pregnant with all the new stuff i bought for jack but i must admit once he was born i haven't bothered really since. x
  • Same here, I washed all the baby clothes when I was pregnant, but don't usually bother now. I think it's mostly because their skin is so sensitive as a newborn isn't it?
  • I have to wash all new clothes still and my LO is 15months. New clothes and clothes washed in softener have a layer on outside of the clothes that stop drool etc from soaking into the fabric. My LO has eczema and it makes his skin worse. So I wash all clothes new and 2nd hand, plus I never use fabric softnener either.
  • I have NEVER done this!!! Why do you? I don't do it with clothes for me so why would I with his? Don't have the time or inclination!
  • I do tend to wash new clothes as they often have a 'dressing' on them which keeps them nice in the shops and they tend to be nicer when they've been washed (especially cheap clothes from places like asda and tesco). When I was young I used to get a reaction to the dressings and come up with bad raised rashes on my arms when I wore new tops so I still tend to do it for all our clothes.
  • Ok Craftycharli calm down! ? lol!
    I've done if from newborn cos their skins are sensitive and have just done it automatically since then. Like I said before most probably wont do it again. Haven't had as many clothes to do before as well. Could open my own shop with all the new ones she has!
  • i've only ever washed 2nd hand clothes for evie. havnt washed anything that new from the shop! extra work load springs to mind. lol.
  • I sometimes do, sometimes don't. Depends on the shop. I washed everything from Newborn until they were about 3 months but nowadays I don't do everything. Depends on the shop etc. Same with our clothes, some get washed before use, others don't. Both my 2 have got perfect skin too.

  • seeing as I'm nearly snowed in it will keep me occupied when Charlotte napping. I do get bored easily!
  • That was harsh Craftycharlie, as my post explains because of my LO bad skin I have to wash everything new and he's 15m. I also have to put 3 different creams on him and a bath additive, so I definatly make the time.
  • i once read an article in a magazine about new not meaning clean and there were some gross stories in there that scared me and i wash EVERYTHING we buy for him! clothes in shops could have been returns and who knows whats on people hands when they touch them? urgh makes me shudder to think about it...JJ sucks his sleeves loads and i'd hate to think someone could have touched that sleeve in a shop thats just sneezed or not washed their hands....urghhhh!! x
  • does anyone know if I've done something to upset Craftycharlie...?!
  • I washed Barney's stuff when he was little but I've stopped now. The reason I did was that I once read a post on here from someone who worked in the clothes industry and they said the clothes left the factory basically covered in crap!!

    Nimmy, I didn't know that about fabric softener making exczma worse. I think I'll try washing Barney's clothes without and see if it makes a difference.
  • To be honest though mrsjbourne, yes the clothes can be returns, but it's very likely that the people that touched them or tried them on, are no more dirty than you or me! Like when people freak out about their kids sitting in a shopping trolley or on a seat that - shock horror! - other kids might have sat on!!!! Cos we all know everyone else's kids are so much yuckier than ours....lol
  • mrsjbourne - never really thought about it quite that way - ugghhh!
  • re fabric softener - also shouldn't be used on muslins, bibs or cloth nappies as it can effect the absorbency!!!
  • I wash everything new. Can't help it, I love my washing powder and softener smell on my baby. I wash clothes that have been sat in her drawer for 2 weeks even tho they are clean....yes you might say i need help! xoxoxox
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