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Fancy testing Fifi & Friends baby care products? Sign up here



  • Yes please. Harper - 10 months old would love to xx 

  • Hugo-Blaze  (Male) is 2years and 4months old we would love to test for fifi and freinds! x 

  • I ❤ a product test. I was a dove convert after Patrick tried them but Saoirse has such different skin.

    Patrick (boy) has just turned 2 and Saoirse (girl)  8 months on Sunday!

  • Hi

    i would love to test some products with my 3.5 year old daughter X

  • Hi Danielle my daughter lily would love to test the Fifi and friends range! She’s female & 3 years 6 months old! Thanks :) 

  • Two girls, Millie 5yo, Lucie 9 months old

  • Hi all!!

    My little boy Stephen is 10 months old. We'd love to test!!

  • Hi.

    Would love to try it. My daughter is 5 months in 2 weeks time. 

    Many thank


  • We would love to test! We have a 3year old daughter and 7mth old son!! 

  • Love to test my daughter is 4 years old xx

  • We would love to test this product on my toddler Tim, who is 23 months old. He was sensitive to skin products as a baby so i am now selective on what he uses in addition to his bath oil. We have Just started trying other products on his skin. It would be great to have a product that works so can eventually use with both boys. His younger brother is 14 weeks old 

  • Kit & I would love to take part. 

    He is a little boy who is currently 8 months old x

  • Oh wow, we’d love to give these products a whirl! 

    My boy is 7 months old now.

  • hi I have a four year old girl Olivia and 1 year old Alex and we would love to test products! 

  • We would like to try these products- my son Jaxson is 9 months old and loves his baths and massages so im sure he'd enjoy trying new washes and creams :) thank you!

  • Would love to test this.. Meredith is now 17 months and female

    We love trying anything new and are avid review writers 😂.

    Thanks mfms

  • Harrison is 9 months and we'd love to give these a try! He has quite dry skin and I've been frantically trying to find something quite natural in ingredients, but that is effective!! Xx

  • I would like to try these products out - I have a boy aged 3 called Henry and have tried different bath products before but would be mostly interested in the conditioning defanging spray as he has very curly hair!


  • Hi, my little girl is 9 and a half months old. We would like to be considered as a tester. 

  • Hi, Hazel (20 months) and I would love to be considered. Thanks :)  

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