Coming off the pill mid-pack!

Hi All,
I have just found this web site and it is great. I recently (a week ago) came off the pill mid way through my pack as we have decided to try for a baby. I am so excited! But since ditching the pill, I have come to learn that it is best to wait till the end of the pack and take it from there. Have I ruin my chances now by coming off mid-pack, thus throwing hormones into maddness? The first few months are meant to be the most fertile. Will this still be the case for me? And also, I have my period now - I assume because I am no longer on the pill - is this normal and should I consider this a proper period and count my cycle from the end of the bleed? All a bit confused now that it is actually happening to me! But so exciting! I feel like a naughty school girl for not taking the pill religeously every day after 10 years on it!

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  • hi i stopped taking my pill mid way through,i had a bleed a week later i had to wait 33 days after that then they went to a normal 28 days we were trying for 6 month and im now 4+1 day pregnant.
    good look have lots of fun baby dancing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    emma xxxxximage

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  • hi and welcome

    The only risk you have coming off the pill mid pkt is that it can throw your hormones even more over the place than they would already be when you come off at the end of the pkt!

    The af (period)you have know is your withdrawal bleed so is NOT your proper af. The proper one will be the next one you get! You should count your cycle from the first day you started bleeding as this is cycle day (CD) 1.

    Yes you are most fertile for he first couple of months when coming off the pill - but that definitely doesn't mean it will happen quickly - but you may be one of the lucky ones xx

    You may not go regular straight away as most people don't due to the hormones being messed up, especially after being on pill 10 years! Also a word of warning - for the first few months you are likely to get every pg symptom going!! We certainly all have!!

    Good luck and I hope it doesn't take you too long xx

    Tara 5+3
  • Hello little toad and welcome, you will soon be addicted!

    I waited until the end of a packet but I know a few girls on here didn't and they should be able to help.

    Count day 1 as the first day of red blood and then when you next get AF (or not if you get a quick BFP :\)) you class that as your first true period.

    What you are experiencing now is just your normal withdrawal bleed.

    Its never too early to start bd'ing and it can only maximise your chances! Good luck xx

  • Wow - such rapid response! Thank you so much ladies! I am sitting at work.... reading all of these enteries and it is so exciting and facinating! I need to learn all the lingo though! OK - so ignore this bleed, when the next one starts count that as day 1 of the cycle, take temp every morning before getting up, record every day and see temp goes up (just after ovulation??). Then I should know for next time? I ahve always been very regular so hope I will get there some time!
  • You need to count from 1st day of bleed of this withdrawal bleed to see how long this cycle is!! Especially if you are lucky and get pg before you get 1st real af!!

    As for temperature taking - I can't help there as i never did mine - but there will be people who can advise you on that! It is only one way of charting what happens!! don't forget you can do these things to help but they aren't always 100% accurate as they vary from person to person!!

    one of the most important things to really look for is Egg white cervical mucus (EWCM), which is mucus that looks like egg whites and if you hold it between fingers and move them apart, it sticks to them and the stretches! This is what is need when you ovulate to help the sperm get to the egg!! You may also experience cramping when you ovulate aswell!! You need to try and figure out when this happens as this is the only time you can get pg!! If you don't see much ewcm or none at all. evening primrose oil (EPO) is meant to help produce it! You would only take his up to ovulation though as it can cause cramping of the stomach if taken afterwards which can hinder the egg's implantation!!
  • You have been so helpful! Thank you! So I have been bleeding (not much though) for three days now so that means I am CD3? I will get the hang of this! I know what you mean about the mucas - I think this will be a good thing for me to go on personally. I also can feel (mid cycle) a low abdomen paid, usually on my right side, and I think this must be ovulation. So I will be able to tell from that too! Where can I find a list of all the abreviations?
    Thanks again - I am now on a mission! I really hope it doesnt take my life over though! x
  • Hope these help. good luck with a quick BPP!

    FILO ~ completely nuts person and definately one of a kind!!
    AF ~ Aunt Flo (menstrual period)
    BFN ~ big fat negative (on a pregnancy test)
    BFP ~ big fat positive (on a pregnancy test)
    BTDT ~ been there, done that
    CD ~ cycle day (of your menstrual period)
    CM ~ cervical mucus
    DPO ~ days past ovulation
    EDD ~ estimated date of delivery or pregnancy due date
    EP ~ ectopic pregnancy
    EPT ~ early pregnancy test
    EWCM ~ egg white cervical mucus
    FET ~ frozen embryo transfer
    GL ~ good luck
    HPT ~ home pregnancy test
    HTH ~ hope that helps
    IUI ~ intrauterine insemination
    IVF ~ in vitro fertilization
    MC/MMC ~ miscarriage
    OV ~ ovulate
    OMG ~ oh my goodness
    OPK ~ ovulation predictor kit
    PG ~ pregnant
    TTC ~ trying to conceive
    DD ~ dear daughter
    DS ~dear son
    DH ~ dear husband
    OH ~ other half
    LO ~ little one
    TBH ~ to be honest
    HV ~ health visitor
    MW ~ midwife
    LOL ~ laugh out loud
    TMI ~ too much information
    POAS ~ pee on a stick
    BAC ~ by any chance
    BD ~ baby dance (sex)
    BF ~ breastfeeding
    MIL ~ mother inlaw
    FIL ~ father inlaw
    BTW ~ by the way
    HTH ~ hope this helps
    LO ~ littleone
    TC ~ take care
    TY ~ thank you
    WB ~ welcome back
    1WW/2WW ~ between ovulation on AF
    PCOS ~ Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    PCO ~ Polycystic Ovaries
    LH ~ Luteinizing Hormone
    UPSI ~ unprotected sexual intercourse
    DI ~ Donor insemination
    PMSL ~ pissing myself laughing
    TBH ~ To be honest
    FFS ~ for f**** sake
    BBT ~ Basal body temperature (a temperature reading used determine a woman's fertile period)
    PUPO ~ pregnant until proven otherwise
    R+R ~ read and run
    PMA ~ Positive Mental Attitude
    WTF ~ what the f*ck
  • Genius! Fab! Thank you!
  • You have been so helpful! Thank you! So I have been bleeding (not much though) for three days now so that means I am CD3? I will get the hang of this! I know what you mean about the mucas - I think this will be a good thing for me to go on personally. I also can feel (mid cycle) a low abdomen paid, usually on my right side, and I think this must be ovulation. So I will be able to tell from that too! Where can I find a list of all the abreviations?
    Thanks again - I am now on a mission! I really hope it doesnt take my life over though! x

