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What were your early pregnancy symptoms?



  • Thank you so much. I've worked out and I'd be about 5/6 weeks. I know it doesn't help I keep testing and they're still negative so I'm going to wait now and test in a few days x

  • I was due on on the 19th and still haven’t come on I done a test the day I was due on and it was negative but I usually get cramps before i come on and haven’t got any attal I just have sharp shooting pains I’m my nipples bad Lower back pain and going to the second toilet much more then I usually do and I’m hungry all the time😩 i had a proper period last month after waiting 10 months to have one after my depo shot could this still be a messed up period or shall I go to the doctors and ask for a blood test I don’t understand why I am not getting any cramps 

  • I’ve been experiencing some symptoms such as cramps In my right side, very tender breasts and sore nipples, extreme thirst and constant tiredness oh as well as butterflies. I had a bleed around the time I was ovulatinf and another slight one two days after. I’ve taken a test although it’s still two days before my expected period, and it said negative. Could I still be pregnant? 

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  • Earliest symptom was uncontrollable emotions, remember crying because I'd forgotten my work keys and had to travel back home so my boyfriend could bring them out to the car for me! He even said then that I must have a little baby in me haha

    The only other early symptom I had was hunger, I eat a lot normally however it was a massive leap, I could not (and still cannot) stop snacking all day and eating large meals, though as morning sickness has kicked in for pretty much the entire pregnancy since, my appetite has started to diminish!

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  • Where you pregnant ?!

  • Hey guys! I’m thinking I’m pregnan, I really just have a feeling. I haven’t taken a test because it would be too early, if I’m tracking correctly, however here’s some of my symptom: very crampy (more so than before my period starts), excessive amounts of discharge (It feels like I’m starting my period but it just clear and waterlike discharge), slight nausea, bloated (to the point where I have a food baby and this never happens), my ‘food baby’ or where my uterus is is really hard and firm, diarrhea, vivid dreams, and very hungry. I don’t know if I’m just wanting to be pregnant so much so that it’s giving me symptoms or what. My expected period is supposed to start this week, it either starts on Wednesday or Sunday and that’ll be this week. I haven’t been on birth control in 8 months, I had an IUD. When should I test? Or anyone have any advice or tips that could possibly help me? TIA

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