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  • Hey ladies, AF is also due tomorrow for me going on a 28 days cycle and im usually very regular give a day either side. No sign yet but also no symptoms whatsoever so i just wish she'd hurry up and make an appearance, at least then i can get the worst bit over with before the weekend, im going out! Good luck to u all....Mrs Cake will u be testing??? Home Fairy, how are things???

    Baby dust to you all lovelys xxx
  • Hiya all, my tests are screaming it at me thru the drawers to use them but im def not testing til Sat! I will def be gutted if a bfn as dh is away for the lead up to my next ov- he's going to india with work and comes back the day im prob gonna ov, so no smep for me nxt cycle.
    any news from anyone else? Mrs Cake any sign of bfp/af?
    Has the squeezing helped Little button? ive read a ton of posts recently that said they had no symptoms before their bfp- so fingers crossed.
    Babydust to all xxx
  • Well today is the day!! No signs of anything at the moment but I have had lots of AF signs over the last few days so we will see.
    Pickle - I will only test if AF does not arrive today. I am very regular (27 days for about 6 years!!) so that would be a sure sign I think.
    Good luck today!!
  • Hey ladies,
    PMA taken a nose dive image AF has not turned up today so I got all excited but just tested and BFN image
    I was so ready for AF to start but the longer the day went on the more I thought about it... I know today is not over yet but it has really made me glum! Why are our bodies so mean?
  • I know the feeling Mrs Cake, im on a complete downer. No AF but i know im not pregnant and well, just really fed up right now. But its not over yet for u hun, like u said you're never late and u didnt use FMU so hang on in there. I know how you're feeling though xxx
  • You seem to be in same boat Pickle! Have you tested? Are you sure you couldn't be?
    The thing that gets me is that my periods are so regular you could set a calendar by them so why mess up today?! I just don't see how I can be pregnant as I am sure a FR would have shown up by now.
    ARRHHH it is so hard!
    I am now willing AF to show up so that I know where I stand and I can just get on with it!
  • Well i've tested and like u, it would show by now im so regular. Yes i am only 10/11dpo but i have a 12 LP so it would show now and theres nothing, not even a hint of a line! Like u, i just want AF here now so i can deal with that first horrible now and then get my head around trying again argh! If you're stressing or thinking about it too much that can delay your AF, without u even realising you're stressing! Fingers crossed for u hun xxx
  • hiya girls, im sure you know where i stand from my other thread, much the same as you but AF not due till Sunday. Zero PMA and feeling rubbish image

    Still crossing my fingers for you all, no one is out yet! xx

  • uh oh has all the luck and babydust ran out? im blue too- been having pains in (.)(.) on and off and indigestion for the last few nights but now im sure i can feel af cramps on the way, im on 13dpo but last 2 months af has arrived on 17dpo. was gonna test sat but im sure its gonna b bfn now. pants!
  • Oh Ladies what has happened to us?!
    This TTC business is so hard and then our bodies play tricks on us!
    Well we all need to wait for AF to turn up and if she does then we will all brush ourselves down and get ready for next month!
    But who knows? Maybe there is a sneaky bean hiding amongst us waiting to restore our PMA image
    Baby dust and big hugs to everyone
  • You're right Pickle, really hope my bean doesn't take after me and is a shy one lol. Don't know about you but it's started to take my whole af week to restore my pma, if i wait too much longer for a bfp not sure how i'll get it back. Any hoo, onwards and upwards babydust to all and (((((((hugs)))))))
  • aw Kaiti sorry here your a bit down too
    Mrs Cake i think your right once we all get our AF's it will be easier to accept it and move on to another month of ttc. Its the being in limbo that is so stressful!

    And ditto, here's hoping there still may be a sneeky little bean for someone! xx

  • do you think its worth getting a cbfm? ive been using opks (still got a few for next month) but if af comes it will be month 7. just been crying to dh and he told me to stop putting myself under pressure but i don't think i am i just really want a baby and i know he wasn't trying to be harsh or anything. Doubt he'd go for a cbfm yet now. This is crap and it makes me feel bad that others have been waiting much longer too. sorry for the rant i will pull myself together by the time dh has returned- he's gone the chippy for some 'cheer me up chips'.
  • girls do not give up hope, i got my BFP this morning with a FR! Im in shock but im over the moon, no symptoms really other than extra CM.

    Babydust to all xx
  • Congratulations again, am so happy for you!! The first BFP of our little thread, one of us had to do it!!

    Am lacking PMA too now, I think when you're oving and bding, it's all happening so you can feel as if you've done it and the further you get from that it's hard to keep up that feeling.

    I'm a bit achey today like AF is coming and have nearly been in tears twice in the last 14 hours (did you hear chris moyles show this morn when carrie going on maternity leave and they sang the glee song about her?? aw! tears!!).

    Gonna test tmrw morning now, 13dpo - is that too early?? If it's bad news you prob won't hear from me tho!!!

    Good luck girls - more BFPs please!!! xxx
  • YAY!!
    You have a sneaky bean! congrats again
  • Well I am now 2 days late with AF and have no idea where it has gone! Two BFN's so really don't know what is going on? Usually very regular so this is strange but also don't feel pregnant so????
    Waiting game for me image
    Let's try and keep PMA everyone, we have one bean why not more?
    BABY DUST!!!
  • Hey girls...

    It would seem everyone is a little down about things this month image I hate waiting!!!!

    I'm 13DPO, tested yesterday but got a BFN image Know I shouldn't have tested but they were talking to my from the cupboard :lol:

    Congratulations LB...glad to see that maybe the PMA is returning...if LB can do it, theres no reason why the rest of us cant...

    Baby dust coming your way people!!!!!!! image

    x x x
  • Made up for you LB congratulations!!!!!! Hope u have a fab pregnancy xxx
  • Congrats LB thats fab news!! xxx
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