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The Due in June 2016 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well it's very nearly June and some of you have had your babies ALREADY! Congratulations!

So here is a special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn, and we'll come and shower you with congratulations – and, courtesy of the folks at Chicco, a free pack of their brand new DryFit nappies.

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Note: This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in June 2016 thread. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements all in one place to look back on in June and beyond.


  • might not be June yet, but she was 'due in June' so I'll tell you my story :) 

    I had a rollarcoaster of a told on more than one occasion that I had lost her. As most of you know, I had a number of very heavy bleeds during the pregnancy, and was admitted to hospital. 

    At 32 weeks (exactly), I was in hospital being treated for severe anaemia and pre-eclampsia. I woke on the morning on 3rd may and had, yet another, heavy bleed. I told the midwife who put me on the monitor. After about 50 minutes of being on the monitor, a dr and a porter appeared in front of me. I was being offered pain killers, and being asked a lot of questions. I was confused...until I saw the contractions on the machine print out!!

    I spent the day in labour ward on a monitor. The contractions were apparently getting stronger; but I wasn't feeling anything. 

    At 3pm; the midwife said they were moving me back upstairs at 4pm to be monitored there. 

    At 3.40pm...I thought my waters had gone. I was soaked. I asked my mum to wait outside;whilst I called the midwife. She took one look at me and pulled the emergency cord. About 12 people suddenly appeared in my room. Turned out it wasnt my waters. It was blood. Caused by placenta abruption. I was spoken to by an anaesthetist who told me I was having a c-section asap. But, due to my various health problems, they weren't sure which anaesthetic to give me. There was a chance I wouldn't wake from the general. 

    Anyway, my beautiful Verity Iris Page was born at 18.06 on 3rd May; weighing 3lb4oz. She came out the 'sunroof'. She has been in neonatal since, but is now doing fantastically and is very close to coming home!!! :) 

    I got to meet her properly 8 hours after she was born. I will attach the picture of that moment ♡

    Don't be scared by my story. It is very rare, and me and my daughter are now both doing extremely well. 

    Good luck to all you lovely ladies; and I very much look forward to your stories and pictures of your beautiful bundles when they arrive ♡ 

  • Oh Karen, you know each birth is different, and as intense and scary a ride you had, it's still a beautiful story, and that picture of you and your VIP is just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • Your pregnancy and birth story are incredible karenlouise - you did so well to get through all of the ups and downs (such a roller coaster all the way through!) and I'm really hoping that Verity will be home with you very soon. You're an inspiration! Xx

  • Sorry it was a very long story. I love telling it, cos I got the greatest gift at the end ♡ x 

  • Karenlouise your pregnancy and labour story are amazing! You went through so much and got your gorgeous girl at the end!  Xx 

  • Amazing story, and what a beautiful little girl you got at the end of it all xx

  • Oh karen im sat here in tears after reading that xx 

  • Hi hannahbanna, won't you come and tell us your birth story too?

  • Hats off KarenLouise its so lovely to see a pic of u and ur baby girl holding upso well... u look so beautiful yourself. 

  • Sadiaomar, won't you tell us your birth story too? And how is your little Hannah?

  • So.. iv had a pretty rough pregnancy too. Right from vomitting every single day to going in several times to inject iron to severe constipation to an extent of fainting with the pain to even fighting severe UTIs all through my pregnancy and to top it all i had two boys to look after. Some days i would just be so close to giving up if not for such an amazing and supportive husband and set of parents. 

    Iv had all sorts of ups and downs and knew for sure that i was ready to go through it all for my baby girl. All i can say now is the pain was all worth it. 

    Coming back, i went through every single day as a challenge and finally struggling  to reach 37 weeks , i was always concerned of the babys weight and tried to push the csection date as far as possible to pop a big baby but you never really know when your baby wants to arrive ,  its really not in our hands. 

    Anyways.. so i was off to bed on the 19th night like any othet night but wokeup at about 1am to use the loo and cudnt go back 2 sleep... just then out of nowhere i cud feel a lot of pressure down there and this "new" kinda pain in my vagina which moved towards my back. So this was the motion and it kept coming every 10mins. For the first hour from 2am to 3am i didn't pay much attention but it finally hit me that this wasnt going to stop and it was a different pain unlike those uterus twists i had earlier experienced ... my husband and kids were on vacation with my inlaws and decided to gimme that break before i am in for a 24/7 duty that would begin any minute. Luckily i had my parents wid me and woke my mom up at 4am telling her of the pain. I was not sure if this was the beginning of a labor since i hadnt experienced anything of this sort before. 

    The pains werent stopping or even going off  course still sticking at once in 8mins on the dot. I called my gynaec and went to ER at 7.30 .. my doc checked me and said my cervix was not dilated which meant i could have labor for many more hours and eitherways wit two csecs and a thinned uterus would only give csection an option

     I went through many other tests and finally went to OT at 11 and delivered my beauty at 11.21am. The doc had many muscles and tissues to cut through along with a tubectomy as well so i was out only an hour later.

