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Tell Winalot all the things people don’t tell you about owning a puppy: £200 Amazon voucher prize


Winalot would love you tell them all the things people don’t tell you about owning a puppy, and you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for telling them.

Winalot say “We’re so excited to be launching our new puppy pouches, made with selected natural ingredients and 100% complete and balanced. It's the food that generations of dogs have grown up with, because day after day, it never fails to hit the spot. After all it’s a dog’s life!”

To be in with a chance of winning the £200 Amazon voucher, scroll to the text box at the bottom of this thread, and tell Winalot all the things people don’t tell you about owning a puppy. If you wanted to share a picture of your pup too, Winalot would love that.

Everyone who posts and answers the question fully, will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 31/08/21, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.


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  • 1. Some puppies will refuse all dog food until they get chicken and rice forever! 
    2. You don’t realise just how much of a positive impact they leave on your lives. 

    Little Coco 3 years old. 
  • 1. They can be harder work and more needy than children. I didn't realise that a puppy would be up all night and need frequent toilet trips during the night 😴
    2. They can destroy EVERYTHING in the blink of an eye - even seemingly indestructible items/furniture.
    3. The bond they have with your kids and vice versa is like no other 😍

  • As we've got a Great Dane puppy, we had to make sure that we didn't let her do as a puppy, what we wouldn't want her to do as a fully grown 60kg adult! 🤣 Jumping, playing rough etc.

    Take to lots of different places as pups so they can be socialised with dogs, people and everything else in the world.

    Puppy classes are a fab start to their life, letting them see other dogs and giving them basic obedience. We've now passed Puppy Foundation and KC Good Citizen Bronze at 8 months old. Get the kids to help out with training too!

    Train recall from the beginning as it's one of the most important skills they'll need.

    Research their food! There's a website that rates dog food and it's interesting that some big brands are full of fillers and not much meat content.

    Get lots of chews and toys so they've got lots to play with.
  • You are never told: 

    1. Train your puppy from day one

    2. Research your dogs breed! This is a huge must

    3. Always check what ingredients / if natural ingredients are in your dogs food just as you would for your children 

    4. your shoes/slippers no longer belong to yourself once a puppy becomes a member of your family

    5. Research food for your puppy and if possible follow which food your puppy was eating whist living with their mummy

    6. Your house turns looks exactly like it did when you had toddlers, toys everywhere, teeth marks everywhere, dribble everywhere, you can no longer go to the toilet on your own

    7. Cuddles are definitely a 24hr things

    8. Your life will finaly feel complete

    9. Be prepared to child proof your house

    10. New toys are a definite must on a regular basis

    11. Do not invest in a cooling mat if your puppy is a chewer

    12. Not all dogs enjoy days out in the car (we're super lucky Teddy loves days out) 

    13. Where ever you go your puppy will follow

    14. Stair gates are a must

    15. Cages are down to personal preference, personally we have not crated our puppy and he is thriving. All puppy's get up to mischief in the beginning this is normal and with training this will not last long I promise 
  • I forgot to add above, don't forget to purchase your puppy a seat belt for when travelling 🐕💝
  • 1. That they are extremely needy and you will need to get up frequently throughout the night.
    2. They will destroy EVERYTHING and have very sharp needle like teeth that pierce through everything!
    3. They (choc labs) are the most loving, funny, friendly dogs and that you will fall in love with them instantly.

    This is Lucy as a pup, she’s now approaching 4.5yrs old and already has a grey beard lol

  • That they are so much hard work, but get easier when they're older (just like kids)!  & that they just destroy everything during that teething phase, even sofas! 

  • Your life will never be the same again … in the best possible way!

    Dudley is now 4 years old and is still as hyper and loving as he was on day 1.

