I'm pregnant not incompetant !!

Does anyone else begin to find it just a little bit irritating when those around you begin to wrap you up in so much cotton wool you feel suffocated ??

I've been getting so frustrated with it these last couple of weeks. At first it was funny and kind of a relief to not be expected to do everything but now its too much.

My Mum nearly had a heart attack when I told her i'd driven in the snow, I had no problems driving in it I'm a good driver and hubby had given me lots of tips and I was more than aware that there were plenty of rubbish snow drivers out. Everytime I go to walk outside people are always telling me to be careful, dont walk here dont walk there ! Sometimes you just wanna walk round the block but apparently thats a no no on my own now ! Hubby jumps everytime I get off the sofa insisting he does everything (but strangely enough not the housework ! :lol: ) is constantly trying to feed me or bring me drinks and totally saw red the other day when a girl bumped into me in the shopping centre, oh and when I let the old pensioners walk on the one bit of path that had no ice on it. He seemed to think they should move over for the pregnant woman ! I'm not allowed to carry anything up the stairs, carrying any shopping bags and even getting out the car people leap over to help me out and then hang on to me like a vice ! My hubby wouldnt even let me walk a few feet to pick up a bag to put potatos in in the supermarket !!

I know I should be grateful but its getting annoyiung, i'm pregnant not incompetant !! :roll:


  • Ohhh i'm sorry i had to laugh at your post! my oh is the same- i'm on mat leave (have been for 4 weeks) and oh said i'm not allowed to go out on my own! so i;ve spent 4 wks in the house pottering. As everyone i know is at work!

    I think you might just have to live with it and try your best to enjoy it!
  • hehe how far r u aww bless him hes just ova protective just a little tomuch he should calm down sit him down and talk to him and basicly but nicely tell him u r not an involid i have it with mine sometimes but hes ova protective cos ive got preeclampsia and im nearly 26 weeks and clumsy and trip ova my own feet at the mo lol just bear with him and ur mom lol i had to laugh at that my m8 is due next week and she was driveing in the blizzards last week lol but u r right it only takes 1 dick head to drive like a twat and there is lots of them about xxx
  • yeah my oh is the same - he helps me up off the sofa cos the seat bit is quite low down on the floor and yesterday my dad wouldn't let me carry a mothercare bag that only had a few bibs and a changing mat in it (which is basically made of air anyway) and i protested but he wasn't having any of it. when im at home on my own its great cos i do all the washing and everything and feel like i can actually do things. it does get a bit tedious not being allowed to carry bags and stuff but i think when i get huge i will probably be grateful for the extra help cos ive started to get really knackered so easily. anyway, like waterbaby said, try and enjoy it while you can!
    lau 30+2 xxxxx
  • Thats so funny and I totally agree with you - if one more person tells me how to walk on the snow/ice I will just die!! Im 22 years old for god sake Ive been walking for long enough to know how to do it!! LOL

    We should try and enjoy it really but it is so hard sometimes!



  • I might be on my own in feeling this - but I love it!

    My hubby is being such a sweetie - so is my Mum... not many other people though!

    He's letting me getting away with all-sorts!!! tee hee!

  • your not on your own..i kind of like it too hehe

    i love how my o/h helps out and things but hes not so keen to be all nice and sweet when my hormones kick in..he said its like 'living with a psycho' the other day..the cheek! :O

    i still like to do most things because i like to keep busy but im more than happy to pass over the washing up and hoovering! my least favourite chores in the world lol.

  • me too - loving it!
  • lol I Love it! But i know what you mean about the housework! lol I love that my oh meets me at the car to carry my bags, he got my car and bought it to the front door when it was icy, he brings me drinks, rubs me feet all night every night...I'm loving it and making the most of it all!
  • Its the same in my house too, hubby wont let me do anything...it was nice at 1st but ive totally had enough now. My 2 girls aged 10 and 13 have had strict instructions from him to not let me do anything..im not even allowed to get myself a drink!! And if i do anything when hes not around the kids tell on me, tried bribing them with sweets, they took the sweets and still told on me!!! FFS!!

    But it has eased off this weekend as he had to work and i refused to allow the kids to become my "slaves" and cos of the hours he was working i had to cook, clean etc so a massive point was proved... I CAN BLOODY MANAGE!!!

    I pointed out to him last nite that as i am having a csection i know i will not be allowed to do much after so i NEED and WANT to do stuff now else i will just do it after cos i will be so bored by then and likely to split my stiches etc etc and it wud be his fault lol :lol: Awww bless him really

    Jacki 35+1
  • Oh dont get me wrong, a little bit of pampering is lovely but I can walk a few feet for an empty bag and believe it or not carry a bag too ! LOL !
    Bless my husband can be very sweet, but I know how to walk and carry things at the same time but I cant get on my hands and knees to scrub the floors anymore that he should help me with ! ha ha
  • oh i can understand how annoying it is when people treat you like a child. I would have that around my mum if i ever saw her but my oh is not so good at the moment with looking after me. I still get up every morning with our lo including weekends, still do all the housework, cooking etc. and still have to organise everything with getting ready for the baby! I need a little extra tlc as am starting to really feel heavy and achy now at 36 weeks! I sympathise with you....but i want some help! My oh just says to leave it and he will help later which as we all knows....never ever comes. xxx
  • cor, i'd like the opportunity to enjoy it!!!!! The only thing OH has taken over is dog walking as our pooch is a puller and he was worried she'd pull me over. But i still have to do all the housework, cooking etc!!! Don't get me wrong, he does help out around the house, but i'll come home and get a comment like "i did the hoovering for you" As though he's done me some huge favour! Or my other favourite is that he's done the washing "for me" but when i get it out of the machine, its all his stuff!!
    My mum is no better, she is a student midwife, and if i even dared call her to say i need help with something, her mantra is "pregnancy is not an illness!" So ladies, my advice would be enjoy it while it lasts!! xxxx
  • u lucky ladies!
    I do everything on my own very very rarely get any help.
    Ur OH'S are so considerate. Lap it up while u can xx
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