More symptom spotting

Ok well yesterday and the day before i had really strong pain in my lower belly and this also went into my groin and down the front of my leg. My belly yesterday was soooo bloated and still is and the area above my pubic bone looks swollen. I am weeing more but it;s really pale wee like i don;t really need to go as it's not very much each time but like something is pushing in my belly to make me go?

My boobs do look a little fuller hubby said so last night and this never happened last month they did not get fuller till a few days before AF arrived. Also i have sore nips,

I am only 5dpo so I would not be feeling any preg symptoms yet really I guess this is how my body will be after each time i ov.

K xx



  • :lol: You really ARE an addict girlie! I would say it is maybe too early to experience any real symptoms, but on the other hand maybe very early symptoms do exist, but they have not been documented 'cos no one really notices them unless they are looking for them as we all are on here (does that make sense? I know what I mean anyway! :lol: )

    Good luck k, really hope this is your month and that you are really in tune with your body (therefore right!) xxx

  • You know me LOL

    I just want to look out for everything because if i did not then each month I would be thinking yes i am preg. Last month I had so many signs and it turned out to be nothing so this month I have some new ones I will now know next month after OV this is what I could be feeling you?

    I might even have a water infection as my belly really is swollen and the need to wee is more than offered I have not even been drinking that much.

    I am keeping a dairy of how I feel each day so this will show me how my body worksimage


  • Ok I must be mad but what you have said K kind of makes sense! If you don't take note and AF comes anyway then how will you remember when it is different. Still not going to do it to myself though, hope this month is your month x
  • i am with k-lou and just writing it all down so I can refer to it! I have special book for it with gorgeous kittens on the front - lol!
  • i am with k-lou and just writing it all down so I can refer to it! I have special book for it with gorgeous kittens on the front - lol!
  • yeah see girls you know it makes sense image The thing is i am hoping and i am praying and i am looking for every little thing but i think it some how does get me through the 2 ww. I mean what is all of this without a little hope it's of you have enough to say ok well not this month lets try again. I guess for me i am only on my second so i am ok at the mo.

    Love the little kittens ahhhh image

    k XX
  • Well surprise surprise K has been symptom unusual! lol image

    Ok so have had 3 episodes of nausea today, one was in the back seat of car, so may not be related! Nips really sore this morning...still. My bb's don't really hurt, but feel maybe heavier. Also "aware" of them around the sides.

    I'm with K, I need to be aware of what signs I get. I haven't had the nips and bb's before. So if I haven't done it this month, I'll know next month not to be excited by it! xx
  • See you have to notice these things thats why I do it. I am adding lower back pain as well to mine.

    k XX
  • See you have to notice these things thats why I do it. I am adding lower back pain as well to mine.

    k XX
  • On my ''i feel rough''post - I have had back pain too!! Seeing as both k-lou and mithical are having similar symptoms to me between them I guess it could either be a good or bad month for all of us!! Fingers crossed it's the 1st!!
  • Can I join in? I'm 6 DPO, and although I'm not symptom spotting quite as much as I was last month, from reading this thread, I'm currently having the exact same symptoms. The "girls" are really tender, and I'm noticing that they hurt around the sides too - and I've had lower back pain for the last couple of days.

    I know it's early days to symptom spot, but surely the fact that a few of us have the same symptoms may be positive eh??!!??

  • Not trying to get anyone's hopes up, but i experienced loads of symptoms very early in my pregnancy. I think it was around 5-8 dpo.

    Fingers crossed guys xxx
  • I think K and I are worried it's got something to do with the pill, as we have both recently come off it. poppygirl, have you recently come off the pill as well?? If not then I might be a bit more hopeful? xx
  • Sorry, minor symptom but want to add it! I have been feeling hot all day, took my temp it is 36.8, when it's normally around 36.2! Probably nothing...but.... xx
  • Girls I have experienced most of the same and I have never been on the pill although I did last month and I am still here so last month at least they were not pg related! I still think we should have been given flashing beacons that say pg when you are that would solve all the problems! At least then we wouldn't write off the last 2 weeks of the month with everything crossed! Good luck girls hope its our month this month!
  • can i just randomly symptom spot?! i've no idea where i am in cycle after D&C 26 days ago....
    so i'm currently symptom spotting for possible ov, af or (very unlikely) bfp!

    i hate my body!!
  • I was on the pill too!! I think K-lou and I came off at similar times - when did you come off mithical?What pill were you both on? If we were on the same it could be related to that? I was on femodene
  • well ladies symptom spot away because sometimes they are true. I had pains and bloating and constipation from 5dpo, metallic taste at 7 dpo. kept wanting to wee more and just had a feeling at 8dpo that i wanted to test and was BFP!! Also despite every book saying morning sickness starting around 5 weeks+ i got mine at 7dpo and worse by 4w2 days. Good luck ladies and hnag in there.
    Filo x
  • I came off the pill over 18 months ago - so I wouldn't think any of my "symptoms" are pill-related.

    I've got nearly a couple of weeks to go before poas time - I don't know how i'm gonna get through it - this is the worst part of ttc. I'm not very patient at the best of times. Grrrr!
  • immense, came off Femodene end of March! xx
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