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TTC first baby - getting a little obsessed!



  • No Patina no news. Cycle 7 negative 😔 all tests so far have shown no issues. Currently in 2ww. I'm hoping it'll be our turn soon x

  • I’m trying to go running three times a week. Keeps me busy. Also listening to podcasts. Any time I feel down about it all I’m trying to think of something positive that I have in my life or something me and my husband are free to do as we please since no ties x

  • Hi Lola585

    i know it’s so easy to get down and be fed up, it’s like a waiting game. Ease your mind off it a little bit and enjoy the things you used to before you started trying for a baby. Certainly being here chatting to women is very helpful as i don’t think any of us is wanting to be announcing to everyone around us that we are TTC! Remember you’re not alone, we‚re here to support each other :))


    Great to be chatting again :)) tests gave you gad done so far?

  • what tests have you had done*

  • Bloods at day 4 and day 21 showed ovulation and swab for bacteria and STIs came back clear. Husband had sperm test and said the morphology is a bit low but he had lots of sperm moving in right direction so drs weren't worried. On 23rd of Jan we've got our fertility appointment where i think they'll do ultrasound next. I'm hoping I'll be able to cancel it as I'll have my positive but I'm trying to accept it may not be the case and that's ok. I do wonder if it'll ever be my turn. I guess a concern if everyone's in similar position. 

  • Nelly9

    of course there will be a day when it will be your turn. i have watched on TV about a married couple, they have tried for years nothing happened, went to see a specialist. in the end they went through 3 rounds of IVF and nothing! then she was going through a menopause so period turns up one month then disappears for a few etc however she didn’t feel right and was worried so she went to see a doctor and she got sent for a scan.. turns out she was 12 weeks pregnant, at age of 45!!

    God has a plan for all of us so don’t loose your faith xxx

  • Hi, I’ve been trying to conceive since may 2018 and still no luck it’s really starting to get to me now, but reading this has made me not feel alone so I’m very thankful for that! Does anyone have any tips?

  • Dannibear95 

    Are you using ovulation tests?

  • No I have an app on my phone but that’s all I did buy some but never actually used them as heard they weren’t any good?

  • Dannibear98

    they do help as you would know when you actually ovulate, app it’s only a prediction 

  • I actually am using ovusense for the first time this month, it's working well has confirmed my ovulation and is 99 percent accurate although the opks also said the same thing so i don't think it'll work miracles on me and I'm sure I've been doing the right days for a few months now. But it's so easy/stress free. I hate peeing on those bloody sticks. 🤣 

  • My ovulation test came back that I was ovulating so ive stopped using the sticks and just try and bd every second day. Which is easier said than done with busy lives! Also after I know I’ve ovulateD I’m really dry down there and never really in the mood!

  • Nelly9

    how does ovusense work? i think it’s pricey it’s it?

  • I had a 25% discount code so think it was about 50quid with a months free subscription. But yeah it is a bit pricey. It measures temp but real easy as it does it overnight. All you have to do is insert the sensor and go to sleep. I tried  temping normally but didn't work for me unfortunately. 

  • To relax I have also been going to acupuncture and I have been finding that helpful! I am currently staying st in laws for Christmas so certainly not feeling relaxed at the moment , but meant to be home by start of ovulation. 

    Thinking about starting counselling in January to help me chat about it with someone who Will listen and won’t judge lol

    We’re going to Amsterdam for a trip in the 3rd January , so trying to focus on that too.

    TTC is costing a small fortune! I’ve been using the clear blue ovulation tests and back taking pre-pregnancy vitamins.

  • Nelly9

    i might look into that as it sounds good, fed up using the OPKs and temping hasnt worked for me as kept forgetting so currentlay i relay on my predicted ovulation date 😬

  • Yeah i tried a few times with temping but couldn't get the reliability this seemed like a good option to the Ava bracelet which is big money! Like 300 quid!! This month i tried opks and the sensor and they were both bang on together so now have confidence to drop the opks next month. 

  • Nelly9

    so how does it work after you run out of free 30 days subscription? i can only see the option for starter packs with 30 days or annual subscription🤔

  • Yeah you can buy 12 months or single months. I'll probably buy single months as I'm hoping it won't take 12 more months to get pregnant

  • I think i will buy one too😊

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