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  • Aww thanks hunny! Was looking in my diary and today i am 14DPO. but then i looked back over the last few months and i've had a 12 LP so surely if i was pregnant it would show by now grrrr xxx
  • Hi homefairy glad your still around, sorry your feeling a bit rubbish but still hopeful for you! Same goes for you Pickle you are by no means out yet hun.
    Sorry i hope no one thinks im patronising or anythin coz im got my bfp i just really enjoyed talking to you all and i like to keep up to date!

    Sorry AF got you Kaiti and Mrs Cake image xx
  • Lovely to hear from you LB, dont be daft u stick around u might be lucky hehe! hope all is well xxx
  • Aw, LB-we're happy for you, its not bad that you're still here!!! It would be nice if you're luck rubbed off on some of us all..even for next month!!

    Do you know your EDD, or have you contacted a midwife or anything? How did you tell your OH? Sorry if you answered these elsewhere, but post a link if you have, i feel like ive missed so much!!!

    Pickle i hope you have a shy bean.

    x x x
  • Thanks girls trying to spread my babydust around!

    Well as far as EDD is concerned thats where i get confused, last AF was 12th Jan so 40 weeks from there is 19th October BUT i went on one of the calculator sites and it asked me the date of last AF and my cycle length which is 35days, and that told me i was 3+5 and not 4+5 as i thought? Surely at 3 weeks i wouldnt know i was pregnant yet?? Really confused me!
    Ive recently moved so i need to register at my new doctors and ask what the procedure is from here, i dont think you see anyone till 8 weeks gone though.
    Dont know if you remember but i was going to test on valentines day and if positive put the test in hubbys card...well that went a bit t*ts up coz i tested 3 days early and phoned him in work lol I just couldnt keep it in!

    HF i was worried AF had arrived and you were too upset to come back on so im glad your ok.
    Pickle thanks hun, hope to pass on some luck image xx
  • Oh LB you are too sweet, what a lovely Mummy you will be-you are so thoughtful. See? You'll cope in 16 years when you have a huffy teenager!! I was only being a teeny bit pouty...but ive sulked it all out now!!! PMA PMA!!

    I do remember us both promising not to test!! Im so glad you got a BFP i found your BFP thread and that you had hubby at work and you had to tell him, i couldnt ever wait until a few days to tell!!

    When i did one of those predictors i said my AF came on the 10th and it suggested the 24th of Oct as i have 35 day cycles too. I think they mostly work on you having a 28 day cycle unless it specifically asks you. Im sure they'll tell you at the Drs!! I have no idea what they do or should do!! Hopefully we wont be too long behind you, and we can have autumn babies too!!!

    x x x
  • Hey ladies!
    Well I was wondering if we should start a new cycle thread? I have really enjoyed being part of this one so maybe we can all go through it again together?
    I was thinking of using some of the baby making bible advice as I go through so if anyone wants to join in?!
    Mrs Cake xx
  • I would love to join the new thread when AF decideds to show! Grrrr been quite crampy today dont think she will be long....xx
  • OHHHHHH Pickle I really hope it is a little shy beanie!
    Have you tested again?
  • Mrs Cake im going to come over to your thread even though AF hasnt shown up just yet!!

    Pickle i hope you have a shy bean, but if AF is mean to come i hope it just gets on with it so its over and done with! Ive had two BFNs so i just want her to show up already.

    x x x
  • OHHHHHH HF! I hope you have a shy beanie too!!
    Remember positive PG tests can be up to a week after AF is due!
  • Havent tested since saturday morning and I'm not planning to until thursday unless she gets me! Think she will as have had 4 BFNs in total soooo just waiting. Oooooo Home Fairy what about u, still a chance hunny!! xxx
  • Hmm, i had hoped, i tested way too early on Wed and it was BFN, then today as i have loads of CM/EWCM, but still a BFN. It came up as a neg really strong very quickly so i think it wasnt meant to be as i have no symptoms at all.

    Do you have symptoms now? I really hope nothing happens until Thursday for you and then you get a MASSIVE BFP!!!

    x x x
  • I wouldnt say i have symptoms really, they could mean anything! Today i have been crampy though and my (.)(.) are a bit soreish/kinda uncomfy but thats it really i just dont know. If i was i really would of expected a positive by now, think my body is playing tricks on me! Had loads of EWCM this morning like white snot lol sorry tmi but i have had this once before just before AF so not reading anything into that! argh this is all so annoying! However...i am still trying to be calm, and not stress....its only on here that i rant a little bit and probably come across as stressed haha!! xxx
  • Symptoms are symptoms, i dont have any (i think even if i had the teeniest one id be off buying booties!!). You are still being calm compared to me before!! AND that is with symptoms!!

    It could be a really shy bean as its only about 3 days past when AF should have been due (i think thats right?) Id keep thinking it was good until AF shows.

    x x x
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