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Anyone want to join me in the Feb TTC train? - Part 2



  • Massive congrats @DaniRose94
  • MrsMcM said:
    Massive congrats @DaniRose94
    Thanks so much @MrsMcM
  • Congrats Dani Rose! So exciting :) 

    I’m 12 dpo today and I’ve been having sore breasts since Friday, but it seems less today. I hope it’s not a bad sign.. but I’m losing hope :( Af due Friday, and will test Saturday if nothing. What do you think of breasts soreness fluctuating this early on?
  • Thanks @billythekitty

    My breasts were really sore until a week ago, then suddenly no pain whatsoever, pain didn't return until today! I thought for sure I wasn't Pg because my breasts didn't hurt!

    So FX it could be a good sign for you xx
  • Thanks for the good words Dani, that’s good to know! I wonder why that is! But at least it was a good sign for you xx
  • Congrats @DaniRose94. i am trying that approach this month, no opk's or anything.
  • Congratulations @DaniRose94. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • Hi Everyone. 
    I have just read through this entire thread reading all your stories. 
    Why is it so hard to be a woman? 
    I was just wondering if anyone can give me info or help. I feel like I know nothing compared to everyone on this post.
    I had a MC last May. I then had another Mc in October. I then lost twins at end of Feb / the begging of this month. Went for a scan they said everything had gone, i was back to normal. 
    So.. Me and my partner agreed to leave it a couple of months, relax, enjoy summer, enjoy our kids, then think about it later in the year so i had chance to build my self up if that was what was needed for a healthy pregnancy. 
    I feel like im pregnant. We did have unprotected sex a couple of times but not really hoping for an outcome as we did say we would wait. 
    Is it possible to become pregnant straight after a MC. I havnt even had one period yet. I dont know when i would ovulate or even when id be due on because of whats happend. 
    I feel exactly like i did when i found out i was pregnant with the twins. 
    I felt different from what would of been around 3 weeks. Had a bad stomache and felt sick, heartburn, headaches. The lot. Then obviously i tested the next week when i was due and it was positive. 
    Now i feel the exact same.
    Am i going mad? 
    Is there even a chance to be pregnant this soon? 

    I hope all you ladies are doing ok xxx
  • There is definitely a chance @MissTysonMayer! You could’ve easily ovulated as everyone is different. There’s women on here that have got pregnant straight away, without a period in between. I hope you get the result that you want.xxxxx
  • Really? Do you think. 
    I really dont know how i feel you know. 
    Because its been several in a row, earlier when i tried googling a few things, as soon as I saw the word 'spotting' i just thought, i don't know if i can go through it again. 
    I just don't know what to think. 
    Im really nervous. 
    Thank you for your reply. Xxxx
  • I know it’s really hard, I had a mc at 20 weeks and then one at 11 weeks last year. It’s heartbreaking. I’m now nearly 19 weeks pregnant with my rainbow. Keeping everything crossed that it goes right this time. 
    I hope you’re ok and that things settle down for you either way.xxxx
  • Oh really. I am really sorry 😞 I don't think theres anything worse. 
    Does it make you nervous this time or do you feel ok. 
    Im sorry if that sounds personal. 
    I wish you all the luck in the world. 
    Id love to know how your pregnancy goes. 
    Do you know what your having?

    I dont know weather to do a test in the morning. I dont even know what day I stopped bleeding or when i should be due on. I have got no idea. Im just so confused 😞 xxxxx
  • If I’m being honest I’m very nervous. Every day’s felt like a month!!!! But I just keep hoping that things will be different this time. I’m a mess leading up to and at scans but I suppose there’s no way around it!! We’ve found out this time and we’re having a girl💖💖💖💖.
    If I were you I’d buy a couple of first response tests and a few cheapies and test over the next few days- it can’t hurt and at least you might get an answer!!! I know it’s hard going- to be honest, it’s heartbreaking isn’t it- it does get slightly easier with time but you never forget.xxxx
  • @MissTysonMayer just to let you know it is possible to fall pg straight away after a mc. I only dtd the deed 3 times and a good 2 weeks after my mc ended did opks too and all came back negative but we've assumed that I started testing a couple of days late. I then found out I was pg again. with no af in between I'm now 6weeks 4 days and managed to see a heartbeat at 5w 3 days just praying this one sticks. Good luck to you hun xx
  • Chezza! I’m envious of your luck! It’s been 6months since my mc and we’ve been trying hard ever since, but in vain! Cd28/14dpo today, hoping this is it for us!! Expecting af tomorrow.. Happy pregnancy to you xx
  • Hope all you ladies are well.
    i am currently CD14 of 29day cycles and I honestly have no clue if I’m near to ovulating or not.. I keep having twinges and some ewcm but think is best just to dtd every other day until we can 😂🙈 Currently we have CD9,10,11,13 so fingers crossed we’re covered so far! Lots of luck to everyone x
  • It looks like you’re covering a lot of dates KL10. Im on CD 18 and on the tww. I don’t think we have dtd enough this cycle, but we did manage it the 2 days before ovulation so we shall see. My main thing this month is to get my cycle back on track & have a period again if we don’t get pregnant. 
    I usually have a 28 day cycle, so next weekend we go on holiday & I wonder if AF will appear. 
  • Hey, I've been reading a lot of the chats on this site, so thought it was about time that I started joining in the forums. I'm ttc number 2. DS will be 2 next month. Been off the pill since first Jan this year. Was on Cerazette. Have had 2 periods since, first one took 7 weeks to arrive, so I'm still waiting for cycle to regulate. I'm in the wait now (I think). Fingers crossed for everyone else in tww x x
  • Hey maybe yall can help me, me and my husband have been trying to concieve for about a year and im not really sure of my cycle because my periods are so irregular. I started trying using opks and finally got a flashing smiley face on the 16th of march me and my hubby tried everyday that week, i have been lightly bleeding since the 17th-18th not enough blood to even fill up one pad, no cramps or clots 
  • I need some help! 
    I started bleeding 1 day before my period this month, usually I have a heavy period on the first 2-3 days lasting 5-7 days and this period lasted 3 days on and off and very very light. All I had to wear was a liner and the blood didn’t really go on the liner is was mostly just visible when I wiped - but it was red blood. I’ve heard this could possibly be implantation bleeding. I had taken tests prior to this bleeding all coming back 100% negative. I took a test the last 3 nights and originally I wasn’t completely able to see any lines at all. I was quite impatient/intrigued and decided to open the tests. With the back open but the test strip still in place, immediately I started seeing a blue line appear. At first I thought oh that’s def just the evap line.. but as I took one again the next night and did the same thing, the line was a lot darker, and again the night after and was again darker. I thought it was strange for the evap line to be increasing by the night if they’re all evap lines. So I decided to test it on my sons urine. I did the same as I had with mine and absolutely no evap or line at all appeared. 

    Please please give me options what you believe this is. Is it possible I just implanted later then I should have and still have low HCG that it’s not detecting it straight away? I’ve told myself I’m not going to take a test again until Monday and will do first thing in the morning to try and give my body a chance to build hcg if there’s any. 

    Ill attach a photo of the last 2 as I no longer have the first test I took! Top is the second test and bottom is the third. First was again a lot lighter. 
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