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Starting on Provera and Clomid FINALLY!!!!



  • Faye don't worry it'll still work. I got mine going by bd'ing bc that usually does work. Maybe give it a try? How many days ago did you take your last pill? AF is suppose to arrive within 3-5 days. Do you know for a fact that you're not pregnant? I read that sometimes if Provera doesn't work it could mean that you're already pregnant. If she's not there by Wednesday you might wanna take a HPT. My appt was pointless. When my doc came in he said he wasn't sure what my appt was for today and I asked him if he could check my follicles but he said he just wanted to wait and have me come back in for 21 day progesterone check. I am very disappointed bc I was really hoping to get some good news. I still have not even gotten a pos OV test yet. I took one around noon today and there was a mediumish colored line, but I took another one a few minutes ago (around 2:30) and there was not a line at all really, I could barely see anything there! So now I'm worrying about whether I will get a positive at all, which also makes me think I might not even ovulate this cycle. It's really turned my positive attitude into a slightly negative one lol or maybe I'm just impatient. :roll: Ugh. Well I def hope your AF arrives and maybe try some cervical stimulation (bd'ing or try checking your cervix). Good luck!!!!
  • Can't bd at mo as hubby isn't back till 3rd march was trying to work it so ov would b when he was back as might only b back for 2 weeks!!

    I did do a pg test just before taking proversa which would have been about 18 days after last bd so i don't think think I'm pg.... Wish I was!

    Last time I took proversa was weds night, so it should b here!!!

    Aw Hun I wouldn't worry too much about ur appt Hun I know ur disappointed but the bloods do the same thing by telling u if u ov'd, that's all they are doing with me.

    Focus on the fact that ur on Clomid, bding as often as u can/want and that Clomid has a great success rate... Pma!!

  • Thank you. I read last night that it can take up to 10 days to get AF after Provera (I google and research everything!!!) lol I wouldn't worry too much about, I'm sure it'll be here this week, do you still have AF symptoms? My friend told me to hang out with someone who has AF so that the "hormones can rub off" haha the strange thing is, I spent a day hanging out with my sis inlaw and she was on her period and I did get mine the very next morning! I'm sure it was just a coincidence but it's kinda funny. Today is CD12 for me and I just took my OPK (at 9:20 AM but it wasn't FMU) and I can't tell if it's positive. The line is as dark as the control line on one side, so when I look at it from a distance it looks positive, but does the whole line have to be equally as dark? If today's is not quite positive I just know that tomorrow has to be!!! I think I will just bd anyways bc I'd hate to miss it. We have bd for the last 3 nights, so if it's positive today would last night count? I've never been good with OPKs. I'll keep you updated on the line, I might just test again later this afternoon or tonight, hopefully it's not just in my head!! image. Good luck with AF, I'm sending you a ton of hormones so she can arrive!!!!image
  • Iv still got some AF symptoms but still no AF, starting to feel really pee'd off!

    I had it all timed to perfection!! Now I won't b ov when hubby is back if AF doesn't show up soon!!

    Ssoooo frustrated!

    BB i don't know anyone on at the mo! Otherwise I'd try that, as I'm Sooo desperate I'd try anything to get AF started!!


    Not sure about Opk's Hun, I always use the cbd ones as the whole line thing confuses me!!

    But I'd bd anyway though Hun!!

  • Sorry AF is still not around. Have you ever checked your cervix yourself? I just learned how last summer and I've noticed in the past when I'd go to my doctor for having a late period he would do an exam and pretty much every time after my exam I would start. I think it has something to do with stimulation to your cervical opening. I'd try that and see if it helps. Maybe try it a couple times a day until AF starts. You don't have to push hard, but just check to see if your cervix is open, low and soft and that might help. It's not something I would recommend doing all the time bc it can make your cervix a little sore after a while, but it def wouldn't hurt to try it gently for a few days. I ended up taking a 2nd test today at 1:30 just to be sure that my first one wasn't a fluke and it looked exactly the same as the first one, so I think we are going to bd tonight just in case. Here is my other dilemma, we have bd'd for the last 3 nights and tonight will be our 4th, I dont want to risk missing my actual OV day if the tests are wrong. DH has never had his sperm tested, but I'm sure it's fine. I know every other day is better than everyday when it comes to bd'ing, so I kind of want to skip tonight and try it tomorrow and the next day bc I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be an unquestionable positive, by the looks of the two I took today I think the lines def should be thicker. I guess we will see tomorrow :?
  • Whoop whoop!!!!! AF has arrived, can't believe I'm sooooo excited about my AF arriving!!

    Im Sooo flipping happy!!

    My question is today I came on about 1pm and it's red sorry tmi! Do I class today ad cd1 and tomo as cd2 and take my first Clomid or do I take it Friday????

    BB if I was u I'd prob bd tomo .... Mind u I know what I'm like I'd prob end up doing it tonight too!!

