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Rainbow babies!! Never give up hope... The tears & pain are all worth it in the end!



  • Hi tm... Thankyou for sharing your story!! Do you have a picture of your little girl that you'd like to share? I'm sorry to hear about your recent mc's... Good news is you know that you can have a healthy pregnancy... & lots of ladies still have babies in their 40's so you still have hope! 

  • image

    here she is

  • Ahhh... She's such a cutie!! 😊

  • Thank you.  Really hope I have another rainbow child soon and baby dust to all 

  • Hi everyone hope you dont mind me joining this thread. Its so lovely to hear all your rainbow baby stories and picks. I have 2 children and had never suffered from a misscarriage. However on friday i shoumd have been 11 weeks pregnant. I booked a private scan and found out our little bean had stopped growing at 6 weeks. I know have to wait until my nhs scan on friday to find ot whats going to happen, it seems like the longest week of my life and i cant wait for it all to be over so we can try again. Baby dust to you all xxx

  • sorry for your loss Samantha, big hugs to you, its a hard time at the moment. Just take each day as it comes xx

  • Thank you sio39. Our 2 children are keeping us going. Xxx

  • Sorry to hear of your loss Samantha & that you have to wait this week out before taking the next step. My 1st mc was a missed mc like you're having now... The doc wanted me to wait & see if i would start miscarrying naturally but i waited another 10 days after we found out baby had died & then demanded they do something as it was such a horrible feeling & terrible position to be in... You just want it to be over. I hope things start moving for you soon. If you dont miscarry naturally they will offer you medication to induce contractions or a d & c. i've experienced both options so if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    you might also like to take a look at the thread 'trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage part 6'... Lots of really lovely ladies on there who know what you are going through & can support you as you move forward & ttc again when you are ready.

    & of course... When you do get your next bundle of joy to bring home, please do come back & post on this thread to share your news x

  • Thank you sw2. Its so lovely to here everyones success stories. I will check out that thread thanks again xxxx

  • Hi ladies, 

    Hope you don't mind me posting. I lost my beautiful baby boy at 31 +4 in February. I've been given the all clear by my GP to conceive again. I'm scared yet excited at the thought of having a baby brother or sister for Harley. It is good to hear others people's success stories it gives me hope xx

  • Oh wow nalc! im so very sorry to hear of you loss. if you would like to tell us about your little boy I would love to hear ... Is his name harley or is that the name of your other child? If that's another child, what did you name your baby? Did he have lots of hair or look like either of you? I bet he was just beautiful... Haven't seen a baby yet who isn't! 

    ttc again after a loss is such a difficult & scary thing to do... you worry constantly that your body will fail your baby again... But when you are ready to take that step, just remember to take it one day, one milestone (weeks, scans, trimesters) at a time, be open with friends / loved ones about your fears / feelings as bottling it up will make things worse, & keep focused on your goal of getting to bring your beautiful baby home with you.... I promise you... It's all so very worth it in the end x

  • oh Nalc, I am so sorry for the loss of you little boy. Good luck with ttc again, I hope its a short journey for you. I am sure it will be filled with worry but as sw2 says all worth it in the end xx

  • Hello, 

    Sw2- thank you. Yes his name is Harley, he was my first child and he weighed 3lbs 8oz. He had a bit of hair and it was quite dark :) I saw both myself and my OH in him and family said the same, he had the most gorgeous button nose. He was perfect. Unfortunately he had multiple cardiac abnormalities not that you would have known by looking at him once he was born he looked so peaceful. 

    I've been told I will have a lot of additional care next time as it will be another high risk pregnancy so I'll be back under fetal medicine. I'm just scared that something will go wrong and it will all be snatched away again. But the hope of bringing home a healthy baby outweighs the fear enough to try again. 

    Sio39- thank you for your kind words, I hope so too :) 


  • Much love & luck to you as you begin the TTC journey again nalc. I'm glad to hear that you will be closely monitored next time. 

  • Hi ladies. Just want to let you know I got a bfp this morning. Finally my rainbow baby xx

  • SIO39! YESSSSS!!!!! We are overjoyed for you!!! Amazing news, you've made our weekend!

  • Sio39- yayyyy huge congratulations!!!! Fantastic news! I got my bfp too, I'm currently 7 weeks! So so thrilled for you :) xx 

  • Fabulous!   Congratulations!  How long did it take to get a bfp again?

  • Sio & nalc... Huge congratulations to both of you on your bfps!! Please do keep us posted on how you get on & look forward to seeing those beautiful new baby pics in the new year!! 😊 X

  • TM- for me we started trying at the very end of March and I got my bfp in may, I feel very blessed for it to have happened so quickly. Just praying I get to take this one home. 

    SW2- thank you, shall do. That's a very lovely thought! 


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