    yes you are on CD3!! If you get the pain mid month ish that is definitely a good ov sign!! Just make you bd a lot around then!!
  • Hello,

    I'm in the same position as Little Toad. I stopped taking the pill mid pack on 01/08/08 then I had a bleed from 05/08/08 but now I don't know when I'm due on !?!?

    We are seriously trying but without know when propert AF is I wont know when ovulation is.

    Normally I'd take my last pill then 4 days after AF arrives (which happened before) but I am due on today but am not.

    Did a test yesterday but was BFN. HELP please!!!!
  • You will have to wait your first one (bleed) our as I understand it - as everything is out of order! Monitor your cycle so that next cycle you have some idea of how long it might be. It is a waiting game I guess.....
  • hey i came off the pill mid packet too at the beginning of july. i had my withdrawal bleed about 4 days later. but then i had a 37 day cycle before my first proper af showed up. I'm currently on cd13 of my first proper cycle.

    if you're currently on cd28 and getting BFN it could be that you're just having a longer cycle as your body gets used to the changes.

    Good Luck to you both

  • Ok all...I know I'm way late in the conversation but I need help!! I went on the pill 2 months ago. During my second pack I kept forgetting pills. I missed Friday and Saturday the first week, Friday and saturday the second week and then again Tuesday that week. I took my pill Wednesday and on Thursday had the smallest amount of brown blood and then all of a suddene it just stopped...I called the OB nurse she advised me to stop the pill until I know if I am pregnant or not. On the pill, my period would be due tomorrow (wed 11/7/12) but now that I'm not on the pill I don't know if I should still be expecting it? I have NO PMS symptoms at all, a clear with white spots  CM when I check with my finger but doesn't stretch, and when I wipe its more of an off white/light yellow discharge and wet. Pregnancy? Ovulation way off? AF coming? Any thoughts??

  • I stopped my pill half way thru the pack, I have heard that ovulation could occur right after stopping, anyone else heard this? I haven't had any withdrawal bleeding yet, I'm hoping that I won't because I am ALREADY PREGGO! Should I not have my hopes up so soon?

  • Mal002- did you take hpt? Bfp? I just stopped my bcp nov 25, now on day 9 after withdrawal AF. I am hoping for the same thing, no reg AF in dec bc a baby will come next sept!! But I am trying to keep those hopes down and not too high, I was on bcp since 2002 with only a few months here and there off. So we will see. Let me know if you get your BFP!! GL!
  • I stopped my pill on Dec 3 after completing the whole pkt and i had my withdrawal bleeding start at Dec 5. I had unprotected sex on the 15th, 17th and 18th. Im going crazy to know if I'm pregnant. does anyone think that I've got a chance?

  • Hey ladies!

    Hoping someone can help little me as I'm quite anxious about what's happening with my body right now!!

    I came off the pill after taking just 5 from my pack (so less than halfway through) - and even those were a bit all over the place, taking them late etc. Anyway, the last pill I took was Dec 15th, I had a bleed for 2-3 days starting on the 19th Dec. But since then I've been having a lot of pregnancy like symptoms, especially in the last 5 days. Gassy feeling in my tum (sorry if TMI!), sickness (I felt sick, and then actually did vomit twice) hot flushes, cramps, increased mucus (sorry again, TMI)..

    So my question is even though I had a mini bleed on the 19th, could I be pregnant? My last regular bleed (on my last pill free break) was the 6th.. So if I go by that I'd be 3 weeks now...

    Help anyone please??
  • Tinkerbell, I think maybe you ovulated after your withdrawl cycle! Maybe that's it! 


    I also stopped my pills recently, Nov 25, and have my withdrawl on Nov 29. I tried tracking my BBT but it's all over the place, because I am an extremely light sleeper etc.. I have been watching CM and it finally started changing a few days ago, from S to C now it's EW but with a little red tinged in. We did BD early this morning (3am) and we shall see if that made a baby!!!!~! I didn't think I would ovulate after being on the pill for so many years, but I am pretty positive I did! If I have a neg test I will start using the  ovulation kits to help track, but I think I did this month image 

  • Hi everyone!


    I recently started taking the pill in late November and did not take it regularly at all. Then I had my period that i would regularly have without even being on the pill. Then a few days later after getting off the usual period i started the period that the birth control pack said I would be having a period. Now it has been a week and i am once again bleeding but not like usual. I have been trying to conceive and have been doing it every day. Also some more information I am not supposed to have my regular period that i would have if i wasn’t on the pill for another 8 days. PLEASE HELP IM SO CONFUSED image

    Thank yall so much!

  • I came off cerazette (mini pill) about a week ago now. But no withdrawl bleed. Everyone seems to have got there's pretty fast? Did anyone take a while to get a withdrawl bleed? Thanks image xxx
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