    But every other day is gd so If u don't tonight but do tomo ul have it covered Hun.

    Exciting stuff!!!!

  • I'm soooo excited and happy for you!!!! If you've got red blood today I'd def count it as CD1. Then you'd take your first pill Friday. imageimageimage

    We did end up bd'ing last night (quickly bc my hubby had a basketball tournament he had to play) lol but I layed with my hips elevated for at least a half hour. My Answer brand OPK looked the same as yesterday, so I went and bought a dollar store cheapy and the directions said that any second line meant a positive, so there's no comparing colored lines, and of course it was also positive, but I still do not feel like I'm ovulating, so I'm not sure if either test is accurate. I'm going to see if my other OB will possibly give me an ultrasound on my ovaries bc my left one hurts when I lay on my left side or put any pressure on it. I'm hoping that Clomid didn't cause me to get a cyst. I had an US done a week before I started my clomid and they said my ovaries looked normal, no cysts, so I wonder if one could have grown in the last 3 weeks. I'm starting to feel soooo overwhelmed with all the testing and timed bd'ing. I think that even though my test was "positive" today, I might just skip tonight. Again, I'm so happy that your AF finally arrived. Here's to a lucky 2 weeks and 2ww!!!! Which will hopefully end with a BFP!!!!!! ++++++++ image
  • I was told to take Clomid on cd2-6 so that would mean tomo! How exciting!!!

    I will make sure to take it at night like the other girls said.

    Do u normally know when u were ovulating? Maybe it's just different feeling this month because of the Clomid. I'd try not to worry too much hunny and go with the flow. If nothing after 3 months go back to docs that's what iam doing. Going to ask the doc to up the dose for the following 3 months.

    Hubby might b back a little earlier than expected which I'm excited about too!!!

    Im hoping March will b our month! And urs hunny x x
  • Im so heartbroken right now. As soon as I finished my last post the nurse called me back and said I could come in for an U/S today so of course I sped there very excited thinking they would have some good news. Unfortunately the US tech told me that I've only got a few 3mm follicles, so not only were my OPKs wrong, but she said it doesn't look like I'm going to ovulate at all. She said they like to see them at least 21mm by CD13-14. I can't believe the first cycle didn't work for me :cry:image. I wish you the best of luck and I will still be keeping up with our thread and as sad as I am, I will continue with my next cycle asap. My other OB(the one who gave me the Clomid) said he will up my dose to 100mg for my next cycle. I think he only wants to do 3 cycles, so he will up the dose each month rather than every 3 months. I'm happy to hear your DH will be back, I'd get in lots of bd'ing when he gets home!!!! Good luck!!! image
  • Faye - I'm so happy your AF has arrived at last and you can now get started with the clomid. I would also say today is CD1 and you should start tomorrow. Good luck, hope it works first cycle for you.

    BB - I would probably miss BD'ing tonight and start again tomorrow, I read somewhere that the little swimmers can live a good few days afterwards so dont think it should matter much even if you did miss a day or two. I agree with Faye, try not to worry and relax a little, easier said than done I know.

    I had my appt at the clinic this afternoon and i'm defo pregnant.image I have an appt for a scan in two and a half weeks, can't wait to see the wee bean (or two).

    I hope it's ok to still to pop in here to see how you's are getting on? I wouldn't be offended if you would rather I didn't. I know how it feels when everyone is talking bumps & babies.

    Hopefully we can all be bump buddies very soon. My fingers are crossed for you both. Xxxx
  • BB hunny sorry to hear that but then it's Gd u had the scans so ur doc knows to up ur dose, don't get disheartened lovely. I know u must feel bit down but look at it as a positive, you could have carried on taking 50mg not knowing and spent 6 months on that dose and feel sad. But least now they ate monitoring it to give u the best chance hunny.

    Maisey of course we still want you to still join our thread hun, it's nice to hear success stories. I'm so pleased for u. How exciting!!!

    What symptoms did u have? How did u find Clomid? Sorry questions questions!! Hope u don't mind. But never spoken to someone who has a success story on Clomid.

    X x x
  • A huge Congrats to you Maisy!!!! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and a very healthy baby (or 2!). I know that if I ever do get a BFP with Clomid I would love to have twins. You are always welcome here and we definitely want to hear updates from you!! image

    Faye-Thank you. I'm feeling a little better now after I took a few minutes to count my blessings and get myself together. I am hoping that 100mg will work and there's no reason to be down about it because it won't change anything and I'm still so thankful to have at least one child, although it does not change the pain of losing our 2nd and still not having another one. All of my friends and family have more than one child and it hurts my heart to hear my 4 year old saying that he wishes he had a brother or sister every time he sees siblings on TV or when he's playing by himself. I was telling my hubby yesterday that my stomach hurt and my son asked me in the sweetest voice if it was because I had a baby in my belly, and that if I did, he would rub my belly for me. Then the other day he told me that if he had a little baby he would hold it's hand because it would be so soft, and even writing that now brings tears to my eyes. But I just need to look at the bright side. I am going to keep bd'ing and testing with OPKs since I still have about 8 left. Maybe it could still work... :?
  • BB- Your last post didn't appear before I last posted, I should have refreshed. I'm really sorry to hear it was unsucessful this month. I think its trial and error the first month or two, to get the clomid dose right. I know you would have been gutted when you were told it hadn't worked but I think its better you found out now and you can get started on the 100mg second cycle, rather than have wasted three months on 50mg. Hope its better news cycle two and you get your BFP.

