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  • Hey ladies!
    Well I know have the baby making bible and have read it loads of it already! If it doesn't happen for us this month I shall be following some of her advice next month image
    I think most of my symptoms are just my normal run up to AF type symptoms so trying to no read too much into them! I guess my biggest feeling is I am just not pregnant! I 'm not being down on myself but I just don't feel it so I think AF will arrive next week and I think I am ok with that image
    Watch out next months egg.... baby making bible + OPK = PMA!!!
    Good luck to everyone and lots of baby dust
  • Lol!! Mrs Cake, I'll be with you on the baby making bible plan if no BFP this month!!

    I so hope pickle is right!! Between us there's gotta be one BFP surely?!!

    Katielou, thats so sweet of your OH, it's lovely when they get into it!

    My DH was a bit nervous to begin with and I haven't been telling him much cos he wants it to be all quite natural (little does he know about the OPKs, diary and BE obsession) but he really surprised me this week, saying "do you feel any different? I think we did it last night, it just felt different". It's not much, but its a big step for him, I just hope he's right!!

    Hope you're all having a fab wkend with all your numerous symptoms (curls, I think you might have a cold!!) - good luck to those testing soon and keep strong those who still have a while to wait!

    Babydust!! xxx
  • Mrs Cake im trying not to ss to but im not getting very far lol (see my other thread) AF not due till Feb 15th feels a lifetime away!

    lots of babydust to all image xx
  • Amber...yeah I do have a cold, but I can dream!!!

    Dont think a cold would give me sore (.)(.) though, but you never know...just trying to keep my PMA up!

    Or maybe I just stop SS'ing altogether image

    Baby dust to everyone!

    x x
  • Hey everyone!
    I can highly recomend writing down all of your symptoms, it really helping me keep a lid on it all! I have a APP on my iphone where it works out your cycle for you and you can make notes. I just note down each day what I feel and then it means i can use it next month to compare!
    I am sure lots of you do this anyway but it is helping me feel less out of control if that makes sense?
    Little button the 2ww does feel like a lifetime!!
    Amber - we can start a baby making bible next month if we don't do it this month. Maybe I wouldn't feel as silly doing some visulisations ect with some other people!
    good luck ladies!

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  • hmmm, hubby has put his foot down and thinks we shouldnt test on the day AF would be due, i kinda see where he is coming from as i normally start at night, but still!!

    Im not too sure about symptoms as im getting OV style pains which isnt very hopefully but i am super bloated too...but i guess thats also a AF symptom!!!

  • well i think i had a virus and not food poisoning as ive managed to give it to hubby and my mum since then! Ive had major cramps this afternoon, alot like af pain but i think i may still be getting over the virus as ive got no appitite either :/

    Ive been a naughty girl and went into mamas and papas this morning, stupid thing to do coz im going to be so gutted if AF arrives now but couldnt help it!

    No bloated symtoms yet though Home Fairy when are you going to test? xx
  • Hubby wants to test a WHOLE WEEK later as then if no AF came and i got a BFP then we'd not have to go through a chem preg.

    That way id have more symptoms if i was and we wouldnt waste money on tests, even though we've bought a cbfm.

    I just keep praying that i had the implantation bleed as it was the tiniest amount. At least i know when i OVd,so in future then we'd know if it was AF on her way.

    Everyone is getting that virus, i hope you were ok taking the tablets you are able to while waiting. Are you heading back to work this week or are you still poorly.

    x x x

    x x x
  • Hi girls, how are you all getting on??

    I had to go out for a meal with friends sat night and I really didn't want to drink, but kinda had to to stop the baby questions, so I had one glass of wine, just one!!! was lovely but felt so bad!! Then one of DH's friends said are you pregnant? No! Are you trying? and I was shocked! who asks that! And stupidly I said No, not really! What the hell does that mean??? Am hoping he missed the not really part or was too drunk to remember!! I must think up a good excuse next time I go out!!

    Mrs Cake, the baby bible plan is ON next month if no BFPs for us this month (hopefully we won't have to! good luck!)

    Home fairy, yout DH sounds v sensible, it's the best way really, if you can wait a whole extra week. I read about your bleed, thats v exciting!! Hope its your BFP!

    Little button, mamas and papas, bless you!! I think I would be bawling if I stepped foot in a place like that!! Hope you didn't go too crazy!!

    I had that virus I think, I felt really poorly one day, went home from work and straight to bed, was throwing up all night then was fine the next day. Not nice but went very quickly! I'd hoped it was morning sickness but seeing as I hadn't even ov'd, guess it wasn't!!

    Hope you're all well, fingers crossed for some BFPs soon!! xxxx
  • well ive still got cramps, hope its not still the stupid virus! Home Fairy that sounds good about the bleed image Theres no way i could wait a week after AF is due, it is the best thing to do but i havent got the patience! And im back in work this week, hopefully take my mind off ss!
    Amber i just had to have a smallest peek lol hubby moaning about the price of everything, grumpy bugger lol

    Am i the only one not trying for their 1st? My dd is 2 and i caught with her without even trying! Something tells me it wont be that easy this time! It does make me feel guilty how much i want to be pregnant again as i know most of you are trying for your 1st.

