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Tell MAM the best baby sleep tips you wished you’d have known: £200 Amazon voucher prize!



  • Stick to your routine. Sing lullabies.
  • To be flexible to change and try trial and error.  I kept routine the same for ages and quickly learnt that I need to be open to changing and evolving the routine in order to get some sleep!
  • Kangaroo Kare


    It can be difficult to get babies to stop crying, which is not easy to deal with for a tired parent. My sister had this problem with her first child. As I had found that listening to my girl friend’s heart sent me to sleep fast I suggested to my sister that she shove the baby up her jumper and put his ear next to her heart, the baby fell to sleep fast. The spelling of this invention was normal in musical culture at the time, but some medics, without my permission, now spell it correctly.

  • I used a snuzpod when each of my three daughters were very young, which made breastfeeding at night much easier. Then when they were around 5 months I moved them into my bed with me. My eldest stayed in there until she was 4 years! Second just over a year and my third is still in with me at 1yr 3months. I also find a simple
    hand on their tummy can help to settle them when they stir x
  • My routine was to bathe baby, then wrap up and feed with dim light on, and softly humming a lullaby.
  • Keeping a good routine was the best thing I ever did. Bath, feed then bed. It really did work but just remember every child is different so trust your instinct and do what's right for you
  • As a mum of 5 the tip I wish I have new is Not to tiptoe and keep everything in silence, baby’s adapt and prefer background noise. Also to get them into toddler bed as soon as it’s safe or else I have a jumping bean in and out of the cot. 3 of my kids wouldn’t sleep in proper cots so went from Moses basket to travel cot to bed 
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