What does everyone do for a living?

Can you tell I'm bored today!!! I don't think I have ever posted so many times in one day!!

I'm a Financial Adviser but am leaving my job in a couple of weeks to work elsewhere. Slightly different role but essentially a technical expert on pensions, investments, offshore bonds etc. It doesn't half sounds dull written down but it's alright really!

Have been very quiet today cos I'm starting to wind down on appointments etc.

How about you?

Plus, to put a spin on it, what would be your ideal job regardless of pay etc?

Mine would be either, midwife, wedding planner or RSPCA inspector!!! Completely different!!




  • Hi there

    I am a Receptionist/PA the job I would love to do is be a care work for the elderly but it pays soo bad.

    K xx

  • I'm a nurse, and the job I'd most like is mine without the stress and better pay. Or to own my own animal shelter/sanctuary...any animal love (near enough) all of them! xx
  • I'm a stay at home mum but I also do Usborne books. I have to say that i love what I do & love being at home with the kids its just a pity it didnt pay better & give better holidays!!!!! Plus the hours are long & the overtime rate is non existant!!!!! lol xx
  • i'm a new sales & marketing administrator for a printing bureau. its not a horrible position but i am on the look out for a new position.

    Ideally i would like to own my own marketing consultancy firm or be a midwive/wedding planner.

    Dh and i are currently looking into opening our own coffee/sandwich shop but i can't be motivated enough at the mo to write out a business plan etc!!!!!!!!!.
  • similar to you Mrs hopeful! I am an independent mortgage adviser. credit crunch means its a good time to have a baby!! Ideally would like to run an ebay shop selling pets stuff!
  • I'm a freelance writer and PR. I do rather enjoy it but if I could afford to, I would love to write a novel (who wouldn't?)

    It makes me laugh that everyone wants to be a midwife! Firstly because it proves we are all baby-mad, and secondly, I see my mum do that job and I don't think I could cope with being on call so much or having to work nights!
  • hi im do care work for the elderly and i dont think the pay is that bad,i get over ??10 an hour on sunfday,nearly ??10 an hour on sat and nearly ??8 an hour on a weekday then we get 40p a mile for everymile we do in the day. i chose my hours to fit around my daughter and still get enough hours for full time. its such a rewarding job and i would honestly tell anyone interested to give it ago. its alot of fun with all the other girls too
  • I am a trainee accountant / hopefully qualified accounts technician!! I have just sat the last 3 of my AAT exams this week and am then moving onto CIMA to be a qualified accountant!

    When I win the lottery (?!) I want to volunteer in an animal shelter, so I can look after lots of gorgeous cats like my Tallulah in the pic!! I would probably bring them all home tho - lol!!
  • i am a newborn hearing screener so get to work with babys all day, very nice job but makes me really broody, and also doesn`t pay too well!!

    my dream job would be either personal shopper, wedding planner or i`d love to own my own flower shop xx
  • I am a freelance designer which I love because I am my own boss. But if I could do anything I would run a smallholding with pigs and chickens and grow tons of veg that I would sell and in an ideal work make loads of money from.
  • I am a nurse in elderly care, only 16 hours a week, and a mum the rest of the time. It was my ideal job until I had my lo, I used to say I loved it that much that even if I won the lottery I'd want to work one day a week-MAD!!!. Since I had her I'd love to be a full time mum. I would also like to be a health visitor-one of the good ones(LOL) or work with plants.
  • I am a farmer and love every minute of it. Love being out in the sun in the summer (when we get some!) and wrapped up all cost in the winter. I work for a family farm so it is really flexible. All the hours under the sun in the spring and summer and then more relaxed in the winter. I'd love to work with horses but happy where i am.
  • ...well compared to everyone else my job sounds rubbish! im a civil servant!! BOOO!! (no not tax!) but work with a great team so its ok really! x
  • I work as a primary school supply teacher. Would much prefer to have a permanent job (part time preferably) but can't get one!!!
    If money weren't an issue and if i were a bit braver i'd love to run my own nursery, the gardening variety!!
  • I'm also a nurse and I work on a somewhat busy (some may even say chaotic!!) medical assessment unit. I love my job and really dont think that there is much else I would like to do - although having a small holding would be great with a few select animals, primarily a horse!!
  • Hiya girls

    I'm a trainee legal executive, working in family law. It sounds really boring, but it's a very interesting job. Doing this job and ttc is heartbreaking though. I'm currently working in a few cases where the kids are being taken into care - I hate hearing that people can't look after their kids, when we're trying so hard to conceive ourselves - i'd gladly take them all in!

    I'd love to be a wedding coordinator in a hotel overseas. I got married in Bali in March of this year, and the wedding coordinator there was so lovely, and I'd love to do what she does - all year round sunshine and happiness. Before I left Bali i was asking everyone for a job - but they all thought i was joking - bugger!
  • There seem to be a lot of us nurses on this site! xx
  • im a receptionist so really not exciting. i only work parttime and im mum the rest of the time.

    i would really love to be a nursary nurse or midwife. first one i was talked out if training when i was younger and havent got the guts to drop everything and train now and the second just seems like such rewarding job. i remember how fab my midwives were when i had my lo and how much they are expected to do.
  • Bon79 - I used to be a civil servant and actually now really miss the westminster buzz!
  • I work for a government research council as a Promotions and Events Manager.
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