    Keep up the PMA everyone!! xx
  • Hey everyone
    Well I am due to start AF on Thursday and I have bad cramps so I think it is a done deal ;(
    Home Fairy I really hope it is your BFP!!!! As soon as you have a missed AF I think you are safe to test, I couldn't wait that long image I have not bought any PG tests so that I can't make myself all upset!

    litlle button I we are trying for out 1st but you have nothing to feel guilty about! Wanting to be pregnant is wanting to be pregnant, there is no way that you should feel you should want it any less than any of us!
    Amber - I have started small with hotwater bottles on my tummy this week, nice easy one!
    Good luck everyone xxx
  • Little button you made me laugh about your hubby grumping!! Mine is the same!! He always teases and says i live in la-la land and that i think i'll have a pram made of fairies etc...!!! No!! i know its paid with money...just all hubbys money...teeheehee!!

    I dont think that people dont feel the urge to have babies with their second, i can imagine that since you know all about being a Mummy its just as strong an urge, but maybe its very hard as you know some things extra that first timers dont.

    Well ive been moaning about a second bleed today and i think i might be out. TMI ALERT-first time it was a teeny bit of brown so i did it again and their was loads of CM and more red blood. I hardly slept a wink last night as i was thinking i had an inplantation bleed the day before, but now i dont think so. I dont have that bloated/tugging feeling anymore in my lower tummy so im trying to prepare myself for the worst.

    We've got a wedding at the end of Feb so seeing as that'll be before i OV and i never drink (last one was in May) i think i might have a malibu then and 'celebrate' being young and married etc... with *lots* (compared with having kids) money, then when i do get a BFP i can celebrate being a lovely Mummy who happily spends every spare penny on frilly socks and be-ribboned bonnets!!!

    x x x
  • Hey ladies how are we all?
    I have bad headaches today which is another sign AF is on the way image
    I have been reading the baby making bible and I am going to follow her plan. I am also going to drink some grapefruit juice this month to help EWCM. I like to have a plan, makes me feel less out of control!
    Baby dust to the rest of you
  • well my pma is a bit down really, 11dpo with no symptoms either way which is fine but had a crap day in work so im just hoping for a bfp Sat to cheer me up. I think it's better to have a plan MrsC i hate that im not in control lol. Babydust X
  • I know what you mean about having a plan, its so tough not knowing!!!

    Aw kaiti i hope your day gets better from now.

    x x x
  • If im 100% honest our dd was a shock, we were young and we went through hell, both our families had something to say on the matter, none of it good and what should have been a lovely happy time for us became a struggle. Almost 3 years later we are married and our 2yr old is doted on by everyone that had their doubts.
    I guess what im trying to say is I really want to have all the excitement and happyness i should have been allowed to feel last time. I honestly cant even remember what it felt like to be pregnant!
    okay im rambling lol sorry!

    My workmate told us today she was pregnant and im thrilled for her, this is her 2nd round of ivf and they deserve it. Hope im joining her soon!

    Mrs Cake i like your plan, i cant think about next month until i know im out of the running this month! My pregnancy tests arrivied today from ebay, ive hidden them in my draw to stop me looking at them lol

    HF has AF arrivied in full yet? Kaiti i know what you mean about symptoms, im squeezing my boobs every morning willing them to hurt lol xx
  • Haha Little button ive been running up and down the stairs to see- at home not at school obv. Thanks Home Fairy, being a bit blue really helped convince dh to let me watch '1 born every minute' on c4 later- yay. gonna go straight to bed after- got a bit of a headache and a hot face (?), wake up fresh faced and full of pma- will have to watch the repeat of Shameless.
  • Well ladies I am due tomorrow so keep your figers crossed for me! I'm not holding out much hope but you never know!
    How is everone else doing?

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  • Good luck!! Hope she doesn't come, it's not over til full flow!!

    I'm cool, am cd28 and 10dpo, no symptoms and no implant bleed, keeping up the PMA but theres a sneaking thought that it's not happened. Am still testing sunday tho, don't really know how that will affect me, the only time I've tested before (in my life!!) was when I'd just come off the pill and AF was 16 days late. At that time, I was v "oh well" as I kinda knew I couldn't be pregnant, but this time I REALLY want it but if a BFN, atm I just figure it's not over til AF arrive and can test again later next week.

    I haven't watched one born every min yet, got it on sky+ prob watch tmrw when dh is out.

    Homefairy, let us know if any news, hope AF is staying away.

    KaitiB, are you testing on sat?? Good luck if so!!

    Oooh it's all getting a bit tense now!! Babydust! xxx
  • Hi there

    Fingers crossed for everyone and wondering how Mrs Cake is doing and Homefairy is doing.

    I have now turned into a poas addict. I've bought three lots of tests now, however, I know I've tested too early on all, so 3 tests later and 3 BFN, I'm kind of thinking it's not happening this month, how. We're not even starting properly til next month. I'm obsessed...........

    Good luck to everyone. Baby dust to all xxxx
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