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  • Thanks girls image

    Babydust to all, and trust me dont worry about ss coz i didnt have any!! xxx
  • ps Where has Home Fairy gone?? xx
  • Bfn this morning with fr- 15dpo and af due Mon so think thats me out. Typical, dh will be away in lead up to ov next cycle so prob miss that too. Trying to think of ythe positives-
    1. got lots of opks left from this cycle
    2. i will be closer to paying off my credit cards
    now ive ran out and i don't even think they are all that positive.
  • BFN for me too, AF was due thursday. Going to get drunk tonight!!! xxx
  • good consolation prize methinks Pickle, im gonna have a vino too, prob after i do money wasting, straw clutching sd hpt x
  • Hehe well i did an FR and CB this morning with FMU and NOTHING so i am more than convinced i am not pregnant AGAIN! arrrgghhhh really down this time, couldnt of timed BDing any better than i did and still nothing grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! xx
  • That's what I'm thinking Pickle...We did the SMEP this month...to the letter!!! (well apart from me testing on 12DPO instead of 15 - whoopsimage ) so I just don't know what else we could have done if we aren't pregnant,

    I know I'm still early as AF not due til Monday but still gets you down...

    Baby dust too you & I just hope its a shy bean...how many DPO are you? x x
  • At least i know everyone here understands. And i do know that getting pregnant isnt always that easy. I'm 12/13dpo, i know that sounds early but im now on CD30 and im usually regular as clockwork and normally have a 12 day LP xxx
  • Hey!
    I am in the same situation Pickle. I am CD30 and always have a 27 day cycle but I hve tested 3 times now and all BFN image ??!!
    What is going on?!!


  • We're stressed Mrs Cake, thats all....thinking about it too much. Think AF will come soon and i hope it does so we can move onto next month! HOWEVER i do still hope it's a shy bean of course! xxx
  • I'm out too! Didn't even get the chance to test!

    Had a little spotting last night and little bit this morn so am expecting AF in full flow tmrw. Its cool tho I've only recently come off pill so cyclees have gone down from 44 days to 36 and now to 31 this cycles, so it's getting shorter and am v happy about that.

    I'm 13 DPO today and if AF is tmrw, does that mean I have a 13 day luteal phase?? Or would it be 14 days inc the day AF starts??

    Sorry to hear about your BFN's, hopefully it will be a shy bean!

    Have lovely valentines days! xxxx
  • im out too, af caught me this afternoon, wasn't due til Mon, now i will ov early (on the thurs) b4 dh returns from working away on the Sun which means no chance for this cycle either. gutted is not the word!
    we followed smep to the letter, don't know what else we could have done. Guess it just wasn't meant to be this month x
  • Sorry to hear about that fact you've both got you AF...That does suck!!!! image

    I think I'm going to be the same...I'm 15DPO today, AF due tomorrow, but I just dont feel hopeful.

    Went out last night & got drunk (which I know was a little naughty), hoping that that in itself brings on a BFP, but now I just have the pains in my stomach worse than ever & I feel bad.

    Will have to see how it goes...hope you all have a lovely valentines day & keep up the PMA for your next cycles!

    x x x
  • Ahhh i went out lastnight and had a few drinkies, didnt get drunk drunk just a little. The night ended in tears for me though grrr so silly, i had a whole drink spilt on me and that just ruined my night so i got up and left on my own, god tearful dunno why! Still no sign of AF for me though, 4 days late.....bless my OH lastnight tho, he was reallllly drunk when he got in and told me that he thinks his swimmers dont work!!! They obv do cos i got BFP last year, so tried to reassure him but also said he needs to make a little bit more of an effort. Felt relieved we could talk about it, even ho he was drunk lol and he even suggested having tests so at least i know he's open to that idea cos u know what men are like!

    well i hope everyone is having a nice valentines day xxx
    ps. sorry for the rambling!
  • Hi ladies,
    Rubbish about AF arriving, just think about getting ready for next month! Sorry you might miss your chance next month kaiti but a Christmas baby might be a pain anyway!
    Good luck Curls, you don't know untill AF arrives so keep up the PMA!
    Did AF arrive in full Amber?
    Any news Pickle? I am now on CD31 and still not AF and still BFN!! driving me MAD and just want AF to come now so I can get on with it.....
    Fingers crossed to those still in the waiting game and bug hugs to those who are putting up with AF
  • Hi ladies, I think I'm out too. Had a little spotting yesterday, so just waiting for FF now.

    Trying to look at positives, which are, my cycle is now 28 days (last month it was 42), we'll have more money saved (which means I may be able to have more time off) and thats about it really.

    fingers crossed for those who are still waiting. xxxx
  • ps Where has Home Fairy gone?? xx

    Firstly CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Have a super, happy, healthy nine months!!

    Well the first week of the two week wait i was full of symptoms and honestly believed i was preg, half way through week two they all went and i had three days of spotting, but sort of hoped i was. Anyway, i did a FR and i it was a BFN! I think i took it quite hard as my SIL gave birth the same day and i think i got upset too as the EDD was a day before our wedding anniversary...so, i tried to stay away from here until AF showed up!!

    Now i can look happily at a new month and not be down because of an old one. AF not actually here yet, but so many BFNs, and AF symptoms i think i can honestly say i know its not meant to be....this month!!!

    x x x
  • Hey ladies,
    Well AF arrived for me today, 4 days late! I was so ready for AF but when it was late I started to get really excited as I am so regular. Feel a bit down now as my body fooled me for a few days. image
    Trying to pick myself up and look forward to next month.
    Going our for dinner soon with the husband and plan on having a few drinks to cheer myself up!

    Hope everyone is ok and nice to see you back home fairy!

    Come on next month!!

    Mrs cake xxx

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  • Welcome back Homefairy lovely to hear from u, sorry u've been feeling a bit rubbish tho. You're not out tho just yet!!
    Aww Mrs Cake, sorry she got u but at least u know where u are now. Wish mine would start hate waiting, i keep knicker checking!xxx
  • I've got my fingers crossed for you Pickle!

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