    Luckily iv managed to recover well and so has Hannah. This group has been extremely supportive and its been great to be treading the same path with you all. :))

  • Wow Sadiaomar, you did so well - so lucky your parents were there to take care of you and get you to the hospital! Really glad you're healing well too. And I swear, that is totally a smile Hannah is giving you there - don't you think?

  • Sorry, I have written a short story!!

    On Wednesday night I was 37 + 6 and struggled to get to sleep.  At 1am in the morning, now Thursday and 38 weeks exactly, I got up to use the toilet needing a wee.  I have regularly been getting up for toilet runs so no surprise, but upon going back to bed, I felt as though I had leaked a little.  So back on the toilet.  Then 10 mins later laying in bed I felt wet again, so I went to the toilet and more weeing.  I thought this is silly, how can I be weeing so much? 

    Between 1am and 2am I was constantly up and down on the toilet and wondered if this was my water breaking, so I put in a pad and the wet stuff was clear and smelled sweet (yes I sniffed it!). I got out my baby book and checked what amniotic fluid is like and I was sure my waters had gone, or at least were going.  I also had some period type pain but kept doubting if this was the start of contractions.  My husband and I had discussed a home birth and I liked the idea of it, but I was worried about if I had a bad tear again or if anything went wrong.

    Anyway at 2 am I woke up my husband to say I think labour has started to which he said, "go back to bed and rest". I phoned the midwife on the labour line to say I think my waters have gone and I think I could be starting labour, and as I was hoping for a home birth wanted to give them plenty of warning.  The midwife checked where the nearest community midwife was to me, being about 20 mins drive, and said she had booked an appointment at 10am at Winchester hospital for me in case I don't go into labour.  This was because if my waters have gone I would need to be induced within 24 hours.  In my head I thought "I can make 10am, as I can get my daughter to school and then get the train up to Winchester". Then I thought "WHAT AM I THINKING! One way or the other I am having this baby in the next 24 hours. Oh SH**".  I was not prepared for this emotionally, although was prepared with all the baby bits. The midwife said to call when contractions were 2 every 10 mins and lasting at least 45 seconds and were very painful.

    At about 3am I had more regular cramps and put my TENS machine on. I posted on here at 3.25am to say TENS is on and I think I'm in labour!!

    It got to 4am and I phoned the midwife on the labour line again to say cramps were regular but only lasting 30 seconds and I was definitely in labour.  She asked if I wanted a midwife to come over and assess me.  I said "no" as the contractions were uncomfortable but not painful and I was coping well bouncing on my birthing ball and with my TENS machine on.  

    At 4.15am I woke up my husband up again and said contractions were getting really painful and I was going to get washed and dressed and walk around the garden as it was really lovely and fresh outside and the sun was rising.  Having just said this to him I went into the bathroom and had the sudden urge to poo.  I emptied myself in the toilet and then decided to just put some clothes on (getting washed seemed too much effort at that point).  I got jogging bottoms and vest on only to need to the toilet again for a poo.  I went to the toilet at 4.30am and then shouted for my husband to get my phone urgently, I need to call the midwife.  The urgency was because it wasn't a poo I did, but a huge urge to push and what felt like a very very painful pressure of a head coming down.  Whilst sat on the toilet talking, well trying to talk through excruciating pain, to the midwife, she said two midwives were on their way to me and she told me very sternly I was not to do any pushing until the midwife gets here!  I am now in a serious amount of pain, unable to talk, and trying not to scream as my 5 year old was still asleep in her bed.  My husband helped me downstairs and on the penultimate stair I felt like the head was coming again.  We managed to get me into the living room where I knelt in front of the sofa (on all fours) and I kept telling myself "Isabel (our chosen baby name) you are not coming out until the midwife gets here.  NOT YET!".  I was quite literally trying to cross my legs and hold in any pushing which itself was agony. I cranked up the boost on my TENS and kept saying "NOT YET ISABEL!".

    At 4.55am the door goes and I can hear a lady say she's the midwife.  I couldn't move and having not even seen her face I did what she said.  She took my trousers and knickers down and I heard her say "There is a head" just as the second midwife arrived at the front door.  I was so relieved not to have the baby on my own I just let go and the baby fell out on to the floor with the midwife shouting at my husband for towels (now 5am exactly). Baby didn't fall far as I was on all fours but the midwives did have to stimulate baby as they were shocked.  Once baby was out I felt instantly better and so relieved the midwives got here in time.  I heard the midwife say to my hushand "what have you got". He said "we have a daughter". Midwife asked again and he again said "we have a daughter asleep upstairs. OH IT'S BOY". I opened my eyes and said "You f***ing what?". There he was. Definitely a boy.