    A puppy likes to protect tiny humans and other tiny creatures

    you will gain a new shadow, no where is an escape especially toilet trips

    socks and slippers no longer belong solely to you

    It’s not all plain sailing but start training straight away and you are guaranteed to have a new best friend
  • That they are a lot harder work than a toddler, harder to toilet train and are very needy. But if you have patience they become your best friend 
  • • You are their everything and they may not enjoy be without you, so get used to a summer staycation focused around dog friendly activities. 
    • Your friends might not like drool, barking and dog hair, so your entertaining may be reduced. 
    • Puppies are hard work, but their constant love makes it so worth while and if does get easier as they grow up. 
    • Like people, every puppy is different. Not all puppies chew everything, not all puppies wee in the house for months, not all puppies bark at everything, not all puppies require hours and hours of playtime each day, but some do! Research your breed and the parents of your puppy well so you know what you're letting yourself in for. 
    • Some characteristics are genetic, so check if the parents are good in the car, good with children, good eaters, like water, like other dogs, like being groomed, like other pets, good with livestock and whatever else is important to you. 
    • Like small children, puppies may try and eat anything, so you must be vigilant and careful they don't gobble something dangerous. 
    • When your puppy becomes an elderly dog and the saddest day comes when you have to put them down, you will be heartbroken. 
  • As a pet owner and a vet prepared for anything !!! Don’t have high expectations and if they exceed them amazing . Every dog is different! Just like children ! Some
    take weeks to toilet train, others months. Research the breed but still  expect anything they are their own individual!! Dogs are the best thing ever. We have two absolute babes ! A lab and a mongrel 
  • One of the things that no one tells you about owning a puppy is how much energy they have and it can be quite exhausting keeping then entertained and the fact that they get you up in the middle of the night to play Hahahah
  • That they all have their own personalities and that you will have a friend for life  <3
  • edited Aug 3, 2021 9:14PM
    1. You will lose your slippers. 
    2. Everything is edible. 
    3. You’ll laugh many times a day. 
    4. “What have you got in your mouth?” is secret language for “RUN!”
    5. They are like hamsters, they hide things in their mouths to chew again when you’re not looking. 
    6. That first month it’s like having a newborn. You will be up at least 4 times a night, you will wonder if you’re ever going to sleep again. 
    7. You’ll never pee alone.
  • 1. Walks will take forever while everyone in local area says hi 
    2. You come home to a welcome party every single time 
    3. You no longer own blankets because they are all Lunas 
    4. You will never worry so much about what goes in and come out of something in your life 

  • So many things to say, just not enough space to say it!! 😆
    *. You worry about them as much as you would do anouther human, wether that's due to what they eat!, if they are drinking enough water!, if they're healthy!, even if they're going the toilet enough!, the list goes on!! It really is like haveing anouther baby in the house.
    *. You love them more than you thought you would. They 100% become part of the family.
    * At first you want to take them with you when you go out anywhere... until you realise you actually can't take a dog to the restaurant where you work!!!
    *. Even humans can't compare to how a puppy/dog reacts when you walk threw the door. It's the best.
    *. They poo....Alot!
    *. Who would of thought doors tasted good!!!!
    *. They love a good competition with a tap!! You've not seen will power like it until you have seen a dog try to catch water pouring out a tap!! Worth a watch!!
    I could go on like I said, but we would be hear a while!!.. all I can say from my experience is the pros definitely outway the cons!! It really is like haveing anouther child though, so it's not a decision to be taken lightly 🙂
  • 1) How hard it is emotionally to have a new puppy. Lack of sleep and a puppy seemingly to constantly nip at you and the family is very draining but thankfully the sleepless nights don't last aw long as a new born and the puppy does eventually listen...well most of the time 🤣
    2) It's hard work but incredibly rewarding. 
  • Owning a puppy seems like great fun, but try owning 4! It's a decision not to be taken lightly as there are many instances where you need to pay for unexpected treatments, then there's the daily treats, food and grooming - and all that mounts up to be a small fortune!

    I have 4 dogs, three small/medium adult male dogs and a Golden Retriever young female. Being surrounded by 3 males means she is a tom-boy and not as elegant as she should be. Not only that but she think she is a small dog and is constantly trying to squeeze into small spaces, resulting in broken furniture! And you can wave goodbye to a healthy lawn and flowers too as puppies are notorious for digging! 

    There are advantages to a puppy/dog though, they help with the taking it back out of the basket and then hiding underwear and socks all over the house! Everything becomes a 'chewy' - even slippers, shoes, cushions and dummy's! But I wouldn't have it any other way! 

  • For us being an owner of a puppy is when your puppy realises that what you have on your plate is far nicer than there's. And when they realise your bed is way more nicer and bigger that there's .when your on the loo and decide to steal the toilet roll the only toilet roll in the bathroom .
    the best things are a dogs unconditional love.even on the lowest days they give you a reason to get up

  • No one tells you of the constant worry and stress these little bundles of razer sharp teeth cause.
    The jumping out of bed at 3am when you hear them whimper stepping in a brown smelly present they have left for you.
    No one tells you of the undying love you have or how quick the time will go before you have to say a final goodbye.
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