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Hi all. Placental abruption 26 weeks? Experience or advice on prems?

Hi all,

sorry for the long absence and reappearance with needy post! Those of you who remember me will know my history. Was admitted this morning to boston hospital with a partial placental abruption. I'm 26 weeks. Currently trying to stabilise me to get over to a larger centre. 

Can an anyone offer experience or add advice re newborns born at such gestation?

Thanks in advance, I'm limited on my phone so might not reply frequently

Emma xx



  • No advice I'm afraid, but wanted to send hugs and positive vibes x

  • I have no experience but wanted to wish you all the vibes possibly for a safe and happy outcome. xx

  • Slightly Mad had one if her girls at 25 weeks due to placental abruption I think. Will fb her to see if she can offer advice x

    Wishing you both a safe delivery xx

  • Sorry no advice either but I hope your ok and all the vibes going for you and baby tigger. I hope someone can offer some advice soon xx

  • Hollywood would be a good bet for someone to talk to as well.

    Sending you lots of vibes for the safe arrival of baby tigger, whenever that may be I also wish you a speedy recovery xx

  • Hi RCT - weekender is right, I had a full placental abruption at 25 weeks. It started of as a haematoma (sp?) between the placenta and wall, unfortunately it didn't disappear and it got worse, the bleeding got worse as the weeks went by, eventually at 25 weeks I had a full abruption and went into spontaneous labour which they couldn't stop. Mine was unexpected so the details will be very different from yours. My daughter was born at 1lb 4 oz in our local hospital, she was stabilised and taken to a bigger hospital with better facilities. It was really scary but the nurses etc are fab in the nicu and they will help you with anything you need to know. Ask questions, lean on your family. There are lots of ladies on here with premmie births that can talk you through things. (I'm not here that often any more)

    Look after yourself and I hope when the times comes you have a safe delivery x

  • Just wanted to offer lots of hugs, thoughts and good vibes. Best of luck

  • lots of vibes that they can stabilise you. B was born 3lbs 1 at 28weeks from spontaneous labour. The NICU are fantastic, and will hopefully speak to you before the delivery to explain what will happen, They are amazing at answering questions, and will take great care of your little one x

  • Thanks all - especially slightly mad for taking Time to reply. Pain has stopped and no more PV bleeding currently do they're hoping we're buying ourself time. Had 2 lots of steroids now too. Been warned I'm now in til delivery/term so potentially 3 months but they think sooner. Your thoughts mean do much.

    Rct xx

  • RCT I hope baby gets to stay in for as long as needed, thinking of you x

  • Rct, that all sounds very positive. Having both lots of steroids can really help babies lungs develop, hopefully you can remain stable and baby can stay put for a while longer

  • time is a good thing, the more you get the better... the steroids will help and you are in the best possible place.

  • Thank you all. More PV loss overnight with pain but ctg showed baby still coping so we're attempting to hang on in there! You'll never unrest and how much all your weirdy internet hugs mean.

    Rct xx

  • I didn't want to post last night as zero experience/knowledge but checked your thread soon as I woke. Wishing you the very best outcome, sounds like you're in safe hands. So glad to hear baby is coping. We're all rooting for you!! xx

  • Hi RCT. First of all Hug You are entering the unknown and all your instincts are telling you it's too early but you're in the best place. I too had a placental abruption at 30 weeks but mine sounds different to yours in that I had a full abruption, with no real warning, and my baby was delivered by c section under a general 16 minutes after I presented to hospital. She weighed 2lb 12oz and spent two months in special care. Your baby is four weeks earlier so they're obviously likely to be somewhat smaller and therefore you should expect a longer stay than that. It is impossible to say what will and won't happen, the prognosis varies greatly from baby to baby, but the doctors will be honest with you while at the same time give you no guarantees. You should expect baby to be taken away quickly at birth and immediately put of breathing support. Those things are a given at this gestation. All that said, one of Jemima's friends was born at 26 weeks and, after a roller coaster journey on the NICU, which included infections and surgery, she is now a perfect 2.5 year old with no health problems. I mean literally not a hair out of place, she's beautiful. Absolutely incredible to see first hand how robust they can be and what they can overcome.

    Please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have. One day on the inside is worth three on the outside so every day you can keep baby cooking counts!

  • Really hope your little one stays put as long as possible. If not, I hope you have a safe delivery and everything is ok. Thinking of you xxx

  • Positive vibes for a safe delivery when it happens. xx

  • C was born at 27 weeks, by emergency CS, weighing 2lb. It wasn't until 7 years later, during a meeting with my consultant for my second pregnancy, that I found out his prematurity was due to placental abruption.

    He spent 12 weeks in 2 different hospitals. You will probably be given a lot of leaflets/booklets to read through, which I found really helpful. Sadly, I didn't have Hitched/MD when I had C, but talk to us, sadly a fair few of us have had prems.

    From my experience, the doctors are very matter of fact, they don't sugar coat stuff, which can sometimes cut like a knife. C was taken away to be worked on straight away, I had no "first glimpse", but he did cry. He was then transferred 40 miles away, as there wasn't a bed on the Neonatal ward. It took 7 weeks for a bed to become free at our local.

    He had NEC (required surgery) MRSA, Meningitis, Brain Haemorrhage, aswell as the "normal" prem problems, but is now nearly 10, and perfectly healthy. You'd never know he was prem.

    Every baby is different, so it i hard to say what WILL happen, but feel free to ask any question etc.

    Really hope baby keeps cooking. X

  • No experience, but sending you lots of positive vibes RCT!  I hope baby stays put for as long as possible!  Like everyone else has said, you're in the best place now! xxx

  • I can't offer any advice but wanted to say I am thinking of you and sending you lots of positive vibes for a healthy outcome for both of you xxx

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