what car do you drive?

Anyone else drive a mini? (new type not old). I love my mini but i'm wondering about how prams and car seats will fit? Plus it'd be more of a pain with a 3 dr car. I was looking at corsas because they have decent size boots for the size of the car but if i could manage with the mini i'd prefer that. Is anyone else looking at changing cars ready for a new baby?


  • i drive a new style fiesta and its a 3 door I have managed fine with it and hopefully will be able to keep it, need to see if a double buggy will fit in the boot. My hubby drives a Focus C-Max which is lovely and big so we will def not be changing that

  • Hiya,
    Im afraid I have no experience of the minis when it comes to babys, however, I can tell you that we traded our peugeot 206 in for a VW Jetta (think of a Golf with a saloon boot) when I was 12 weeks pregnant. Its your choice at the end of the day, but we figured that we do a fair bit of travelling as the in-laws live 4 hours away so we would not only need plenty of car/boot space for pram and general baby paraphenalia but also our own items such as suitcases etc!!! It totally depends on your situation and whether you have another larger car that you can rely on too.

    Good luck with it.



  • I've got a fiesta, did have corsa before and they are about the same size really. I play golf and have no problems getting clubs and trolley in boot so our pram shouldn't be a problem. OH has an estate so we'll use that when were out as a family.
  • i've got the new corsa and i'll have to take out the spare wheel shelf in the boot to fit mine in but it's not a problem, think the fact it is a 3 door is more of a problem cos i'm having twins!! xx
  • I have the new Tiguan however my sister had a mini when she had her 1st, she coped ok then when she had her 2nd she had to get rid of it... she couldn't get the pushchair in the back without the seats down but she coped with baby in the front then when they went out they used her hubby's car... hope that helps! xx
  • I'm picking up my new 5 door golf on Saturday (have a rusty old 3 door at the moment) very excited as hubby has always had the nice new cars and i've always had the old bangers!

  • a 7 seater toyota verso we only ad it last week i feel dead posh driveing a 08 plate xx lol
  • Hiya - I have a mercedes A class and OH has an Audi A4 so shoudl be fine but my friend has a mini and found a pushchair that was specifically designed to fit small cars - if you let me know I'll ask her which make / model it is xxx
  • I have got a 08 Mini Cooper and there is no way I'm getting rid of it! We are getting a Bugaboo Chameleon buggy, we have tried it in the boot and it fits!
  • we have a mini one and dont want to get rid of it because it would be as a loss financially. We have gone for the joolz and its fits in the boot. its getting the car seat in and out thats going o be the tricky part but we will get the hang of it
  • i had a 3 door car - my job involves having children in and out with car seats booster seats etc - it annoyed me so much i got a 5 door car. but im a fussy begger anyway!!!
  • I have got a 3 door BMW 3 series sports coupe, it only has 2 seats in the back and bucket seats that are not good for car seats so we have to to get a 'sensible car'.

    We get a new lease car every year from work and this year they have finally got Mini's on there and I REALLY REALLY want one but OH sais we can't have one! I think we are going to either get a Peugeot 307 or a 5 door BMW depending whats a good price on the lease deal when its up for renewal.
  • Hi when i was pregnant with my daughter i had a micra 3dr old shape but decided to treat myself to a bigger 5dr car to make life easier so i got a 5 dr vw polo the boot is a good size and it was easy to get car seat in and out good job i did change my car as im expecting number two now oh drives a 7seat toyota verso but i prefer my polo lol
  • Hiya,
    I have a 3 door megane...i love it but we need to get a 5 door car really! We have installed the isofix base so although it's a 3 door car at least we don't have to mess around with seatbelts getting the car seat in and out! It's brand new so i know it'll have to do for now but maybe when lo is a toddler it may be easier with a 5 door!
    We have the quinny buzz & everything fits in fine (including the carrycot)
    Lucy 39+4
  • I've got 3 door fiat punto. Ideally would like to get a 5 door but we only got this car in the summer on finance so its not worth part exchanging at the min so just gonna have to deal with it I'm sure I'm not the only one. Oh has got a 5 door but its a 406 and an old banger which he uses for work and back so I'm not driving that!
    The boot in the punto is fairly small and we're gonna get the Quinny Buzz so I hope it fits I think it will cuz I know its quite compact.
  • We went from 2 cars (a golf and a megane sport) to 1 when we found out we were expecting and now share a Lexus IS 250. Its definitely a family car, looks gorgeous and drives beautifully but I still reallllly miss my golf! x
  • We bought our car with ttc in mind and got a Ford Focus - 5 door. SUCH a 'practical family car'! But it has a mahooosive boot and is actually really nice to drive (we got automatic which I just love!) My sis has a Peugeot 206 and recommended we got the biggest boot we could find after they struggled to get travel system, travel cot etc in their car!

    Hubby was upset cos he wanted a BMW but I didn't and I was upset cos I wanted a small car like a Yaris or something. So we did that 'compromise' thing when neither of you end up happy! lol!

  • Hubby recently gave back his company car to save money and get us a better 'family' car. His company car was a BMW and the boot was RUBBISH. We couldn't get a thing in it! He now has a lovely Honda Civic and best thing is, I drive it so much better than his BMW!!!

    I have a Toyota Aygo - I hate it and it was the worst mistake I made buying it! I am keeping it for now, but after its service next week I am considering putting it on Autotrader.

    Joo xxxxx
  • I used to have a Golf GTI turbo 3door. I loved the power and speed of it but it was expensive to run and insure, so we decided to sell it and get a newer family friendly car- five door, big boot, diesel. We picked a lovely 08 plate focus. It's a high spec one so it has all the toys, so I don't feel like I'm missing out that much!!

    When I was in hospital in September the lady in the bed next to me had a mini. She had 2 kids and had fallen accidentally with twins so was having to sell her car which she wasn't happy about!!

    12 weeks x
  • Hi

    I have a BMW 1 Series and i love it image

    The boot is big and it has iso-fix so it's really family friendly.

    Sharon x


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