    I was a little confused and my first feeling was upset.  Not because I didn't want a boy, but because my daughter had been looking forward to a sister and I was really worried she would be disappointed.  Then I thought, but all the clothes are bloody pink!  My baby boy was passed to me and he lay on the sofa in front of me while I stayed on all fours, and 30 mins later delivered the placenta.

    It was all actually pretty amazing, as I remember all of it so clearly. I didn't remember my waters going, the umbilical cord being cut or the placenta delivery with my daughter as I was high on gas and air.  My husband then put the kettle on, made everyone a cup of tea and I got to snuggle on the sofa with my new baby in total comfort with the radio on.  One of the midwives stayed for the next 2 hours to write up notes, check me over and make sure I had my first wee.  At 7am my husband woke up my daughter and told her baby was here and it's a boy.  She came downstairs and was so amazed it was a real baby she didn't care at all it was a boy.  She instantly wanted to hold him.  I was happy.

    It was a shock and I think it is still sinking in that we have a boy, rather than a girl and the life I had imagined with two girls growing up together.  I have asked my husband not to worry about names just yet, I need time to adjust and get to know my little boy, and then we can discuss names.

    We have not been to hospital at all, and being at home has been fantastic and so relaxing.  My husband took our daughter to school that morning and came back with bacon so we could have bacon sandwiches.  We chilled for the rest of the day, I had a shower and had a lay down in my own bed and then at 5pm (12 hours after birth) we walked to the childminders to pick up my daughter with baby in the pram (15 min walk we took slowly taking 25 mins).  It still all feels a little crazy but it all worked out well.  Friends have even dropped off emergency boy clothes!




  • Vikster2000, this is one of the most intense, incredible birth stories. You are truly remarkable, and thank you so very much for sharing it with us all.

  • I didn't realise that your birth story was on here Sadiaomar!! I'm so sorry I didn't pick up on it when you first posted. Your story is brilliant - the birth must have been a real roller coaster for you (especially after a difficult pregnancy) and you did so well to get through it, especially given that it all kicked off rather unexpectedly ! The pix of Hannah are beautiful - she is perfect and looks delighted to have arrived! 

    Vikster - what an incredible story. I really don't know how you managed to 'hang on' until the midwives appeared. How on earth did you do it ??? Clearly your little boy was determined to make a very dramatic entrance! The pix are amazing, thank you for sharing them with us.


  • Hi everyone!

    She has finally decided to make her appearance 12 days late! hehe. 

    Anyways, I was due to be induced on the 08/06/2016. I woke up around 5:45am with pains. I thought nothing off it, went to the loo and back to bed. Woke up again at 7am with pains but more intense. I got dressed anyways and told my partner that I had a few pains and he said is it labour? I didn't know what to expect. 

    8am came and I rang the hospital to find out what time they wanted me in for induction. Now the pains were becoming more intense. The nurse on the phone asked if I was okay. I mentioned I had a few pains but manageable ( Pain roughly a 2-3/10) and she said that I should ring back in half an hour and they'll have a time. 

    My mum arrived as she was my birthing partner along with my boyfriend and he set of to his mums to drop our dog off while we was at the hospital. The pains became about a 4 at this point. I rang the hospital back and explained that I'm ringing about induction but think am in labour instead. They asked me how far my contractions were and I said I haven't timed them yet as i'm using my phone to contact the hospital but they're roughly coming every 2 mins and lasting around 1 min. She told me to come through to the hospital and they'll check me. 

    I rang my partner and explained what was said and that we needed to go now, the hospital was 25-30 mins away and it was rush hour on the motorway. Not a good start. Anyways, he rushed back which seemed forever and we bundled into the car. It was the worst car drive i've ever had. We arrived at the hospital and had to find somewhere to park. The closest spot was a five min walk from the entrance. I couldn't bear the walk but had too as I was stopping with every contraction. 

    I arrived on the ward and told them who I was and they took me to a room and got me settled. I was checked by a midwife and asked if my waters had gone, i said no, just the pains this morning since i woke up. She examined me and told me I was 3-4cm dilated to my shock and they brought me the gas and air. I thought brilliant and began sucking away. They moved me to the labour ward around 9:50am. I was strapped to the monitor as I needed constant observation' not good when I wanted to be up and moving. It made the pains worse. I couldn't be "free". The midwife came in and examined me again to which I had not dilated at this point but was in pain. At 3pm they decided to break my waters. It took two midwives to break them but as soon as they did the contractions peaked to about an 8. I couldn't handle them and asked for the Pethadine as the gas and air wasn't helping. They gave me the pethadine and it made me really sleepy and apparently I stopped rolling about and shaking. (I didn't even know what was going on, boyfriend and mum updated me after) I then felt the urge to push. my partner had gone outside to contact his mum and came back to me fully dilated and ready to push. The midwife said she was giving me an hour to spontaneously push without her telling me too or her getting involved. After 36 mins of pushing, lilly Anne-Zoe Richardson arrived into the world at 5:08pm weighing 6lbs 14oz.  Her daddy cut the cord while they placed her onto my chest. I was still high off the pain relief. I ended up having a 2nd degree tear and needing stitches. I'm so so sore! (any tips would be brilliant about pain) 

