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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • As you can see it is a faint line... but I never got a result lik this. i will try to see a Dr today.  both lines appeared right away, I am really hoping I am pregnant But it seems so unreal!

  • Congratulations, it looks to me as if it is indeed a positive test! Did you have any symptoms, feel any different and how as your mind set? You say you didn't feel pregnant but what made you test?

  • Well last month I thought I was pregnant.  my breasts were swollen, I felt light headed, tired and then I had some spotting a week before my period. I thought it could be implantation bleeding. Then I got my period as usual on day 32, but it was strange because it lasted 2 days only.

    2 weeks after  during time I thought I could be ovulation I had sex maybe 3 times only around ovuation. I was supposed to get my period on February 27th but I am irregular. since 2 days or so my breats have been swollen but I thought it was just like last month, an indication that my period was coming. Today in the morning I took a test because I always test whenever I am late and I have a pregancy test at home but it is always negative, I was not really expecting to see a positive result. the two lines appeared right away, I was shocked. Looking back, last week I slept a lot and the week before I was tired and lightheaded, maybe a coincidence I dont know.

    I am still not super excited because I want to confirm it... it feels so unreal

  • Yes this is me. I only came off my birth control pills 10 days ago and I’ve got ovulation tests on the go seen as I don’t know when im going to be ovulating due to just coming off the pill. It’s annoying not knowing when your ovulating, but yes obsessing. I just keep thinking all things baby 👶🏼.

  • Hi Sarah, I feel like the ovulation test was a waste of money. It kept on showing negative, it made me feel frustrated and then I stopped using them. its better to have sex around the time you will be ovulating trying to cover a few days before and after. I know its a lot of “work” we did it every other day and sometimes every day, Whenever we could. I know the obsessing feeling, I was thinking about it all the time! And I was afraid it will never happen... this month i was actually not thinking too much about it, and it took me by surprise. 

  • Hey Fruitful Mums,

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    “Within women is the power to create, nurtureand transform.” I wish all of you to have amazing day and I wish that all of you will get lots of baby dust and you will get to see those two spectacular lines soon.

  • I was on the implant for several years before trying for my first it took a full year to get pregnant... don' give up 

  • Hi everyone, I’m new to this group too. 

    i’m 34, my husband will be 39 in June, and we got married 2 weeks ago (funnily enough, it was my fertile window).

    ive been completely obsessed over the last few days, had spotting which got heavier today, but dark and light. Sore boobs, but my sister said it’s probably just my period as it takes a while to regulate after stopping the pill (I stopped in Jan). 

    I hate all the waiting and wondering. We should be enjoying newly married life but I don’t want to drink alcohol or do anything that will harm our chances as we’re both a bit older at getting into this. I’m trying so hard to stay upbeat and act like I’m fine but I want a child so badly. 

    Good of luck to everyone that’s trying and big congrats to those with the bfps! 


  • Hi all I’ve just sat and spent the last half hour reading this whole thread and kind of feel like I’ve got to know you all a bit so felt like I wanted to say hello and congrats to all those who have had their bfp‘s !! We are currently TTC, I Dame off cerazette about 2months Ago had one ‘period’ or atleast I think it was a proper period (lasted 7 days) ive been on cerazette for a year with no periods, so dong fully remember my cycle length / regularity etc I have been doing opk’s But not had a proper positive yet, don’t really know what I’m getting at here but just basically introducing myself and saying hello xx

  • Hi jenjohnson welcome to the chat, don't worry yourself about negative opks Iv never had any luck with them, don't know if you have the period tracker app but I find that great! Once you have had a few regular cycles I tend to temp around the days the app calculates ovulation 😊 X

  • Thank you Loz27 thats reassuring :) I was certain I must not be ovulating due to the tests never getting truely positive, i Will start temping next cycle and see how that goes :) I’ve just got the app but as I’ve only had one period (if it wasn’t a withdrawl bleed that it) so I don’t have much to go on yet, but according to the app I have 8 days until I can do a test... but really not feeling pregnant in the slightest so I doubt this month will have been successful xx

  • there have been a couple of times where Iv been sure I was pregnant had a lot of symptoms but always bfn, i guess it takes a while for hormones and things to get back to normal after stopping the pill, An you forget what period symptoms was like with not having af for so long xx

  • Thanks :) when I fell pregnant with my first I had only been off microgyn for a matter of Weeks but I’ve heard such horrir stories about cerazette that I’ve no idea how long it’ll take for my cycle to regulate I guess I’ll just have to wait and see... how long have you been trying Loz if you don’t mind my asking ? Xx

  • Only 3months, I was on microgynon for 10years then changed to the mini pill due to headaches I was on that for 2years with no periods, I stopped the pill on New Year's Eve An used condoms til my af came which it did 5 weeks later, I noted this in the period app An my next af came 28days later as the app predicted, this month was when I had all the symptons An got bfn then af came 4days late but it only lasted 2days and was very light usually im quite heavy for 4days, 

    gosh what a long story 😂 Xx

  • I know it's been a while since anyone posted here, but I just read through all this thread and had to add my grain of salt! My hubby and I got married last August and we've been waiting for the perfect time to TTC since then (I'd love a spring baby!). So I've been reading so much to get ready! I finally stopped taking my BCP 2 weeks ago - had withdrawal bleeding, and now I'm in my fertile window. I am 24, and I've been taking a multi vitamin everyday for the last three months, and eating healthy and staying active and really trying to maximise my chances of BFP this first cycle! Like many of you I am continuously ready about it online.. but if it doesn't happen this time, I'm fine with it too! It's just so exciting that we are finally ready to start trying!

  • Hi Billythekitty! I am in my first cycle of properly trying for baby #1, I am 26. I came off the pill mid may, had my withdrawal bleed then 43days later had my first natural AF. I am now on CD20 and got a positive ok yesterday so chuffed to bits to see I am semi normal after stopping BC!

    Would love to share this journey with someone as hubby just doesn't quite get it all! 

  • *positive OPK sorry! 

  • Hi Loulou15 this is exciting! Great news that you are ovulating already! I've been on the pill since I am 16, so this is one of my biggest worry! My hubby doesn't quite get it either, and is just very busy with work during the summer, so it's very nice to have this community!

    I'm currently on cycle day 14 and supposedly have high fertility today and should ovulate tomorrow!

    Fingers crossed for all of us! :)

  • Hey Billy, 

    I had been on the pill since I was 18, never had any issues and it cleared my acne right up! Suffering a bit with the acne again now, so annoying as I loved that my face was clear and smooth! 

    I am on CD23 now and I think around 2/3dpo. Hubby and I didn't really get a chance to BD around ovulation though as he had a family funeral so kinda killed the mood. We sat down together last night though and he was asking me loads of questions about ovulation and when's best to BD etc. It was so cute! No doubt I will have to remind him though haha 

    Great news for you, best get BDing now!

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