Love OH more than LO?

A few weeks ago, I noticed that hubby hardly ever told our LO Robert that he loved him. I asked my hubby if he loved him and he replied 'I must do'
To cut a long story short, we had a long conversation about this and hubby said he loved me more than Robert. I wasn't suprised by this really, and when I was pregnant I thought that I wouldn't be able to love another person more than my hubby but the love I feel for Robert is overwhelming and hubby understands this. (Ps. Hubby is fantastic with our LO, in case he reads like an ogre!)

Then I remembered reading an article about Kirsty Allsopp (From the tv programme Location, location, location) and she said her husband came before their two children because a marriage is forever and her husband will still be there with her when her children leave home.

So I just wondered if anyone like Kirsty, put their OH's before their LO's?
Or if anyone elses OH's love them more then their LO's?


  • my oh loves me more than our 3 lo's,i found this out becouse we were just talking about me giving birth to our twins and i said if anything happens then you save the twins and he said he wouldnt,he would save me but my kids would always come first before anyone and i love them more than anyone in this world

  • As much as i love my oh i would always always put jack first, although i don't like thinking/saying i love jack (lo) more than rick (oh), i think the love you feel for your child is completely different to love you would feel towards anyone else. I'm sure my oh would say the same that he would always put jack first but i'd like to think we all love each other the same - that sounds very sad and soppy - lol! x
  • Me and my oh are 'off' again but even when we were together & getting on, I don't think I loved him as much as I love Gabe.

    It's quite a personal one though and no one should be judged!
  • I don't really know to be honest! I find it hard to answer. I think i receive more love from oh as Charlotte is not always a very cuddly baby but that's still not answering your question!
    I have asked oh who would he save 1st if house on fire and lo & I inside......he said it would be the 1st person he could get to. When he asked me I couldn't choose!
  • I love them both to bits but if i'm honest i would put my daughter before my husband and i would hope my husband would put her first too.
    I think i love them the same amount but just differently if that makes sense.
  • i think its a different type of love to be honest ....but me and oh both love our lo's more than each other xxxxxxx
  • I just asked my husband too and he said he couldn't choose, now i feel bad!!!!!
  • i asked my oh and he practically shouted at me "the kids" :roll: ... :lol: xxxxxxxxx
  • OMG Zoey I didn't know you had to do that! I know you had a traumatic birth but not like that xx
  • The love for my oh and my lo is totally different- but lo will always be first.

    when i was pregnant i always worried about oh having to make the me or baby choice. I made him promise he would choose our little boy- but he said he would want to choose me! Well i just asked him again, now Isaac is here- he said he would choose him.

    Must have been awful to be in that situation though QB

  • I think my love is shared pretty evenly between OH and lo. But I probably put my lo's needs before my hubby's more often than I would care to admit. For example if hubby and i had planned a romantic night and lo was grumpy and crying I would abandon OH to comfort lo.
    In that sense I guess I do choose lo over OH. And in a way I totally see Kirsty Allsops point. Especially as I have a wee boy and we all know that when he grows up the relationship I have with him will not be the same as that of a mother and daughter. So in a way I see the logic in Kirsty's view and maybe I should be investing in the long term with my hubby and not the short term needs of lo. Nah, hubby can fend for himself for a few years !! S x
  • Ohhhhhhh what a flippin' good question!
    Well just asked oh and he said without a pause 'you of course' which has shocked me to be very honest. Not worried as I know he worships lo and they are such a little team together they make me so happy when they play together (getting all gushy sorry!)
    He then asked me and really I don't know. Bless him he said in a jokey way 'don't tell me, I know the truth!!'
    I agree its a different kind of love I have for oh and Alf. Without oh I wouldn't have Alf in my life but Alf makes me so very, very happy. Different and special and makes me realise with all the other crap going on (with work etc) how lucky I am!
  • I love my oh and Tegan both very much and in totally different ways. I don't think i love either of them more than the other but i do agree with kirsty allsopp my oh is going to be with me forever, when Tegan grows up she is going to have her own oh and family but me and oh will always have each other xx
  • I asked my hubby and he said 'you can't ask questions like that!!!!!'. I'm with Katie on this one; I couldn't live without either, love them both but in different ways
  • i agree with the others that i couldnt pick between them, i love oh so much, he is my partner, my rock and my best friend and i honestly couldnt imagine life without him BUT i couldnt live without my baby! Cameron means the world to me!
    If i had to choose one in a emergency i would pick cam because he is my child, its my job to keep him safe and he relies on me to do that! Plus the thought of him being in danger is horrible!
    i know in labour, stef would of saved me without a doubt but now i would expect him save the little man!
  • i dont think i could ever love anybody as much as i love daisy she is my world she is part of me, and as much as i love my oh she will always come first. And i am sure my oh feels the same and i think thats how it should be x
  • I love all 3 of my lo's just as much as my dh but in totally different ways, as my dh is the same. I couldnt really choose but if it wad a matter of life and death then i would choose the lo's as would my hubby.
    vikki xx
  • my boys - without a second thought. xx
  • I love them differently - I deeply love my OH for giving me my LO to love (even though I dont like him much at the moment :lol: ).....but I love Ollie and the next one so much too....

    I can see KA's point of view - OH will be there once the kids have grown up and flown the nest so maybe it would be wiser to choose OH over LO (and then maybe so many MILs wouldnt be unhealthily attached to their sons!) for the long term, but for the immediate future - at least until they are old enough to understand things - then its my LOs.

    Difficult one! image

  • i have to say if it came to it and i had to save one of them i'd save JJ without a second thought and i believe OH would too...when i was in hospital and going for the section i told OH in the case of anything going wrong he had to save JJ and he agreed...i love JJ more than anything, he is my world and no1 comes close to him, that probably sounds bad but i've grown him inside me and he's so dependant on me and i'd die for him...OH however can look after himself :lol: x
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