    Anyways, I was woken around 7pm by another midwife who said iI "had to get up and go have a wee and a bath" so I got up and had a wee. I felt really dizzy and sick. I thought it was just side effects. Anyways I managed 50ml of urine. Midwife was not happy. She said if I didn't produce more i'd have to have a catchier put in. I fell back asleep. When I woke again about half an hour later, my partners parents had arrived. They were over the moon and greeted Lilly. The midwife came back in and told me that I HAD to get mobile and get a bath. So my mum ran me a bath. Again when I got up I felt dizzy and sick and very very weak. My mum helped me to the bath and I told her to leave me be for 5. I just sat there. I couldn't find the energy to move my limbs. I slipped out of the bath onto the floor and got my pjs on. I slowly walked towards the room again and sat in the chair. My partner asked me something but i couldn't hear him. I couldn't hear anyone. It was like they were all whispering. ( He took a photo of me, I looked like a simpson character- yellow) 

    Anyways, I was taken onto the recovery ward and all I did was sleep. I had no energy. Midwives continued to monitor me throughout the night and ended up staying. The next day a doctor explained my iron levels were severely low and I needed a blood transfusion. I accepted and was told it will be done tonight. So another night in hospital. I had something to eat and drink and went for another wee. I did 200ml bang on so did not need the catchier put in. I had regular blood tests also. I hate needles. My little girl tried breast but we had problems with latching. Around 9pm I was taken to another ward for a blood transfusion. I was the only person on there so it was quiet and nice. The first bag went in and I began picking up, loosing my yellowness in my skin and talking more. The midwives had also accommodated a comfy chair for my partner and some food/drink for him. The next bag went in around a few hours later but i'd fallen asleep so they left us be as they didn't want to disturb us all. The next morning I was taken around the the recovery ward and had my bloods taken. I had some more food and Lilly was tried with a bottle by dad. She took better to it and settled. We didn't have a good night with her trying breast as we don't think she was latching correctly/getting enough. She was shattered. My results came back that my iron had gone from 63 back unto the 90's but will need iron tablets 3x a day for 28 days. At about 4:30pm we was told we can go home and was getting discharged. My partner asked how long it would take. They said just writing it all up now, 10 mins max. 

    10 mins past.... 20... an hour.. no-one came. I went to find out what was happening. Nobody knew. My partner had taken everything to the car (food and nappies too) lucky, lilly was asleep and very content with herself. 8pm came and the midwife came down to the ward and said "sorry, i've been busy" I said it's not good enough. I have a little girl there with no food or clean nappies because we was told 10 mins. I know your busy but it would of been nice to off been informed. She said she finishes now so the midwife coming on will sort it. 

    Midwife came onto her shift and took over. She said she'll get everything sorted asap. 9:30pm arrived and we'd not heard anything, again I went to find out. She walked past me and I said when will we be going home do you know? She said i'm busy with a baby, i'll be with you soon. I walked back to my bed and began crying. I felt like such a rubbish mum because I couldn't feed or change my child and what also was annoying me was a young teenage mum and her boyfriend had come onto the ward and was given food, drinks, free wifi, comfy chairs and the boyfriend was face-timing his friends swearing and shouting about "going on a cruise to scarborough and leaving her in the hospital tonight." I thought it wasn't fair at all. She also wanted to go home and they rushed her through because she was friends with one of the midwives. Talk about favouritism. -.- 

    anyways, we was finally discharged at 11pm after all that polava. My partners parents had been waiting at our house with the dog and had to go back home. I felt so awful. Arrived home at 11:30ish and had to change and feed lilly and get her settled before we could do anything ourselves. We hadn't eaten since half 5. By time we was all sorted it was 1am, shattered we went to bed only to be awoken at 5am with Lilly. Fair to say we was shattered. 

    BUT, at least our little girl arrived healthy and safe. Just next time I'll be taking Iron tablets and not going to pinderfields hospital. 


  • Thanks so much for posting your birth story - so glad Lily decided to come on her own (both my girls came the day of induction, so I can totally sympathise with all you were feeling).

    We didn't realise how poorly you were post birth - are you feeling more like yourself now? And Lily is just perfect - well done abigail, wasn't she just worth the wait!

  • I am so much better thank you. You wouldn't think I was the same person. Midwife didn't even notice me (one who believed lilly was lovely)

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