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How many weeks pregnant am i

Hi all

I am a little confused, I have checked some websites, some say I am 4 weeks and some say I am 5 weeks.

I even tried asking my GP and he said ‘4/5 weeks’.

my last period start date was 01/10/20, and my cycle length is 32 days, but previous cycle was 35 days.

Would anyone know how many weeks pregnant I am?

Will appreciate any answers!

Thanks ☺️


  • Hi @SharonS19..Firstly Congrats ❤.Im in a similar position to you..around the 4/5 week mark. Last period was 8th October and I am usually 29 days cyle. Try out this link:

  • Hello @Impatientlywaiting thank you so much and congrats to you too 😃

    the website says I am 4 weeks 6 days, I thought I was over 5 weeks! 

    Good luck to you ❤️
  • @SharonS19 thought it was good for some clarity! I'm 4 weeks 3 days. how are you feeling? xx
  • @Impatientlywaiting yep but I guess we won’t know for sure until our scans !

    Right now I’m fine! But for the past three/ four days and this morning I had back pain, on and off breast soreness but it wasn’t so bad. That’s about it! How are you feeling? Xx
  • Yeah I am the same, breast soreness is the main one for me and my sense of smell is crazy! Other than that I feel good. I'm not sure how I will manage to get through the next while waiting on a scan..its going to feel quite long! Hopefully all being well we will both be around the 12 week mark coming up to the new year xx
  • I think the symptoms will kick in around week 6 . I have noticed that I feel very irritated when I go to bed, I feel hot and I can’t sleep for the past two days. 

    I know I want the scan to hurry up! Seems ages away! I really want to tell my family on Christmas Day! Would you consider having a private scan?

    Is this your first baby? Xx 
  • @SharonS19...they can kick in at 6 weeks but hopefully not too much 🤣

    Yeah I think I would consider a private scan but not sure when the best time would be to get it...afraid to get it too early and not hear a heart beat and it would panic me. I'm waiting for the gp to contact me so I will ask their advice on it. My friend just turned 12 weeks and said she got her flu jab at 6 weeks so need to get that sorted too.

    All being well I'd love to tell everyone at Christmas too it would be lovely and yes its my first so haven't a clue what to expect lol. How about u? xx
  • Hi, im also just over 5 weeks, my period was the 4th Oct. I rung the doctors today though as I’d like a early scan. I had implantation bleeding on the 1st Nov which was on and off for a few days. Done a digital test last weds that said 1-2 weeks and I’ve been doing cheapie tests but they aren’t getting any darker so I’m worried! I’ve had 2 miscarriages but then I had my little rainbow baby girl last year xx
  • @Ellie34 I'm sorry to hear about your mc 😔 but try not to worry, did you get your scan booked in? You could always try a digital test again and hopefully it will say 3+. I might do the same myself xx
  • Yeah I think I might do that but I’ll wait towards the end of the week. My doctor is going to call me next Monday and then book me in, he was very nice so fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻 Congrats on your pregnancy xx
  • @Impatientlywaiting definitely, I guess it’s just better to wait until over 8 weeks. Do you know if you would be called in by your GP to confirm the pregnancy? I spoke to my GP last week and he has referred me to a antenatal clinic, they will send me a form and then I will need to contact my midwife . I always thought that I would need to get a blood test done first or something. Yes you need to get your flu jab booked! Mines booked for next week. Have you started taking folic tablets/ vitamin tablets?

    yes it’s my first! Very nervous just how everything is fine for the next 9 months ! 

    @el@Ellie34 I’m sorry about your mc, congratulations on this pregnancy 🙂 HCG doubles every other day so do another test in a few days. 

  • @Ellie34 Think its a good idea to wait until the end of the week because it could cause unnecessary worry.Keep us posted on how your appointment goes. How are u feeling today?

    @SharonS19 so I called the GP today just to confirm and they said they have done the referral for me and I should be expecting a letter within the next week and part of the process will be getting on the list for a flu jab so shouldn't be long hopefully. When I was on the call with my GP last week she said to take pregnacare so have been taking them for over 1 week now. How about u? 

  • I’m miscarrying:(( I had a bad feeling from the start and I was right. Gutted xx
  • @Ellie34 I am so sorry to hear that, sending love to you ❤  I hope you have people around for support and I am sure your daughters smile will help xx
  • Thank you, definitely holding my little girl tighter 💖 good luck to you and enjoy every min, it’s the best ever being a mummy xx
  • @Ellie34 I am so sorry, we are here if you need anyone to talk to ❤️
  • @Impatientlywaiting yeah I guess that is the process, just patiently waiting for my letter! 

    I started taking only folic acid last week  a pharmacy brand. However I thought that is not enough and I need other vitamins, so yesterday I started taking pregnacare plus with omega 3.

    how are you feeling? Any more symptoms ? Xx
  • Thank you so much xx
  • @SharonS19 breasts are definitely getting more sore especially during the night and first thing in the morning and I cant sleep without a bra! I've also had slight cramping this afternoon...hoping its nothing to worry about. How about u? xx
  • @Impatientlywaiting slight cramping is a symptom and usually nothing to worry about. I have a sore back for a while now. I have had on and off sore breast. They’re sore for a few seconds and then it goes and doesn’t come back for a while. I have felt a little queasy but nothing major, but I have had that even before pregnancy due to acid reflux. 

    I am getting worried as I’m not having any pregnancy symptoms Xx
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