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Hello, and welcome to Due in January 2022 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

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  • Looks like I am the first one here! Due 4th January based on my LMP x
  • Second! Mine due 8-9 Jan... different apps, different results lol.
  • Welcome! How are you feeling xx
  • Hi! I got a positive pregnancy test yesterday! Still sinking in a bit, due around Jan 13th, eek. Hope you are both well x
  • I got mine Sunday 25th April and I still don’t believe it haha! 
    How are you feeling? I’m ok in the day but I struggle at night just feeling generally unwell! Xx
  • Yeah so far I am fine! Well nothing any different to usual, my boobs are sore but I always get sore boobs before my period anyways 🤣 x
  • I’m struggling with feeling hot and cold especially at night it really wiped me out and makes me feel rubbish! Xx
  • I got my BFP today so also joining this group ☺️ Can’t believe it. I think I am around 4 weeks currently but I have no idea as I had a positive clear blue ovulation test at around CD19 and my cycles have been around 43 days, I am on 43 days today and have had positive tests with a 1-2 weeks on clear blue digital. I think it puts me at around 11th jan currently 
  • Welcome @H27B and congrats!
    how are you feeling? Xxx
  • Thank you @JAUS congrats to you all too! I’m feeling okay, been bloated the past couple of days and had slight cramping but I’m fine. Just eager for the weeks to pass now so I can get a scan and peace of mind xx
  • Thank you. Me too! It will make it feel more real then! 
    I’m ok, just in the evenings I get really hot, my face in on fire!! But I’m fine all day! Strange! Xx
  • @JAUS it is so strange how many people have different symptoms and feelings isn’t it! 

    Has anybody booked an early scan in? I have today for when I expect to be 8 weeks.

    I actually had a scan yesterday as I have been under the doctors for a few things prior to getting my positive and I told them I thought I was around 4 weeks and they couldn’t quite see anything as yet on the scan which they said can be normal. It is playing on my mind now though but as long as my tests are getting darker there’s not much I can do until I have a scan.
  • Well I have some cheap hcg tests which nothing is coming up on. But I showed as 1-2 weeks (from conception so 3-4 weeks) on a clearblue one with the date. I should be around 4 weeks today. Anyways I am going to leave it another week to make sure it 'sticks' then book an early scan so I can just be happy as I get so anxious about chemical pregnancy/miscarriage. This is my second child and I had an early scan with my first and it really reasurred me and seeing the heartbeat just meant I could tell my parents etc and not feel too anxious about it!
  • @tinaMH that’s a good idea, I think you’ll be fine, I find the cheap ones are always a much lighter line. My cheap ones have been faint but the first response was really dark. Doesn’t time feel like it’s going to slow now, I’d love to just skip to getting the scan so we can relax a little! 

    Wishing you all a happy 9 months x
  • Hi,
    I got my bfp on 29th April, so will be due around 9/10th jan!
    im super anxious as I had a chemical in November at 5 weeks so I’m so worried it will happen again 
  • @ARoseatdawn ahh congratulations ! Sorry to hear about your chemical that must be so scary, praying that this is different for you! 
  • Hi ladies I just found out today I’m due 15th jan with baby 3... congrats to all of u. Feeling mixed as have had quite a journey to this point so just want to be as relaxed as possible X 
  • Congratulations @Thirdbabymaybe it’s hard to be relaxed isn’t it. This is my first and I didn’t think it would take this long to fall pregnant and now I am I can’t stop worrying! Vicious circle isn’t it x
  • H27B said:
    Congratulations @Thirdbabymaybe it’s hard to be relaxed isn’t it. This is my first and I didn’t think it would take this long to fall pregnant and now I am I can’t stop worrying! Vicious circle isn’t it x
    Thank you and congratulations! Wow very exciting being your first :) I feel very old this time round tbh... no offence to anyone else my age or older but I’ll be 34 when baby is born and we have quite an age gap with our two girls. My husband and I have been together for 15 years and the first two came around so easily no complications and literally we have tried on and off for the past prob realistically... 6-7 years!! I’m trying to just trust the universe this time round but I do feel this is our last chance so I have my fingers crossed. 
    I hope we all have a healthy and relaxed pregnancy Xx
  • Ahh that’s not old at all there’s so many people who choose to have babies in their 30’s now. I’m 27 so feel like I’ve started slightly later so I think I’ll be in a similar position when I want another 1. 

    Definitely trust the timing and try to think positive. Xx
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