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Where is bean? - Update - D Day tomorrow.

Hi Guys,

I have posted this on the May forum too - but not sure if antone here would have any advice.

Don't know what to do with myself! Yesterday I had blood - brown blood - and called NHS - they got my out of office doctor to call me and was told to realx etc. The out of office doc referred me for a scan this morning.

I went for a scan this morning - I think I'm 6+2 - they couldn't find anything - so I have been examined and prodded and poked up there - my cervix is still closed. However I have had to have blood taken because they couldn't find it they need to know if epotic or not.

Got to go back tuesday for more blood. And tomorrow I'm going to see my own GP to see what she says.

Just kind of feel numb - cried a lot last night - but now I'm not sure what to think.


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  • Hi huni. Im so sorry to hear. Im sure everythng will be ok. Hugs to you and baba. X x x
  • I have just had blood results - HCG is about 2000 - but this just means there may be a "viable" pegnancy - doesn't tell whether or not that it is in the right place - I still don't know if it's eptopic!

  • Oh heck- really hope lo was just too small to see. Thinking of you xx
  • I really feel for you, it must be horrible not knowing. I hope they can tell you whats going on soon hun.
    Take Care x
  • hope you will be ok.fingers crossed hun x
  • Aww hunni I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. Try to stay positive, will keep everything crossed for you and let us know how you get on xxx

  • HIya hun, just to say, my scan at 6wks showed nothing but a sac...i had a very very full bladder to enable them to see that though, my scan 9days later showed bubs. Also i was put back 2wks from my edd because of my long cycles, so even though my af date worked me out to be 8wks i was only 6wks, hope this helps hunny xxxxxx
  • Aw hunni, try not to worry !

    I was the same, dates suggested I was 12 weeks when i got my BFP went for a scan the very next day and all they could see was the sack. Went back a week later and saw bean, turned out I was barely 5 weeks pregnant.

    The HCG levels sound positive, so try to keep your PMA (really hard I know).

  • Hey hunni, please let me know how you are babe. Remember our post in the may forum...Keep Positive!! Try and relax sweetheart

    Tracey x x
  • Keep your chin up, hun. Like the ladies here have said, there is still a high chance your dates were out and the bean is too tiny to spy yet. x
  • Thanks ladies!

    Well last night I was in a lot of pain in one side and I called the walkin centre - and the witch of a nurse was horrid!!! I told her I was in pain - and she kept banging on about theres nothing they could do for miscarrige - and what was my concern and what did I want her to do about it - the cheek!!! So my OH took over the phone call and we went dwon there to see the doc! She was much nicer than the hospital docs and felt round my tummy and said I was tender from all the examinations and scans in the day and a bit of constipation - no swellings. She said ectopic is a possibility but unlikely - so why didn't hospital say that.

    Saw my own doc this morning that confirmed everything that was already said.

    I am still bleeding and until my blood results tomorrow I have no idea if bean is safe or not. Because I am still bleeding - and even though it's dark - the possiblities are it's a mc - I feel it is - although I'm hoping it's not!!!

    Will keep you ladies posted

  • hey,

    you poor thing, what a stressful situation.

    Is it lots of blood and is it brown or red?

    Sorry for the questions but I had bleeding in my first pregnancy (which ended successfully) and then tqo miscarriages. The bleeding is very different.

  • Hey babes,

    I had bleeding all through the initial weeks of my pregnancy ! Mostly brown but at times a huge amount of red and like you I had a horrid experience with an A&E doctor who told me I was probably miscarrying and when I started crying she told me to "pull myself together " !!

    But bleeding doesnt mean a mc, in the end I was told mine was probably due to a UTI i had and later on I was told that I probably have a weak cervix.

    Try to keep your chin up hunny !
  • Hope you ok hun! Chin up. Allot of people bleed through there pregnancy and go onto having a healthy pregnancy.

    When will you get the results babe?
  • Thanks Ladies - have slept most of today - think not sleeping over the weekend has caught up with me.

    Thanks for all of your kind words.

    Emms and Mrs Weir - the blood is brown - but my doc today said that that just means it's old blood - it's niether good nor bad! I really hope it just stops so I can put my mind at rest - but know thats a bit doubtful!

    I have my blood test tomorrow at 11 - hopefully I will have the results 3 to 4 hours later when the doc calls! Those will probably be the longest hours of my life. But after that I should know if there is something in there somewhere or if it's come away.

    Thank you all you lovely ladies - you all have said such nice things - I'm a bit numb at the moment - trying to watch crap on tv to take mind off it!

  • At least you got some rest! Make sure you get some!
  • Thanks tracey - just had second nap - probably won't sleep tonight now!!!

    Still hard waiting - am losing pma by the hour!

    Oh well guess by this time tomorrow I'll know if it's gone.

  • I've got everything crossed for you, really hope you're back with good news for us tomorrow.

  • Awwwww Mel, been thinking about and worrying about you all day today. I know it isnt much consolation but i bled when i was pg with Sam and there was a reasonable amount and it was brown so old blodd. Well, he turned 12 last Sunday so all was well image I will be thinking about you tomorrow, please let me know when you have some news. It is a terribly difficult time i know and nothing we can say will help that except that all of us here will be thinking about you and praying that little bean is safe and just playing his/her first game of hide and seek.

    Good luck sweetheart, take good care of yourself.

    lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • Hi Mel,

    I know i just text you but wanted to reply on here as well. I am thinking of you hun, and am hoping that tomorrow brings you good news.

    Take care of yourself and huge hugs x x x x
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