    Faye - I don't mind you asking. Clomid is a miracle pill, this is my second pregnancy both on cycle two, I've never had any real side effects from it either. Good luck on starting tonight and hope you don't get any side effects.

  • Maisy-thank you. Your definitely right, I'm glad I found out early rather than waiting to take an HPT and getting a bfn, and I am definitely looking forward to starting 100mg. I've had some confusion today though. Yesterday and the day before I got a positive OPK on 2 different brands, then this morning I got a negative with 2 different brands, so I'm wondering if maybe I could have ovulated early and the tech just missed it?? I just don't know how I'd get a positive on both tests and then a negative on both tests too, it seems like there's no way all of them could be errors, but I didn't feel like I was ovulating yesterday, but we did bd last night just in case. I didn't check my cm, but there was definitely an abundance of it! I'm not getting my hopes up at all, so as of right now I'm just looking forward to my next cycle.

    Faye-how is the Clomid working out? Did you have any side effects? I hope it all goes well and you can get your BFP this cycle! If not, we can once again be cycle buddies image. It's nice to be able to talk with you all about these things bc I know my hubby is probably tired of hearing about babies and cycles 24/7, especially when he doesn't actually understand any of it lol. Good luck!!!
  • Well took my first Clomid pill just now! So excited!!

    BB I would say u ov yesterday if u got a negative today Hun. You've covered with bding when u did. So fingers crossed u never know hun.

  • Thank you. I definitely hope so. Do you think it's possible to ovulate with no symptoms? I had a slight pain in my left ovary yesterday and today I've had sharp pains in my groin that kept coming in waves throughout the day, I'm not sure what it was. It seems to have subsided for now. Like you suggested, I will just count yesterday as ovulation day just in case and see what happens after my day 21 progesterone check. Are you feeling ok on your Clomid? I am scared to move up to 100mg bc I had such bad headaches/migraines with 50mg, but I will just fight through them. I also think with my next cycle I am going to get pressed and use robitussin as well. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed image
  • Heya BB how u feeling today?

    U can ov but not get sypmtoms or miss the signs. Try not to worry Hun, ur Opk sounded promising so I'd got with ur 21 day bloods and see what happens.

    I don't seem to have any side effects at mo, got some tense cramping but that's bc I'm on and very heavy!! So will have to c if I get any. Hopefully not

    But I'l have to power through if I get any.... As I want a baby!!!!

  • I hope your cramping subsides soon, I know that's so miserable. I've had a lot of cramping around both ovaries so I'm not sure what's going on. I spoke with the nurse yesterday about my follicles and she said that I could still ovulate and that I could have ovulated before the ultrasound. She said if I do end up needing another clomid cycle then I can just go to them for monitoring. They were my first OB I've been with for 10 years, then I switched to my new one last year, he diagnosed me with PCOS the first week I saw him, and also gave me Clomid, but my old OB is the one who agreed to monitor my cycles and give me U/S and they will also be the ones I go to when I am pregnant again. Lol confusing huh. I'm still kind of keeling my hopes up that something good will happen this cycle, but the wait is horrible!! Lol I'll keep ya posted on my bloods. What CD are you on now?
  • The cramping has died down a little now which is gd!!

    I would try not too symptom spot or read too much into every twinge etc i know that's easy to say but not easy too do. Try and keep busy esp in this 2ww Hun. I have my fingers, toes and everything!!

    I'm on cd4 now!! I wish it was the end of the month already!!

    Iv set up a Clomid TTC thread on LTTC if u fancy coming along, as there seems to b quite a few of us on or just starting Clomid, thought it would b nice for somewhere we could all talk, give advice, ask questions etc x x
  • Hi ladies,

    Sorry its been a while since my last post, just been feeling a little bit low.

    Im on CD11 of a poss 35 day cycle. Iv got a raging UTI at the mo and have anti-b's for it. Had excruiating stomach pains last night, at first thought they were related to the water infection then started panicking that it was my ovaries being over stimulated by the clomid. Iv heard that clomid can also twist your ovaries so then was panicking about this lol, the things that go through our minds!!! It doesnt help though that Im not being monitored!

    How is everyone?


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